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“Roxxe” Shopify Theme Review: Multipurpose, Easy to Set up

hello and welcome to new envato tats,plus video,i'm madi por dilla and today i want to,show you,a very cool shopify theme called roxy,now shopify allows you to very easily,create an online store and,with the right theme you can be up and,running,in no time the theme i'm about to show,you,is multi-purpose so you have a lot of,topics or demos to choose from,so let's have a look at it and see what,it's all about,this is a roxy a responsive,multi-purpose shopify theme that you can,currently get,on themeforest for 19.,it's at a discounted price,at the time of this recording now,roxy has a lot of demos,or a lot of topics to choose from as you,can see here,we're looking at over 60 uh,demos or home pages as they call them,here and,they range from fashion,to electronics to gifts,to pets basically you can find very,unique topics here and the cool thing,about this theme is that,at least four or five new topics are,released,each month and as you can see if we,scroll,all the way down on the theme forest,page,and we look at the change log you'll see,that,on each version we get,new topics and a topic as i was saying,is basically like a demo so for example,if we're going to look at this flowers,demo you'll see that,it looks in a certain way,but if we check out for example the,computers demo,you'll see that it's it has a totally,different,look and feel to it,and that's what i really like about this,it uses the same,platform it's a shopify theme and you,can do,everything shopify related in here but,depending on the topic it has a distinct,look,and feel now i recently purchased the,this theme and i used it to create a,demo,store just to play around with it this,is one of the,uh the demos provided,or at least it's based on the demos,provided,it's a furniture demo and in a very,short time i was able to create,uh this home page add some products,create some collections and it all,went very smoothly and i'll talk more,about the process,in this video now let me quickly give,you a tour,of this demo that i created and also,walk you through some of the main,features of the theme that i,really like now the first thing that i,really like about this theme and pretty,much all of its demos is that,it's a very clean design on all of them,i especially like this furniture one,it really is more of my style,but all the other demos have a very,clean design and also,the theme is responsive so it's going to,look great on,mobile devices but also large desktops,there's also support for a mega menu,which i,quickly created one right here you can,add all sorts of,banners that will take you to different,pages different collections,you can also add links,right here to the different pages and if,we open up a,collection here you'll see that we can,filter the various products using these,uh,tags uh we can sort them we can change,uh the view mode from grid which is this,to list which is this,one of the very nice features is a quick,view option and you can simply press,this to open that product,in

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Installing a ThemeForest Theme on Shopify

Installing a ThemeForest Theme on Shopify

hey everybody Tania's shooting star SVG,back in today I am going to talk about,how to install themes in your Shopify,store that are not directly from Shopify,so this is strictly regarding the theme,forest themes from,envato I'm gonna include a link in this,video that will direct you to the,Shopify themes and templates and here,you can see this is the Waukee theme,this is what I currently use on my,website and there is a lot of different,themes here that are useful for what,you're trying to do on your Shopify,stores so just take a quick look of,those I will be doing a video slash a,blogpost shortly now that I'm back up,and running after being on night shift,in this crazy pandemic we have going on,on some of the better themes for Shopify,based off of what you're trying to do so,anyways what you're gonna want to do is,you're gonna find the theme that you,want right and you're just going to go,ahead and purchase it hmm after you,purchase your theme what will happen is,is that theme force will send you a,confirmation email okay and you can see,I purchased this the beginning of this,year you'll be able to open up your,account and go to my downloads and when,you go to your account back page you,will download the files now here you can,get all the files and documentation,including your license certificate in,your purchase code this is important,because when you go to load your new,theme into Shopify you're gonna have to,enter this information and okay so you,want to make sure that you have that,okay so when you download all of your,files and documentation is going to be,in a zip format so you're gonna have to,extract that right so this is what it,will look like it will have any updates,the user manual and your installation,zip file and it was important that this,stays as is it now if you're unfamiliar,with how to zip in onto,files I do have a video on my youtube,channel for that you can just go ahead,and search for it and I'll walk you,through how to do that right so once you,get everything into a folder then you,will see these zip files here and just,make sure you either keep that folder,open or you know where you're navigating,to because that will be important for,the next step when you go to your,dashboard on Shopify basically this is,what you'll see when you log in you're,gonna want to click on online store and,you're going to click on themes now you,can see here that I already have this,installed it's pretty straightforward,process okay you're gonna do this like,you would do any other theme you're just,gonna click on upload theme and choose,your file I think you can also drag it,over so we'll go ahead and try to do,that um since I do have it open so you,can actually note that did not work so,you can go to choose file I know mine,went into here and then you click on,your zip file and click open now what,that's gonna do is it'll show the dots,if you click on upload file and it's,gonna start working hopefully this does,not override anything for me beca

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'Read U Wrote U' Performance w/ Alaska, Katya, Detox & Roxxxy | RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

