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Doll Review: Monster High Zombie Shake | plus Doll Giveaway

oh,our monster high doll collection has,expanded to include these zombie shake,combo sets these schools are ready for,the biggest dance of the year where the,theme is zombie fashion these dolls are,29.99 at toys r us and these girls went,above and beyond adding their own,personal touch,like unkept vines cracks in the stone,fish bones and tattered clothing both,combo sets come with doll stands one,shared diary and a hairbrush each girl,has a handbag bracelets belt and hair,accessory,giving them a fabulously fierce look,so they can dance the night away doing,the zombie shake,and that's our collection for now,school is almost out but we're not ready,to end it just yet,email your school related doll photo to,contest at,for a chance to get a fabsome new doll,and here's the fine print photos must be,submitted by email to contest, you must be,18 or older or have a parent's,permission before submitting the photo,must be an original as in taken by,you submit your entry between may 23rd,to the 25th 2014. and all countries and,toys are welcome many will enter you,will win now let me see am i forgetting,anything oops class we want to give a,shout out to mckenzie lane what's up,sorry you're late detention oh man,you

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SMMA - Top 10 Buzz words to use in EVERY MEETING

SMMA - Top 10 Buzz words to use in EVERY MEETING

oh my gosh I'm life alright well let me,open up the group real quick so I can,actually see what's going on in here,damn alright guys if you're live right,now hit me with a hashtag live and let's,dive into this awesomeness so well maybe,I can find the video where is it okay so,let me do this solo real quick put this,up there do some of that okay alright,where's the live video ok cool guys,hashtag alive you jumping on right now,oh Ivy got the first comment who's gonna,be the second comments Ivy got the first,one,Congrats - Ivy get in the first comments,we pull this up over here so I could,check this out guys drop a like on the,video if you guys are on right now we're,just dive right in sisters I have,another call at noon and actually just,got off the fortune accelerator training,we went over a ton of stuff so yeah that,was crazy,alright so let me just dive right into,it we're gonna go into what to say in a,meeting so you can land a higher ticket,deal and feel free to ask questions guys,I'm gonna come back and forth as often,as I can to look at the comments so let,me go over here and let's go over here,ok so what I'm gonna do is give you the,buzzwords and then I'm gonna explain why,so it's not enough to have these lists,here I actually want to explain why so,buzzwords number one actually can you,guys see this by a split screen let me,see if you guys can see this by split,screen is it is that can you guys see,that is that doable drop a 1 in the,comments box if this is doable if I,split screen like this does that work is,it let me know cuz I feel like I'm,repeating myself ok cool everyone's,still see him alright so number one were,to say KPIs so the reason why you want,to talk about KPIs,is all the big reason is because all,businesses understand in order to scale,you have to understand your,and anytime that you're referencing KPIs,which is a key performance indicator,these are things like your it is too,small okay let me just so screen it,maybe there we go,so you're gonna say KPIs because it,helps business owners know that you,understand the metrics necessary to,optimize in order to achieve a desired,outcome this is called reverse,engineering so anytime that you go in,and you're talking about your,cost-per-click whatever your traffic is,to get to that page then you're helping,them understand whatever their,conversion rates are and any other,metric you know cost per acquisition etc,to be able to reverse-engineer all those,KPIs is gonna help the business owner,know that you understand numbers yeah,guys I decided to grow the beard back,out for now and my hair actually so,maybe it's cuz it's winter season I'm,just trying not to freeze to death,outside so reverse engineering this,actually brings us to our next one okay,so when you reverse engineer the reason,why this is super important to know is,because a lot of businesses believe that,they just need to throw money into,something this is a business practice,guys isn't just marketing okay a lot of,business

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How to do the Ghost Effect on CapCut! (Tutorial)

How to do the Ghost Effect on CapCut! (Tutorial)

