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Cara buat video seperti ML Studio - Free 100% !!

Hai guys Assalamualaikum bersama saya,juz Syeikh Syahrini up topping yang saya,nak berkongsi kepada anda Simpedes,sebenarnya cara untuk nah buat HP video,seperti email studio ngakuin kalo korang,tengok ms7 Widya macet tajuk the ke atas,dekat bawah Niken nah sumaco Manina,bluethoot senang Jadi sebenarnya tak,sampai lima mini pundak W seterusnya,tekan saja teks dekat sini oke tekan,test phase Tulislah apanya dana,mencontoh situlis patut tengok make ora,patut tengok beda Tulip video sudah siap,pake Senang saja Oke sama cowoknya,Charade kita jumpa di full video,,Hai video tetapkan kau saaaahh,hai hai anda ingin menjadi seorang Tibet,tapi tak Tom enak recount edit video,semua Jangan risau Hari ini saya akan,ajak anandadepe zero to hero daripada,create account Paypal Oke ngaji pade,cukup Dahsyat kasihkan tips kepada anda,macam mana untuk mencapai DVD kosong,hingga Rp20.000 skrible dan sudah banyak,testimoni Anda berjaya Jadi tunggu,apalagi tak pakai imode anda sekarang,jumpa anda di sana oke Guys omacor enak,buat senang dia sebelum tuh kita ketahui,dulu apa kelebihan kalau kita Letakkan,ya the keatas dengan dekat bawah oke,yang pertama yang saya nampaklah ya,pertama ayat tersebut akan membuat,penonton akan tertarik sebab-sebab ambil,kita tengok sebuah bido ataupun sesuatu,hijau kita tak tengok kontennya at,skenoo tengok keseluruhan kan tapi,apabila,dan di atas dekat bawah ataupun contoh,sebagai eight Apa contoh dibagi ayat,macam pembuka cat untuk katakan contoh,di ada ayat dekat tengah tuh contohnya,awalnya kelak kau adalah agen suhu di,sebagai aja itu kita mesti nak tengok,video itu kita nak tengok ya kita rasa,macam bahan ngapai ada tulis awak nih,Lako hahaha Asu itu atau buatkan audiens,Anda atau Penonton anda tengok video,anda lebih mendalam itu yang saya,nampaklah kalau untuk Anda Apa pendapat,anda tentang tajuknya letak the keatas,dengan dekat bawah boleh kau sydrome,komen tapi banget lagi Gem Saya,tunjukkan kepada anda cara untuk buat,tajo letak the keatas dan bawah ke exco,Oke Guys kali Anda kena the episode Nah,kalau dalam Kismis Yahudi Insyaallah,waktu Spade Senang saja Oke boscalid,kayu terletak di belitong dulu dekat,bagian Cry United Cafe video cache,yo the password kain new hidupkan,YouTube Pilihlah video mananya dana,contoh saya video-video chemindo saya,inilah Oke saya pilih ini lepas,tuh ah senam ya pertama tekan Chambers,qiblati kaki bosan Dabo dipilih digoyang,ada nah buat nih dekatnya anak putuskan,Instagram ke Instagram Story ke Youtube,ke tapi YouTube Tak bolehlah sebab tak,de putte dekat SD kawan ikan sutamu,letak lah ke contoh video Instagram,pusdika Instagram soad ruangan putih,atas di bawah suwidak gtk-message dekat,sini seterusnya tekan saja tes dekat,sini oke tekan test phase Tulislah HPnya,Dana mencontoh saya tulis koran patut,tengok Pak Eko dapat tengok metode tulis,tekan tidak sini kepang susun boleh aja,saja kau rapat tengok Oke dan kemauannya,koram aku,breakthrough tekanan lammerts kekanan,salju le

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Epithet Switched | EP1 - Racket in the Museum!!

Epithet Switched | EP1 - Racket in the Museum!!

