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Learn Why Your Shopify Product Filters Are Crippling Your SEO!!!

if you're one of the hundreds of,thousands of shopify retailers out there,using product filters in the sidebar one,of two things are happening,here's the first example like rideaway,one of the largest sportswear brands in,the world if i click on t-shirts,you can see here this particular root,collection page is targeting the search,term men's t-shirts,if i go down and click onto a color you,can see the metadata doesn't change at,all,so the good filter wraps out there,in the first scenario block these pages,from the search engine because they're,aware that these filter pages cause mass,duplications of your root collection,page which seriously harm your rankings,traffic and conversions,the other scenario number two,is that the app developers are,completely unaware that the problem,exists and they haven't dealt with the,duplication issue correctly,and their filter pages cause mass,duplications of room collection page,pages like with cabala bronco another,client of ours that have come to us to,fix the to fix the problem so when i go,on to see a cowboy boots here,click on ostrich boots i'm not gonna,pronounce all of these in spanish,because my spanish isn't that great but,if i,click into here and then scroll down,you can see here but us and then if i,click a color let's say white,you can see the metadata doesn't change,what should be happening here is a,canonical tag which is basically a tap,which turns this page off and points,back to the root collection page is the,correct way it should be happening if i,right click and view page source,ctrl f and look for what's called a,canonical tag and just scroll along here,this should be canonical in back to the,root collection page which tells google,to ignore the filter page and only focus,on the root collection page please as,you can see here it's doing what's,called self canonicalizing so basically,that is causing a mass duplication,of the root collection page so for every,filter page on this store is a,duplication,of the root collection pages and as you,can see there's hundreds if not,thousands of,of pages which are causing duplicates so,the reason why both of these companies,have come to us is to help them fix this,problem we are the only company in the,world using our world's exclusive,technology our theme and our aap seo,product filter app,which basically optimizes the six key,fundamental elements of a web page which,allow,google to determine whether it's unique,or whether it's duplicate so ours is the,only filter tech which optimizes those,six key fundamental elements and what,are they so for example,i click on here i'm on a page for,hoodies,you can see here,if i click the meta title he's targeting,men's hoodies,if you right click and view source,you can see we optimize the,description tag i'll just do a ctrl f,look for the description,and you can see,you can see there men's hoodies,and if we go back,and then if we click a color,for example,you can see here the metadata changes,completely so blue men's

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Recart: Scaling Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Messenger | Shopify & eCommerce | 2020

Recart: Scaling Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Messenger | Shopify & eCommerce | 2020

(logo whooshes),- I've got Nick Romaya with me today who's the--,- Hey, everybody.,- The partnerships head in Recart,,the awesome, awesome, awesome company,that's taking care of the Messenger marketing.,And you know, I used to be super skeptical,about Messenger marketing.,How would you steal people, you know?,Just another one of those,shiny object syndrome symptoms, right?,That why do you need that funnel and everything?,But then when I started seeing,the kind of results that you can achieve with that,,and the kind of conversion rates that you can see,that are unmatched by any website that I've ever seen,,so that's, you know.,I think we were connected by Ryan from BlendJet, right?,- Yes, yes. - Along with some other names.,Yeah, so like, I really kind of,,now I see. (laughs),I was blind but now I see.,- Yeah, no, definitely,,and it's very interesting,,from not only in our field,,but also just like from a general marketing perspective.,When you kind of,,most eCommerce companies are,focusing on email.,Email is the backbone of all marketing strategies,for any eCommerce company,,and then now SMS has been introduced,which is pretty interesting,and still rather new with most companies.,But if you wanna go even more,down the newer rabbit hole,,the shiny object rabbit hole,,as you said, you see Messenger marketing,,and it's actually a, totally a new tool,,but it's a very useful and awesome tool,to engage and reach your consumers.,I think the biggest issue though is education, right?,Even when I was applying for this job,,I had no clue what Messenger marketing was,so I had to do my due diligence.,So that's a big factor for us, 2020,,and then also next year, education.,So that's what I am--,- That's what we're here for, right?,So we're gonna show all of you guys,,and I think that there was a fad for Messenger marketing,probably last year.,Probably somewhere around last year,everybody was just talking about it,,but then it kind of died down,,and then it almost seemed like,it was never gonna come back,,but now the most rising CPMs.,Especially after kind of the grasp of COVID is going down,,I see a lot of people exploring some new ways,to be competitive again, to scale furthers,,to reach their audience through new media,,and so I think this is gonna be a useful thing.,So today, we'll talk about Messenger marketing,,we'll talk about all those insane funnels,,how to set it up and things like that.,And there are really some strategies,that I think some people are gonna like here,,especially if you're at a point,where you're kind of clueless,and you're searching for some new ideas,on how to scale your business further,,or maybe your ROASs have dropped,and you wanna find some new funnel to explore,to counteract that when nothing else is working,,then Recart can be your friend as well.,And yeah, I'm just also curious to see,some kind of numbers from this,'cause I know that once people see what's possible,,then they will listen, right,,to the conversation. - Yeah, d

