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Prestige theme Shopify Customization Tutorial | BEST Shopify Theme 2021

welcome to ecom ranks,are you looking to customize the,prestige theme using shopify platform,okay then you are at right video in this,video i will guide you,uh on how you are able to customize or,design your website,using prestige shopify theme okay so to,customize prestage shopify theme,let's start our video okay so,in this page i have uploaded fresh copy,of the prestige theme then we need to,click on the customize button,okay so now it's a fresh copy of theme,has,been uploaded and it is showing empty,sections,so let's start our video i will delete,some of this section and add some of the,new sections,to make according to my website okay so,first,we see the pop-up just forget it for now,i will,let you know about it at the end of the,video,and for the sidebar menu i don't have,this is the sidebar menu,yeah i don't have a large niche accord,actually this is fitness store so i have,only six to seven products so that can,be adjusted within the main menu,and if you have if you want to add the,site menu and if you have,products around 500 to 600 then it will,be good to add the side menu,otherwise just add the main menu just,like i have added here,okay click on the back button for the,announcement,sec as announce something here here is,the section,for it okay click on it and,for the text i have to add,this text i have already written it,okay so just copy it and paste it over,here,so free shipping our dollar fifty plus,free returns,you can add your offers according to,your requirements for the background,color,i will use,this background color,okay so let me set this color,okay so now it's good for the text i,just use the white color text,okay so click on the back button,and hit the save okay so,to check the mobile version of your,website,you have to click on this icon and then,select mobile,okay so now it's your website version,of uh view in mobile and that's,that's the desktop window okay so,now the another section is called the,header,this is the header section let's,customize it simply click on it,and i i don't want to use,the sticky header so so you can untick,this option basically the sticky headers,means that when i,scroll my web page the header is moving,downward,along with me so i don't need it because,it covers 20 percent of,my web page space so just,remove it remove this feature and for,the logo,i will add my logo over here,and to increase its width you can,increase it accordingly okay so,okay the one thing i want to tell let,you know that,i want to remove this transparent header,okay so just like,here just untick it this is the,transparent header,you can check it here over here when i,move my mouse,from here it's get transparent,so to disable it simply untick this,option,now it's get disabled okay,if you want to use the transparent,header simply click on this icon and,then,add your logo over here okay so,the next section is slideshow section,let's,add the image related to my niche,so firstly i will add this image,okay so for the mobile,image

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