INT. SWEET JAZZ MUSEUM - NIGHT,We’re inside Sweet Jazz Museum after-hours. Nobody remains. It’s dark. And quiet.,...Until a BASEBALL SHATTERS A WINDOW.,(crime sounds),Following the sound is a young boy with a baseball backpack and brown hoodie:,Giovanni Potage., ...Hello?, No response., Hellooooooo?, Still no response. His face breaks into a smile., Yeah! Take that, Mom. Nobody’s even here. “Security guards” my foot!, He starts wandering the halls of the museum., Ain’t nobody gonna catch GIOVANNI POTAGE!,Kinda wish someone coulda seen me enter, though... I mean, I broke the glass and everything!,Just like a real bad guy!, He wanders into the main lobby., Now, where’d I leave that sword, again...?,I’ll bet it’d be the perfect weapon for a supervillain >:D!!, He keeps walking, totally lost in thought.,He doesn’t even notice that he isn’t alone until he suddenly bumps into Molly Blyndeff., AAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!, Instinctively, Molly KICKS Giovanni,,sending him flying across the room,and SLAMMING against the wall.,...So much for not being seen., Episode 1: Racket in the Museum >:D!, Flashback. Earlier that day:, THEN I tolds her, I tolds her, Linda!,You can’t just take my stuff without asking!,Maybe I NEEDED those anti-lint rollers!,(inaudible phone conversation just imagine it okay),...What?,(more inaudible phone noises),Of course not!,But I COULD’VE needed them!, Giomommy— a portly woman with a cigarette in one hand and a phone in the other— gossips eagerly.,On the other side of her, Giovanni and his classmates stand around, whispering., She’s distracted. C’mon, this part of the museum’s boring!, Fred, a curly-haired boy about Giovanni’s age, stammers nervously., B-but, Gio! The teacher said to wait for the t-tour guide!, We’re NEVER gonna be good bad guys if you think like THAT, Another classmate with short orange hair pipes up:, Wait, good bad guys? So... is that good or bad?, It’s good!,I mean... bad!,REALLY bad!, A girl with ear piercings adds—, So... we SHOULDN’T sneak off :/?, No! We WANT to be bad, Spike!,Gosh! ( ・`O ´・), GIOVAaNNIIII!, Giovanni winces as his mother’s attention is turned to him., YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS BETTER NOT BE TALKING ABOUT SNEAKING OFF AGAIN!, We’re not, Moommm >:c, GOOD!, She goes back to her phone.,(ominous footsteps), Let’s get out quick, before—, SORRY, CHILDREN., AH, HOLY-, Too late.,The classmates YELP in fear as a large, muscular, intimidating man STOMPS into the room, his face apparently angry.,This is Indus Tarbella., I UNDERSTAND WE HAVE LITTLE TIME.,LET US BE ON WITH THE TOUR., The children shuffle nervously.,Nobody wants to try running off while this guy is around.,Giovanni realizes this and groans in displeasure., >:c, Oh, good, you’re the tour guide.,Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on the gremlins.,(more phone noises I couldn't find an sfx for),REALLY?,He used HOW many coupons?????, Indus glares down the children.,They all stay obediently attentive, except for Giovanni, who rolls his eyes.,INDUS

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How to Setup eBay Sales for the Whole Month Super Fast

