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Tutorial: HotSpot Image Testing

hello today I'm going to be,demonstrating hot spot image testing,this is a really cool and interactive,question type where respondents can,click a thumbs up or thumbs down over,what areas of an image they like the,most so let's start here I'm going to,create a new survey we'll call it hot,spot demo take a good theme create,survey and here we go first we're gonna,go into our library because it is a very,visual question type we're gonna need to,upload a picture first we'll do choose,files I've already picked the picture,that I want and it's going to be a ski,trail map so you'll see how I do it but,when respondents take the survey they,see this image and they get to pick what,areas they liked the most and the least,and you'll see what I mean in just a,second so upload that picture here it is,it's called trail map back to surveys,hotspot demo I'm going to add a question,I'm gonna scroll down a bit to images,multimedia and I'll see hotspot image,testing select that and here's where you,can input question text please like or,dislike predefined selected areas on the,image consider for hotspots you can,change that to anything you want it to,be let's say please select the areas on,the trail map that you like and dislike,the most,or dislike then I'm going to select my,image trail map and here we go so now,this is where you are going to click and,drag some areas of the picture that they,will be focused on if you will so I'm,going to click and drag through this,area and then this will pop up do you,like this area of the mountain okay,how about over here do you like the,tubing area and at the bottom I'll do,like the parking lot okay so if you,hover over you can see the tax preview,so it'll look just like this I'm going,to go ahead and save question and it's,all set now I'm gonna show you what it,looks like to the respondent I'm going,to copy that link and this is going to,be as if I am taking the survey please,select area another trail map that you,like or dislike the most do I like this,area yeah I like that area parking lot,could be better,tubing I like tubing so you can see what,I liked shows up green what I dislike,the red and then continue and that's it,but the coolest part is the analytics so,I have a survey here that I've already,used and here we can see who's liked it,who's disliked it and so on so this,surveys only been taken you know two,times it's short I haven't really sent,it out but you get a feel for what that,would look like I hope you enjoyed this,video if you have any other questions,about image testing or if you'd like to,see any other types of questions,please feel free to reach out thanks so,much

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