'Read U Wrote U' Performance w/ Alaska, Katya, Detox & Roxxxy | RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

hey girls my name is Alaska I got a tiny,little question to ask ya who's that, that's on the top oh wait that's,me hey porkchop drag but your face just,needs a paper bag give me a challenge,and I'll crush your oil change in the,game like my name's RuPaul line them up,front to back I'm sending home,like a heart attack mess with me and,you'll wind up in a casket on Twitter,your total kid in a basket,I'll reach it down beneath the ground,could you hold my purse while I snatch,the crown legacy remember my name cuz,you're gonna see me hanging in the hole,avoid,coming at you with the slow first I'm if,I had to shut it down first,killing is so hard need a beating,hurts I ain't saying I'm the best but I,ain't the word you see me shining I'm,trying to take this prime time I see you,whine in the crying take that's a,lifetime so epic that is poetic I spit,it all the time I'm ready you look,pathetic with that nursery rhyme you,can't stand me I don't blame you it's,rules number one number two you disagree,for you teaches the each the teacher the,oh just the hold,always keep coming back for more you a,basic and it's your time to go,so let me show you the door,cuz it was getting late and I'm always,getting paid the only high class russian, I'm a hot mess in a skin-tight,dress that's a rash sore read I'm,interested I'm here to make it clear I,know you love me baby that's why you,brought me here was the on season,5 I'm gonna make it right give me a,sewing challenge and I'll give you what,you like I'm full of tricks baby just,like a Halloween a room full of monsters,and it makes me wanna scream I have to,get us right so you don't waste your,time not like my comedy I'm killing on,this ride,hey squirrel-friends when one video ends,just open up another one,it's called binge-viewing good I support,you

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Memesan Web Hosting

Memesan Web Hosting

Halo assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh Pada kesempatan kali ini,saya akan coba menjelaskan atau membuat,sebuah tutorial mengenai bagaimana,menghosting bagaimana memesan webhosting,Hai wasting merupakan sebuah proses yang,penting ketika anda ingin situs anda itu,bisa dipakai diakses oleh orang secara,pabrik bisa diakses oleh orang dari,seluruh dunia selama dia connect ke,internet oke kita mulai Bagaimana cara,mencari web hosting sebenarnya,pilihannya sangat banyak Anda tinggal,cari di Google tulis aja Misalkan,webhosting Indonesia maka di sini ada,punya banyak pilihan ya ada Google call,Glory Google anda bisa punya niagahoster,ada reposting terbaik ID indahnya dan,deh domain Ah banyak rumah webhosting er,dan lain-lain setiap penyedia webhosting,ini mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangan,masing-masing Oke saya coba Contohkan,yang ini saya coba buka,Hai ini hosted kalau,Anda lihat di sini ada web hosting,Indonesia Anda bisa lihat,Oh ya Mana paketnya ini paket unlimited,kita lihat paket lain ini di sini ada,paket dari yang termurah ada yang dari,sering 10.000 perbulan biayanya dan ada,yang 40 ribu perbulan ada yang 26000 ada,yang rp85.000 anda bisa bandingkan,sendiri paketnya untuk paket yang ini,anda bisa lihat bahwa untuk spacenya,dikasih 500 meja bandwidth unlimited,databasenya limited tapi hanya,diperbolehkan untuk hostingsatu domain,saja Kemudian untuk paket yang,berikutnya fiturnya lebih banyak,Kya Keh ini salah satu contoh tapi masih,ada hosting yang lain misalkan,Hai rumahweb idwebhost ya kita lihat,rumah web di sini ada hosting Oke gak,bisa lihat di sini ada paket 25-250,Medan by penyimpanan eh dengan,perbulannya Rp20.000 perbulannya Anda,bisa lihat ya kemudian ada lagi,idwebhost Anda bisa lihat sini untuk,wasting dia punya paket dari Dri yang,paling murah 9900 Rembulan,Oh ya kalau dihitung-hitung cuma 330,rupiah perhari facenya 400 bandwidth,helm-helm m artinya tidak diukur,Hai subdomain unlimited email Animated,at dan database limited Anda tinggal,bandingkan dulu sebelum anda mencari,sebuah webhosting ya tetapi saya punya,sebuah paket hasil kerjasama dengan,sebuah penyedia webhosting paketnya,pakai khusus untuk mahasiswa penyedianya,adalah rumahhosting ini Kebetulan home,basenya Kalau tidak salah di Bandung,kantornya kita bisa lihat di sini ada,paket yang namanya super hemat untuk,pemula 200 MB, gratis domain dengan biaya,8000 per bulan dan anda bisa lihat,paket-paket lain tapi khusus untuk,mahasiswa Setelah melakukan obrolan,dengan mereka bahwa kita akan punya,sebuah paket harkat harganya adalah,Rp100 setahun ya Ini bertahun-tahun,pertama Kemudian untuk di space facenya,adalah 4400 MB kemudian database my SQL,nya limited emailnya anlimited bandwidth,Unlimited subdomain Unlimited dan karena,ini special paket itu tidak ditawarkan,di situs utamanya Jadi anda bisa akses,lewat lewat short url ini ya jangan lupa,nanti ketentuannya adalah saat,bukan order kolom perusahaan diisi aja,dengan nama kampus misalkan Unik

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