How to Setup eBay Sales for the Whole Month Super Fast

what's up mamas I'm Rebecca you're,watching the reseller mom show thank you,so much for joining me today for some,more reseller mom content to get more,done make more money and stay sane while,raising kids and reselling online so,today I'm coming off of still being a,little bit sick so apologize for my,voice I may be coughing a bit here and,there like right now excuse me,but what I really wanted to do was just,show you a quick way to quickly and,easily set up a month's worth of eBay,sales for your eBay store so that you,just have to deal with it once a month,and not have to look at it again what I,usually do is batch or assembly line set,up my sales for a 20% off sale you can,change the percentage however you want,to do it and you can change up the,duration however you want to do it,usually I do back to back to days sales,and I just set them up all at once and,then don't look at it again so go into,your seller hub go over to marketing go,over to promotions which is where I'm at,right now man it's taken me a couple of,tries to get this right so I do have,some things kind of already set up here,I just want to refresh so I already have,a few scheduled because I just did a,practice run so I'm not gonna actually,be setting up the full month right now,because I'm a few days into the month,already and then I had to do a practice,round,to make sure that I had it right I had a,few trial and errors but now I'm going,to do the rest of the month,and you can obviously replicate that,process so basically once you're in your,manage promotions area go ahead and look,for a sale that already exists that you,want to do again so I'm going to make,this one you know I'm going to go ahead,and copy this one now before I do that I,want to set up a few duplicate windows,and then I'm going to hit copy in each,of those windows to start a new sale in,every single window that's where it got,tripped up earlier,and it looks like people are coming home,which means that this may get messed up,but we'll see what happens so I'm going,to hit duplicate duplicate and duplicate,so I'm just gonna do four windows for,right now I'm going to go ahead and hit,copy to copy this sale I'm gonna go to,the next one and hit copy I'm gonna go,to the next one and hit copy and the,next one and hit copy now sometimes it,pulls up like an error so I just delete,that window and we'll replicate it again,on the next one so I leave everything at,20 percent off them to start from the,beginning so 20 percent off and then,click through 20 percent off 20 percent,off okay so all those three sails are,set for 20 percent off then I go ahead,to move on to the next step in an,assembly line format and click Save and,review on each of them really the only,thing I need to change is the date and,honestly I completely forgot where I,left off so what I need to do is go back,because I forgot where I left off sorry,for the confusion so I left off on the,16th so I'm gonna go ahead and pick back,up on the 16th and I start my

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Cara Mudah Menggunakan Shop Master Dan Menjual Ke Ebay

Cara Mudah Menggunakan Shop Master Dan Menjual Ke Ebay

Hai Oke nih mula-mula ah nggak les dulu,kilap atuh Sayang insya ingin dulu alis,teskiu Candidasa nginep di lepas Tuh,buka FB Sain dulu saya Nyai by kok mas,the cast angin loh Loin Pilpres tuh bisa,tuh barang-barang opo-opo Oke contohnya,nanti bawang ini banget ya Kristi Kristi,Kristi Oke waktu tetapi jikalau yang,ikan bau kok tuh mati lo uh,Hai ini enggak pedas sekali oke pasti,tengok vcp free shipping ya wanitanya,ada free shipping yang lain tatonya Neng,kipet,eh KitKat Ukhti ngopo Lagi yang selene,profesi ping Oke kesini d'amelie Splash,dengan IPK jikalau tengok istimewa,delivery ini adexpress lagi laju Spade,sampai 20 Wulan 5 sendiri 1911 bulan ya,Oke tapi boleh juga enam iipc pun tapi,kalau boleh kita melaju ya tapi oleh,Presiden sbg play game Allah tengok ke,lepas to the Kabupaten solonya rohani,Tiada info kala itu ke atas nih kita,Kenapa bila kita install Google Chrome,extension per tekan oke info kalau di,kaca,Puput gede tak berani oke masuk,shockmaster adegan nih pistol Club,season 1 download Playstore kita kok,Indonesia so kenzou infotech pengen tuh,Tidak masuk sini oke,I was too kita my professional dibawanya,tadi kan ngedit Hai putus tolong info,tuh setelah mambengi yang tekan ide Oke,nih Joni contoh kedai yang Ekam saya,buat untuk tutorial Bella keras dan,ambil finite state lengket-lengket udah,listing jernih dan rafting,KMI Ada fashion,twisting ngomong begini MotoGP madecera,nyanyi Steger ini biar enggak kosong,Rizky you biao kiri kayak gini kita,masuki encam Oke nih condition memang,news sebagai stainless steel malas,kirbani macam kamu new Professional,ellyvan,di sini silte sih abstak penyuplai biar,lu semboyan dikenal boleh nak buat tapi,edite Stable berdasarkan negara boleh,buat untuk Nam pesen apa semua tapi,kalau tak gua minta Bose bhabi Tambe,profit dan termasuk kalimat teks stereo,60 sendok ya jieji itu Yes Miami jikalau,setaqwa tidak tukak Mbak enggak babi,yang duduk depan kita tekan gamoney,tolong nih namanya Min gambarnya,keluarga,kmeja nih velg-nya macam nih jadi APV so,ikut Nah kalau nak nataliyani depan ke,Justru dengan tracknya jatuh trade,diversion msms Kyuhyun ini nama-nama,produk itulah black-blue pastikan tak,ada semua bakal nyambung tuberias banyak,nih kalau kamu pun keyboard Sony nak,kemas aku nanti lu coba justinmind tak,banyak tuh di sebab tak mau tak mau beli,aja semua,cepat-cepat ngingatin Joe tutorial sport,kalau punya banyak pintar pas buat limit,ada bagi satu ya Kok Kedinding tinggal,dua ya oke Lepas tuh divisi dakwah yang,kosong di sini kicauan atuh cargo kini,sini satu kita beli sederek sedikit atau,Najwa 2809 qiblatuka jenis font City,tengok pada sel ini kita jelas kilo satu,oke boleh juga kalau anak Pak Edi untuk,semua kalau Liski tadi banyak Biarin sih,banyak ketikkan bangsa ini Pak Edi ambil,xenium deteksi 2009 eh salah n bagus,bila pekerjaannya Oke Kenapa kok yang,kedua pun,tentu defence untuk semua maknanya apa,bae Dini sama juga nyaman cocok City nih,ambil baedi c1q canidae ngoc 99 ya nih,satu beso

