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How to Inserting a Video to Shopify Store Product Page

welcome today I want to show you how to,put a video in your soda fire product,how we can identify one product that you,want to have a video in your store and,you can install it directly from me,maybe you are YouTube and then if the,customers will be able to see it on when,they visit us talk so what we do first,of all you identify the products and,this the contact I want has today to see,to put a video together so that you can,learn on this together,and from here I will open YouTube I've,got to YouTube and go to my channel let,me open YouTube my channel and then from,them from that channel we open the video,that we want to be to put and then we,can be able to put it together so this,is go to your to your channel and this,is the video that I want on the other,side of the stop so you just come to the,video and click it and then copy go back,to your store and now in the in the,store you come to this icon inside the,video on this inside the video you click,it and on one it opens this is now where,you paste the embed code that you copied,from the YouTube channel so you pissed,it and once your piston did you insert,it immediately the renewal come on and,they're gonna start playing it most,immediately but before you do this,before you plate you need to good view,and see how it is going to be present on,you are on the that side that this does,our viewing so this is where it is very,important because we want that your,visitors to view the video and then you,come in and see whether the video as,come on let's replace the pinch and see,what are these videos or India or it's,not yeah,because one thing I'm not done I was,saved that fire so that's why it does,not to be never to become a nice truck,in the rupiah you see I didn't say so we,need to save fast,once we have saved then you can refresh,our page on the other side and you see,the venue in India trip great so here we,come we refresh the page and the video,comes here I'll find the videos yeah so,that's all your customers now or your,vistas Iowa to be able to see once you,have a contact that has a video that you,want them to see you can use the video,as part of the description of your,product and also so next time you want,to do it absolutely very simple do not,conduct with celebrate good intention,let's stop also to be one of your,contacts move in here take to see you,again when we have another presentation,holiday thank you I forget subscribe on,our Channel

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