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How to Backup and Update Shopify Themes Tutorial

hey guys this is Carrie with core,marketing grouped today's tutorial is,all things updating themes backing up,themes so the first part of this is,going to how do you make a copy of a,theme say if you wanted to make some,changes or some updates but didn't want,to have it impact the current thing that,you have live so here we are on our,dashboard on your Shopify site so we are,going to go on navigating store and so,then you'll see where you have your live,theme here so then we're going to go,here you'll just hit the drop down and,you're gonna see an option that says,duplicate so I'm gonna hit duplicate and,it's gonna go ahead and duplicate a copy,of your theme so I'm just gonna let it,run its process here real quick,shouldn't take too long and what I like,to do once it's done duplicating I like,to rename it so I have an idea if it's,like a specific change that you did an,app integration I like to give put that,in the name or even just updating the,date so you could go over here and,rename and I would say like turbo copy,and then I would put today's date which,is like six twenty nine twenty twenty so,I know when what this is and when it was,actually duplicated so then you could go,over here and what this did is it,actually copied your theme exactly how,it is so it copied everything and,duplicated it over here so if you were,to go over here and customize it you're,going to see everything just the way it,is on your life theme so what you would,do is you go in and make your changes,and then when you're ready to publish it,all you would need to do is hit the,drop-down and publish it and then that,is going to publish it to your live,theme and you just hit publish,so that is how to make a copy or,duplicate your live scene now I'm going,to show you two different ways on how to,make updates so a lot of these themes,are constantly being improved by their,developers so every now and then you'll,get a notification if you purchased a,theme depending on who you purchased it,from that there are updates maybe to fix,some bugs or add new features things,like that so there's two different,methods that you can do this bait,depending on the type of theme that you,purchased now first I'm going to show,you if you just purchased a theme from,the Shopify theme store how we would go,ahead and get the latest version of that,so I'm going to switch over here this is,one of my clients and they are rust we,purchased this theme called Testament so,what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back,over here we're gonna go to the Shopify,theme store okay and I'm gonna find the,Testament theme okay so here it is and,so what I'm gonna have to have to do is,I'm gonna have to go back over and grab,the URL for my shop and then you're,gonna go back here and you're gonna log,in with this URL and so what this is,gonna do is it's gonna recognize if you,purchased any themes through the theme,store so now you're gonna see here that,this button has actually updated so it,is recognized that this shop has

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