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Shopify Store Design Review: Brickslip Brothers

alright guys welcome back to another,video Brendan from page fly here and,this week we are doing another Shopify,store review so if you're new to the,channel the whole point of this is to,review stores and just kind of show ways,that we can increase conversions trust,credibility strengthen the branding all,that good stuff so you can then go and,implement it on your own store so this,week it's an interesting source of brick,shop and they actually use our app to,build the entire store which is really,cool give us a chance to run through it,and you know break it down and without,further ado let's just jump straight in,and also do not forget to Like comment,subscribe if you guys want to see more,content like this or I even leave a,comment about future content and you,might like to see,alright guys as promised here we are the,brick slip brothers calm and if you,don't know brick slips are just,basically like brick coverings and they,give the illusion of an entire brick,wall and they're actually made from real,bricks but obviously they just use a,smaller surface of the brick and to give,that illusion that looks really cool,it's got a really cool website to match,and I spoke to Christian briefly who's,the owner and he designed this by,himself using our app the page flight,just simply by dragging and dropping and,I'm really impressed honestly so let's,go from top to bottom and I'll tell you,what I really like about this side the,logo really caught my eye I think this,is really fantastic I think more people,should be using basically just text,logos with maybe some small design,elements around it or behind it and I,think you know the era of like design,logos like Pepsi and stuff like that I,feel like it's kind of over and I were,in an era this obviously depends on your,niche but in the area of just keeping,things minimal and being able to be,identified,just with the font that you use you know,and let's move on so we've got a nice,cool here and then nice big hero image,and then we have this big claim right,here the UK's top reclaimed brick slips,super suppliers so I really like this,because I feel like if you're gonna get,into e-commerce and you really are,confident in your product you need to,show that and just kind of speak your,truth you know and be unapologetically,you in terms of what you believe in your,brand your vision your mission so this,is really cool and then you can see the,cool kind of style is based well this is,my perception the whole style is based,around bricks so all the buttons and you,know all the headings and stuff like,that it's all brick shaped essentially,with the rounded corners then we go,further down and we've got some sections,about you know domestic and residential,and commercial different applications,for the product essentially,and then you can see down here there's,some links to the blog and then,testimonials further,which is an absolute must so this is,grit and then just basically more,information so one of the big things,ab

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Landing Page Builder Intro | Video Guides | Smarketly

Landing Page Builder Intro | Video Guides | Smarketly

hey what's going on everybody at his mic,mints from smartly and today we're,showing you how to build a page just,like this that looks incredible on,tablets on phones on any device this,page can be built widths marketly pretty,easily as you're about to see and we can,have this up on your Shopify store in,about 10 minutes we're gonna start our,work in a blank template right like this,and grab the container element I'm gonna,click the pencil go to the inspector and,hit attributes and then delete container,now with this empty container is where,the magic happens cuz now I can drag a,row in there and it's completely,responsive as you can see if I click on,it it says div it's a div that makes the,whole top of my page its own unique,section guys do you realize this allows,you to style it with whatever color you,want I could use an image background so,you can see that this will make this,entire top section its own thing apart,from what's below it and it's completely,responsive on any device so here we're,gonna edit the columns on that row we're,gonna make it two columns because that's,what I want to show here and what you're,gonna see is I can make what looks like,the page header right that's the top of,the page so right here I'm dragging in,an image element I'm selecting the image,from my computer and boom I've got a,logo okay now if I want to put contact,information to the right I just drag the,paragraph element in allows me to type,whatever I want and here you can see I'm,putting in my email my contact,information now for styling it's very,easy I go back to the inspector I go,ahead and tell it where I want it spaced,on this case I'll put the email of the,write the logo is gonna be bolded in the,middle and I can add a little padding,that's just to make the spacing look,really good all right all this is done,from the inspector which I can get to by,clicking the pencil icon okay now we,want to create the next section I drag,in a new container remember containers,are the sections I go to attributes I'm,gonna delete the container attribute,which gives me an empty column I can,then go ahead and do what,ever I want in this container I can,change the background color it's now,completely responsive and it is its own,independent section so here we make it,this really nice lighter orange and,we're gonna go ahead and drag some,elements in there so the first thing is,of course the row right because I like,this sort of two column thing I have,going I click Edit column,I picked the two rows I save and close,from there I can drag in content I drag,in a header and I can have a great title,here a paragraph right under the header,same column and now I could type what I,want and we're gonna put a little button,in there okay you see so all these are,just elements I grab and drag right in I,style them by clicking the pencil here,we're gonna change the background color,of the button to a pinkish red and we're,gonna change the header the text to be,let's say I don't know a l

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