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Shopify tutorial - How to change your store logo

hi there Shopify store builders I am,going to show you how to work logos into,your new website so I'm at my Shopify,development store here I'm at home,screen I'm going to go to online and it,picks default themes so you're already,on your customized themes click that and,it'll open up the how to modify your,theme I'm using the debut theme this is,a fresh theme from Shopify I've already,put the store name in this populates,automatically from your settings so if,you put your store name in it'll come in,there the default is haunted store and,you can change that and I'll show you,how to do that today so you go to this,header section here and there's,basically two choices in this one three,choices you can have the logo align to,your to the left side or you can do it,to the center I like the left side,because it's doesn't take as much room,at the top of the page here you you,don't want this to be really long it's,very distracting especially for mobile,people so I like to keep it on the left,now if you want to change the size of,the fonts you go to general settings and,you go to typography and you can pick,out any font you like here let's pick,out lots of bold and let's even go,bigger and see what happens so you see,it well it made it larger so that it's,more prominent on your home screen it,also took up two lines and and took up,more real estate here at the top okay so,next I'm going to show you how to put a,logo in there that's an image of the,font so you go back to sections and,header and we are going to upload an,image okay I use Google Drive so my,images are going to be saved there I am,going to pick out this image that I've,recently made and there it is,and I'm going to open that now you see,it put the logo that was custom made,into there but because it's only a,hundred pixels wide a little bit small,so I'm going to bump it up to 300 and oh,there it is it got larger then you,simply hit the Save button and now,you've got a custom logo up there for,yourself it's always easy to change this,out if it doesn't look good what not you,can always change it going back to your,themes header so just a quick review,header alignment left and right that,moves things from here to there and if,you want to remove this image simply,push this button there it removes it now,you're back to type the font logos and,you can save that and you're all good to,go so that's how you change your font,logos your font from either logo to an,image thanks a lot

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