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Energise Your Portfolio

good afternoon good evening good morning,late night morning and wherever you are,sort of dotted around the world and,welcome to the bottle books webinar and,entitled energize your portfolio and,what I want to do over the next 45,minutes to an hour or so or see how just,to introduce everybody to our new look,portfolio and try and encourage,everybody to to take a look into their,portfolio and their bottle books account,after this webinar and to try and show,people why it is important to have,products information readily available,so I'm Matthew Johnson I am responsible,model books in the UK and latterly in a,lot of other english-speaking countries,around the world as well so he may be,familiar with me from conversations we,may have had I've also got David who has,already said hello he is our CEO and in,charge of customer success and also have,our CEO Jonathan Hart Road who is also,going to demonstrate the new portfolio,and we will share his screen with,everybody at some point over the next 45,minutes or so to show you some of the,new features and things that are,available,Jonathan are you there can you say hello,hello everyone so before we start,obviously we thank you obviously for,joining and the webinar will keep,hammering on against bottom screen Q&A,please feel free to ask us some,questions as we go on but what we wanted,to do is that we have recently just,relaunched the waterboxx portfolio and,it's a great way to ensure that all of,your products information is stored into,one one place so whether you're a,producer an importer an event organiser,or retailer all the functionality that,you will see is available to everybody,and we are obviously quite excited about,this and Jonathan has been instrumental,in putting this together over the past,six months,so Jonathan I'm excited to see that the,portrait,up and running can you explain a little,bit more about the port failure and why,we think that the new module is so,important yeah thanks man,so as most people who have been working,with us over the last few years knows,and we have been heavily focused on how,information is collected in bottle books,how information goes from one business,to another and over the last few years,we have been able to support some of the,world's largest businesses including,national retailers in six in six,countries and a number of the largest,events in the world such as pro wine as,well as sociation x' and to do this we,have been focusing on the tools that,they need to collect information from,from their wineries from their suppliers,from their exhibitors and we've learned,a lot along the way we've gotten to talk,with a lot of wineries to understand,what they do they're on their side how,they manage information what did they do,with information and we made the,decision about a half year ago that we,would shift our shift our focus to,wineries and prioritize that in our,product development - as in the bottle,books is not just not only a great,software for retailers importer

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