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UpShop - Shopify Multipurpose Responsive Theme - TemplateTrip

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Gameworld - A Shopify Theme by EM Themes

Gameworld - A Shopify Theme by EM Themes

what's up everybody Charlie here with,hot tips and this is another website,template review slash first look,whatever you will call it this is game,world this is a Shopify theme by e/m,themes or end themes I'm not entirely,sure how they pronounce their own name,but by n themes this is a Shopify theme,so I know we've been talking a lot about,WordPress themes before this is Shopify,so let's go ahead and take a look at,what this theme is what the core purpose,of it is and how they've sort of,arranged some of the elements within,this template to make it most effective,for selling games I guess is really the,the primary focus of this so like I said,this is a Shopify theme which means it,is ecommerce driven so most of the,elements you're going to see here are,for the purposes of selling products so,you can see that we have a menu up here,it's a pretty simple menu just you'll,drop down menus here if it has a mega,menu function I'm not experiencing it so,there's you know that's what I'm getting,out of it but you'll notice that there's,also these four parts right down here,right below the menu and this is a great,place for you to sort of highlight the,most popular parts of your website and,sort of highlight the parts that people,would most likely like to visit maybe,you have special promotional deals maybe,you have pre-owned which is a obviously,going to be a discounted games we have,trade-in offers monthly deals so you can,really highlight some things here too,then we have the slider and the one,thing I want to say about the slider is,that it is very well organized and very,well presented and what I mean by we're,really well organized and presented is,they have particularly set up this and I,am recommend you do the same if you,decide to get this theme they've,positioned elements so that they don't,sort of mix with each other they don't,interfere with one another for example,we have the image of the game over here,at the far left then you have the,description of the titles and stuff,right here which doesn't really,interfere with the picture which they've,placed in the background but the,background picture is positioned so that,the primary focus is not behind the,elements so it ends up looking like a,really organized slider and a very,effective advertising,method up here so as we scroll down the,page you're gonna see that we have a,tabbed organization here for products,and we can sort of go through the,different platforms of games you can use,this as you know if you have different,sections of your store and you sell,different types of games this would be a,great way to do it there's also an all,systems thing so and games and all game,is pretty good the one thing I don't,necessarily like about this particular,part here though is that there's no,navigation forward and back so you're,not gonna get there's no built in anyway,at least they're not showing it way to,really kind of scroll through these,games so you're sort of limited to the,six that they decide to

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How to build free online store with no coding using Pagefly.io

How to build free online store with no coding using Pagefly.io

hey what's up guys welcome back to,another video,uh on this video we're gonna discuss,about how to build,free online store with no coding using,pagefly.iho what i mean by pagefly.io,so let me get into my pc and,tell you more about pageflight.io,pagefly is a perfect place to find,an inspiration for your own shopify or,e-commerce website,in which looking at those who are,successful,in your industry is the key to winning,a commerce game so,i will show you some of website that i,that have been built on this uh,platform and of course you can,design your own website there too so,i will visit some website now and of,course i want to believe that,all this website i'll be showing you it,are built through,this platform so,yeah team.com,on that sim.com,so this website was built,on 8th lap and also this one too,this website was built,using um page fly dots,hi-ho so you can see here,we have amazing designs amazing designs,different different templates in which,you can use the,with no coding no need to code just,drag and drop drag and drop,no coding at all so,let me give out to i have many many,different um,website i haven't built using this,platform i'm going to show you your,downlink on,the commercial,and also um this um,pagefly also have um free,and remains package,in which they are from free package,which contain um all page elements,and um,custom code editor,page and other traffic section for your,e-commerce business so,let's let me go into um your price,so let's see that's what they have,so they are here i want to know that,this website was not paying me for any,affiliate,or or or a commission fee i was trying,to strengthen,because as i believe that i found this,online and i need to share with you guys,that is a state,i'm not being paid for anything hey so,i'm doing this for free,doing this for free so yeah we are on,the,pricing page and we find it's a find a,plan that,writes for you so search for freedom,pick a plan,to unlock power in the future so you can,start for free,you can see the free package effortless,page you do,too for everyone so anybody can,can do this you can try it,they have saver package which it says,uh optimize solution for for building,landing pages,so this package will definitely be,perfect for,landing page building so maybe when you,sell it calls or,something so this package will work for,you per month,and they are good package as well as,the platinum package which is,99 bucks per month this will be,unlimited package,on the package with unlimited everything,everything that you need,so you can see here those are the things,that each package contains so,your the present facts here,because last question so you can go,through here,and check probably we have a question,that you need assertive so,this will definitely help and as well,you can check on the templates to see,the one that shoots you then you choose,for yourself,so different templates,they have different templates,so you just select no matter what kind,of business you are tryin

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Website For Sale - $9K/Month in Gaming Niche, Amazon FBA Business

Website For Sale - $9K/Month in Gaming Niche, Amazon FBA Business

thanks for tuning in to our seller,interview series up today we've got an,amazon FBA for business for sale in the,gaming niche creating chicken 2014 this,business makes 9001 dollars per month,and net profit on average and listen for,this suck is 40 568 now we do these,interviews to give potential buyers more,information about both the seller and,sites are looking to purchase hope these,in size are helpful for you in making a,buying decision we got the seller with,us today to go through the business and,cover everything from niche selection to,traffic and monetization thanks for,coming on Kevin thank you so just to,give you a little background your,business is obviously doing very well,can give us a little bit of background,on what is your history your your resume,when it comes to building and running,these kind of online businesses have you,done this before stuff like a brand new,thing for you give us a little bit of a,low down on your back um sure I had,worked at a business that ran amazon,businesses before for about two years,and during their i had contact with a,lot of vendors a lot of amazon business,owners i just had a lot of contacts in,general that kind of got me introduced,to this style of business and i,eventually i left to go to a different,position but i kind of retained all the,skills that I had from that business and,I thought you know why don't I just,tries this for me you know just see how,it works and about two years ago I did,that and here we are today as far as,other online businesses that I've gotten,into since then I've gotten into many,more online businesses but when i first,started that was pretty much my first go,at it so you actually worked for like,another amazon FBA businesses like you,were an employee of an amazon FBA,businesses are correct that's correct,that's interesting that's our route you,hear very often it's pretty cool so when,you decided to jump all in as an,entrepreneur yourself and you know get,into the game how did you come up with,the idea specifically snitch i know,you're in the gaming net how did you,come up with that idea what was it about,this well it was two things so when,I first was deciding on my niche I was,researching a lot i was going all over,amazon and general and just general,niches that I liked that I maybe didn't,like but a good opportunity and I was,kept searching get searching for decent,bit but you know I wanted to make sure I,picked the right niche I wanted to be,successful on my first go and I knew how,to do the research from working at the,previous business so after a while I,kind of started to be honest I kind of,stumbled upon it i stumbled upon a great,product opportunity and then in addition,to that it happens to be something that,I enjoy myself I enjoy playing video,games I enjoy all the different consoles,I enjoy pc in my eye I wouldn't say I'm,an avid gamer you know but I definitely,game you know every other day or so and,so I happen to find a really awesome,opportunity product w

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