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Shelves Are Restocked & Winner Announcement!

Shelves Are Restocked & Winner Announcement!

look at this monster dude he's got a,decked out for the holiday season but,man,Cummings Turbo Diesel 2500 lifted this,this Beast God I love this truck this,thing is beautiful,money,all right it's Christmas Eve so uh I'm,out for one last hunt before we take a,break for Christmas uh you guys are,probably gonna watch next the giveaway,winner announcement so that'll be cool,I'm at Target right now and just in time,they got some cars in for Christmas so,it's all a case uh these just happen to,be in the perfect order so I'm thinking,someone's already been here for me,before me rather so that's fine we'll,just give a quick peek anyway here's,another one so it looks like possibly,two cases have been put out here,and uh there is a chance we could still,get the treasure hunt so I'm just gonna,dig,you know not everyone grabs the treasure,hunts and I don't have that many I had a,couple extra but not that many,I also,yeah I think I don't have any extra,anymore I think I've given them all away,I gave one to my buddy and I gave one to,my son because he's like it's not fair I,have any for 2023. and I'm like wow it,just hasn't even started yet,he doesn't want to hear reasoning,it's fine so,digs see what we can see anything pops,up we'll grab it,have one more extra at least one,and it doesn't look like we're gonna,find an extra today which is fine,nope no extra in there that's fine I do,like what he did here so we're gonna,take the scooter out because I'm a big,nerd,look at all the Batmobiles on one peg,oh Knight Rider is still here fine I'm,buying it,I'm buying it,I have an extra Knight Rider now if you,guys need it let me know so I'll tell,you what oh look they got some Johnny,Lightnings in,squirrel,moving Parts no no okay,so I was thinking about for the new year,tell me if this is worth it something,you guys want me to do I was thinking,about for the new year starting an,online store,nothing big nothing crazy basically just,listing all of those short card treasure,hunts that I picked up while I was in,Europe I think I have like a hundred,plus of those short car treasure hunts,and uh,yeah and then some of the extra stuff,that I pick up like this guy right here,I list it you know I'm obviously,you know I offer to trade a lot of,people and,unfortunately I'm the guy who has,everything so,what people want to trade I'm just,really not interested in so I feel bad,for that and I still want people to be,able to get what they want so maybe this,is an option to help people still get,what they want while uh you know,everyone try to make everybody happy so,let me know if that's a good idea,all right anyway uh,still pretty empty but they did get some,hot wheels so that's cool any Star Wars,Star Wars no no Star Wars cool we are,moving on,all right guys we're gonna draw the,winners for the December giveaway and,the first prize is going to be the Best,Buy exclusives our first number is 6.95,695 and that belongs to,2001 GMC Sierra out of Maine in the,United States our next numbe

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