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What you need to know about Trustpilot (Concise Webinar)

What you need to know about Trustpilot (Concise Webinar)

good morning and welcome everybody,to this concise webinar what do you need,to know about,trustpilot uh,joining me today is gareth lane and,hayley norton gareth as you know,is from concise digital and hailey is,from trustpilot so we're very pleased to,have haley here,because uh hayley is the full bottle on,trustpilot,uh and i'll explain why welcome hayley,thank you thanks for having me pleasure,gareth,hello this is the gareth voice reporting,for judy but,the gareth voice is going to be quiet,today um for a change,so i will ask some tough questions at,the end,there you go looking forward to that,okay uh so today,uh for people who haven't been to one of,the concise webinars before,uh this is as you say a concise webinar,we try to run these through in 25,30 minutes tops and we,run these without waffle without sales,pitches,and we try to make them 100 education,with business information you can use,this session is being recorded,and is available will be available for,viewing later if you want to re-watch,and also with q a we've got we're happy,to take questions along the way,and there will be time for q a at the,end,let me just background why we're doing,this this session,um this is what,uh what you need to know about,trustpilot is why we're calling this and,as you can see there's the smiling haley,this situation came about a few weeks,ago when a number of our clients used,trustpilot but a few weeks ago one of,our clients said,that that he in fact had received a bad,review on trustpilot,and asked me for help what to do in that,situation and i gave him some,advice and i thought well actually you,know what let's find out from trustpilot,exactly what to do,in situations like that and the guys at,trustpilot were very helpful,and in fact i realized at that point,that it would be helpful for,us at concise to develop a closer,relationship with the club with,trustpilot because it really is a,very important part of what goes on on,the web and,uh concise uh as i say we have a number,of clients using trustpilot,concise has now become a trust pilot,partner,mainly because we want to be able to,focus on being able to recommend the,best advice to our clients,and also to be able to work closely with,trustpilot,to help implement the implement uh trust,pilot,properly and also to handle any issues,as they came along,in the time that we were discussing with,trustpilot,i was talking with hayley and i said hey,we run these webinars uh i think it,would be really helpful if we were to,share some of the information on,trustpilot,with our clients and anyone else who,wants to participate in these webinars,and so that's the reason for this,webinar this is not a session to sell,trustpilot,to anybody this is a session an,information session,to try to explain what trustpilot is how,best to use it how not to use it,and some tips to get best use out of it,so with that i'm going to hand the uh,to hand the talking stick over to hayley,and say hayley,take it away you're very welcome to

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Otomix Stingray review

Otomix Stingray review

hey what's up guys this is peter from,reviews on anything and today we're,having a closer look at the auto mix,stingray jim slash MMA slash boxing,slash fitness shoes now as you can see i,got two pairs here the blue ones are my,old pair and the canary brazilian themed,ones are my new pair i fell in love with,these shoes about three years ago and,haven't switched anywhere else ever,since I've had them in black I have them,in white had them in red blue obviously,and now this one they're incredibly,comfortable they're incredibly soft,they're incredibly thin as well and that,is actually the main point straightaway,off this type of shoe the sole it's hard,to show on camera but it's this little,black strip of rubber it's pretty much,all the sole you're going to get I can,already hear you thinking how I'm gonna,do any running of that how am I gonna do,any Zumba classes on that well that's,not what this shoes for this shoe is,really aimed at either people to do,boxing or MMA that are not allowed to,wear full-size shoes that are too heavy,and too inflexible anyway and people,that just lift weights now I'm not,saying you can't do any cardio in these,per se but these shoes are so or the,soles especially are so thin that you,really don't want to do any running on,them biking I suppose elliptical and all,such things that don't have a high,impact on your feet those are fine of,course but the issues are really more,aimed at ya gym rats boxers and people,that do ever male wrestling IVs and now,the shoe itself it's a shoe so you know,it's not that shocking as you can see,actually I broke the shoelaces on this,one they used to be green so I had to,replace it but the shoe itself is very,soft it's a bit like a fancy house,slipper but at the same time is still,very supportive now this is not a shoe,probably to do serious weight lifting on,because obviously then you have the,wooden sole with a little heel on the,end but for example for dead lifting for,general you know lifting weights as a,gym rat activity these shoes are perfect,because they provide enough support for,you,yet at the same time give you a good,connection to the ground to the four,you're standing on to the platform,you're standing on to give you the,confidence to go for heavy lifts now I,have to say though that the shoe when,you buy them they're a bit stiff,obviously but it's all sort of a canvas,II fabric combined with leather so,they'll get worn in pretty fast and then,they say really comfortable for a while,and then I suppose after like a six,seven month period they really become I,wouldn't say flimsy but they become very,soft you can I know it's hard to show,the difference on camera but you can,probably tell that this one is used it's,worn and you you know you can tell,there's there's not much in a sense of,support left anymore it's really very,pliable very soft they're still very,comfortable to wear and they're still,very nice to wear when you're just,lifting weights but at some point you,know you

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