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5 Ways to Build a Cult Like Following For Your Business

5 Ways to Build a Cult Like Following For Your Business

okay hi there welcome Kim Willis again,with another training using the Facebook,live platform actually I'm using two,platforms Facebook live is kind of the,you know the destination but I use,software called B live and that gives me,all sorts of options I can use I can,create fancy borders or I can use their,fancy borders right I can brand myself I,can have my logo I can do all sorts of,things when I'm doing a Facebook like,things that you cannot do when you're,using just the Facebook live platform so,this this be live platform acts as a,kind of an intermediary between me and,Facebook yeah it's pretty good I can,share the screen I can interview people,I can bring people on as a guest speaker,I can show you know PowerPoint,presentations whatever it's it's mighty,helpful it is so-so,all right so this is I'm going to be,running a weekly session with few,exceptions from this point forth it may,not it may not be this time it may not,be at this time of the day because most,of my audience is in North America and,it seems that I get more engagement more,attendance when I broadcasts evenings,their time which is mornings my time,it's now evening for me but it's morning,for you know people who I engage with,most of the time because they're in the,US and they're or they're in Canada so,but yeah I prefer to do it in the,evenings record honest with you I'm not,really a great morning person but I'll,look I'll fit in with my audience so if,it means that I get I get more,engagement more people attending the,live call by doing it that way well I,will and and next week I've got much,more formal training on it's a training,that I've been promising to the last few,weeks and it's called how to make big,bucks from a small audience so look out,for that,that's an extended training this,is more a bit more laid-back it's not,it's not a formal training I don't go,into much depth I'm skimming the idea,about some of the the strategies you can,use to to take your try building to and,I all right yes okay so someone said,hello Kim now I don't know who that is,that's one of the disadvantages there is,a link if you can go into the Facebook,post that I but should be sitting at the,top there and in the comments you'll see,a link you'll see a link click on that,link and and that by doing that you're,giving be live which is the software,that I'm using permission permission to,reveal your name and it's much easier,much better for me and probably for you,if I know who is is saying this stuff,now the reason for it is that it's to do,with privacy concerns this try to build,a community group is a closed group okay,so it's because of these privacy issues,each person who attends a Facebook live,like this has to give permission the,same thing the same thing and that that,rule doesn't apply when I run a Facebook,live on my business page my fanpage and,if I adjust the settings in Facebook on,my personal profile that doesn't apply,there either although last time I did it,using the be live softwar

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