hey guys welcome back to my channel if,you're new to my page then hi my name is,dia and i post weekly roblox content,so if you like my videos make sure to,subscribe with post notifications so you,get notified whenever i make a new video,and like this video as well to support,my channel,so a few weeks ago i made this edit,shown on the screen right here and in,the comments you guys,requested for me to do a ghost effect,tutorial on,cap cut so i decided to make one and i'm,sorry,that i haven't posted it yet i was just,really busy in the past few days,so i didn't have time to make the video,and post it so i'm sorry about that,but now let's just get on with the,tutorial it's super simple,and yeah let's go so i'm doing this,tutorial on an ipad so it's not full,screen but i try to make it fit into the,screen,so the first thing you want to do is go,into shopper catalog,go to emails which is beside animation,just record yourself,doing any emote that you want in the,edit like i'm doing on the screen,and then you want to go into capco and,upload the video,so once you've uploaded the video to cap,cut you can change the size by going,to format and then it'll show like 916,or whatever size you want and then you,could,zoom in or zoom out to scale the size of,the video for the edit,and what you want to do after is to,split the video like i'm doing,for where you want the edit to be so,just cut off the remaining parts and you,could also,delete the extra cap cut outro which you,don't need,and then just like split the parts that,you won't don't want in the video,sorry guys i'm not that good at,explaining but what you want to do now,is click audio,extracted and click the video which has,the music,for the edit that you're going to do let,it load and then drag,the sound to the video and you can like,split,the part of the video where the beat,drops,where you want the ghost effect just um,like adjust where you want,the ghost effect to be and then split it,and then,like delete the other parts and as you,can see what i'm doing right now,i'm just adjusting it so then the beat,is where like the hands go together,and then that's where i want the ghost,effect to be so you guys could do that,like i'm doing on the screen right now,and then you could just split off the,ending because you don't want that in,the edit you just want how much,the sound fits for the video and then,you could save your video and actually,start editing so once you finish,saving your video go to overlay add,overlay and put the video that you just,saved right now and that's what you're,going to use for,the ghost effect and you could like zoom,in like i did,to adjust it to the beginning video,and make sure you turn off the volume,for this because when you have this,volume and the sound,for the original video is going to be,way too loud,and also if you guys have any questions,comment them down below,i will answer them and then what you,want to do is split the overlay to where,the beat is,because you don't want

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Web Design Beginners Tutorial 2020 bangla Coming Soon Page Design by Bootstrap 4 Part 9

Web Design Beginners Tutorial 2020 bangla Coming Soon Page Design by Bootstrap 4 Part 9

a Salaam Baalak Laura had to learn over,at Solyndra today our initial evaluation,little applet acting website a the I,cannot design web development complete,hiding in Turkey to the devil data read,eraser will ask Roger no I cannot eat a,change blonde scholar poopy after a,website Tiki user - and he pulls your,obstetrician porque Allah he - total,non-sugar c+ the chicest garage Allah,illa stability should out she coming,soon basil month away apply our website,aid,a convertible am dr. malukas hippos at,the bourbon the cultura it'll shake em,in some pits the world ask about the boo,birds chirping mother may even have a,coming soon page design gupta hi dolly,ask her in tropical ecology to miss la,Cottontail abbreviations personal to the,rural guerrilla ability digital Allah,eternally,like a convent Corbin know there was a,shell good man I want charity the,substrate for imaginative organ,generally our value is contradict you on,the per hour subscribe button a person,can be like until all of our technical,admin Charlton Peralta video uploaded,not eviction personal knowledge alone,should a bully double nada,they watch a later could be basically,below 80 comments contains and what they,can show the hidden rejected current,soon DARPA lucky paragraph ever email,corrosion by AP email field and only,connected Martin Richard Avedon,legitimate charity we do play or check,the monitor alumna step-by-step a coming,soon page redesign critically no visible,property MLG caste called RJ,may consider Watson job site to a wall,there has a chibi do for a hero wanted a,program directly at Google actually,literature is a make an example to deep,level,I deeply love ever develop data class,cable if I evolved in a variety class,remarkably ER l a why Oh Madre never,placed is safe kronum ever browse,aluminum open curry,the Wonderlic what's a little charm of,the project a connection Romina if the,Hulk a cream color air or volatile,filler check on the ability even a,garage here - will be due to my mother,we're busy near she forbid you tear up,the llama detective video taken it away,we do take the lab immediate again,associated eg convey duty honor that I,may extract you take divorce crunches,source tag yes oh you are see is source,connected time to ensure they can is are,seated icons for stagger SR sent America,double with your sauce T MP /v g MP for,/bj dot and before I'm going on equipped,with your type lemon type of a video /,mp4 ever pasting a separate browser are,seen the Lord a the one hadith watching,a collective email solution shame-eating,actual actual video,kikuno image that I hunt to the update,on our web page a background a to be do,play over Skype and Bishop Troy schedule,Apogee Kitchell actually will go on,photography to tell you one thing the PT,Tiger was a shade proximately H will,give our poll rotate PL sorry Harry,a Y s place in line in Li and in line,and hello have a place in line place in,line that wanna have a autoplay Auto PL,ay Y or to play it attribute he

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