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Installing a ThemeForest Theme on Shopify

hey everybody Tania's shooting star SVG,back in today I am going to talk about,how to install themes in your Shopify,store that are not directly from Shopify,so this is strictly regarding the theme,forest themes from,envato I'm gonna include a link in this,video that will direct you to the,Shopify themes and templates and here,you can see this is the Waukee theme,this is what I currently use on my,website and there is a lot of different,themes here that are useful for what,you're trying to do on your Shopify,stores so just take a quick look of,those I will be doing a video slash a,blogpost shortly now that I'm back up,and running after being on night shift,in this crazy pandemic we have going on,on some of the better themes for Shopify,based off of what you're trying to do so,anyways what you're gonna want to do is,you're gonna find the theme that you,want right and you're just going to go,ahead and purchase it hmm after you,purchase your theme what will happen is,is that theme force will send you a,confirmation email okay and you can see,I purchased this the beginning of this,year you'll be able to open up your,account and go to my downloads and when,you go to your account back page you,will download the files now here you can,get all the files and documentation,including your license certificate in,your purchase code this is important,because when you go to load your new,theme into Shopify you're gonna have to,enter this information and okay so you,want to make sure that you have that,okay so when you download all of your,files and documentation is going to be,in a zip format so you're gonna have to,extract that right so this is what it,will look like it will have any updates,the user manual and your installation,zip file and it was important that this,stays as is it now if you're unfamiliar,with how to zip in onto,files I do have a video on my youtube,channel for that you can just go ahead,and search for it and I'll walk you,through how to do that right so once you,get everything into a folder then you,will see these zip files here and just,make sure you either keep that folder,open or you know where you're navigating,to because that will be important for,the next step when you go to your,dashboard on Shopify basically this is,what you'll see when you log in you're,gonna want to click on online store and,you're going to click on themes now you,can see here that I already have this,installed it's pretty straightforward,process okay you're gonna do this like,you would do any other theme you're just,gonna click on upload theme and choose,your file I think you can also drag it,over so we'll go ahead and try to do,that um since I do have it open so you,can actually note that did not work so,you can go to choose file I know mine,went into here and then you click on,your zip file and click open now what,that's gonna do is it'll show the dots,if you click on upload file and it's,gonna start working hopefully this does,not override anything for me beca

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10 Best Shopify Themes [2021]

10 Best Shopify Themes [2021]

In the US alone, Shopify hosts over a million live stores in 2021.,Creating a Shopify store doesn’t have to be a tricky process,,not when you’ve got the themes included in this Envato,Elements top 10 best Shopify themes countdown at your disposal.,All items featured are available on Envato Elements,,a subscription-based service that will give you,access to more than a million creative assets,that will help you save time, money and general resources.,Subscriptions include video stock, fonts, PowerPoint,templates and everything in between to enhance your projects.,Find the link in the description below.,Number 10 – Drone - Single Product Shopify Theme by ApusTheme,A fantastic Shopify theme that’s perfect for tech,related stores is starting off our countdown today.,Unlimited color choices, 5 style variations,,easily customisable features and a range of other perks,make this a great resource for amateur website builders.,Number 9 - Young - Multipurpose Shopify Theme by codecarnival,Hairstylists, photographers, electronics,stores, creative agencies, food retailers,,this is a Shopify theme that’s so versatile,,it can support just about any business across a range of industries.,The list of features is way too long to mention, so be sure to,check it out if you need a multipurpose theme for your site.,Number 8 – Harmic - Organic Food Shopify Theme by codecarnival,Well-built and streamlined, this is one of our favorite,Shopify themes for putting delicious food in the spotlight.,From hospitality venues to agricultural suppliers and more,,this theme will help put your food on the table.,Number 7 - Furtop - Minamal Furniture Shopify Theme by codecarnival,Easy customization is at the heart of,this Shopify theme for furniture retailers.,The minimalist style, compatibility and unique design options make this,a highly coveted resource for website builders and small business owners.,Number 6 – Renoxa - Multipurpose E-commerce Shopify Template by eptheme,An innovative web development solution, Renoxa makes building a,user-friendly and fully responsive Shopify store an absolute breeze.,It’s perfect for ecommerce ventures of all shapes and sizes.,If you’ve found this Envato Elements top 10,best Shopify themes countdown helpful so far,,don’t be afraid to ring that subscription bell,and allow us to keep you in the loop,as we add more videos like this to our channel.,A like and a share would also be appreciated, if you feel so inclined.,For now, though, let’s get back to our countdown!,Number 5 - Deyla - Skincare Cosmetics Shopify Theme by BuddhaThemes,If you’re looking to start your own online cosmetics hub,or you’re a web developer who specializes in,creating websites for the beauty industry,,this stylish Shopify theme is going to be pure gold in your toolkit.,Number 4 – Foodly - One-Stop Shopify Grocery Shop by Olia-Roma,The SEO friendly layout, well-designed landing page,,Google Analytics and Mailchimp integrations included in this Shopify theme,is the perfect comb

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bootcamp day 5 | How to Choose the Best Shopify Theme for Your Needs | Lesson 3

bootcamp day 5 | How to Choose the Best Shopify Theme for Your Needs | Lesson 3

all right so it's now time for us to,pick a theme so we're going to start off,by picking a theme and I'm also going to,show you some different sites as well,what if you like oh well I don't like,the free themes I want to choose another,theme so these are some alternative,choices that you're going to able to do,at the end of this lesson we're going to,have our theme installed is that we're,going to go over here to our Shopify and,you're gonna go to where it says your,online store,okay,once you go to your online store you're,going to see this area that says themes,blog posts Pages navigation preferences,so I already I have a a theme that I'm,using so I'm gonna do a new one so I'm,gonna go to themes so inside of themes,there are free themes in there pay for,themes of course the more fancier themes,they're gonna be,um a little more advanced and I mean a,little more advanced but really just,drag and drop and they're just designed,differently okay you can also visit the,theme store,um and once you visit the theme store,they also have some free they have free,ones and they have paid ones right so,all these are compatible and as you see,the paid ones are very very they can be,up there 240 260 dollars all right so,there's alternative ones if you want to,um I use a site called,um this is called as,well that's an option okay and hold on,hold on hold on,and if you just put Shopify CMS,right you can look and there's tons of,different types of themes in here and,look at not even 300 and all that stuff,like that it's um,you know 45 bucks you know 65 bucks to,get a really nice site going and really,it's drag and drop,now if you like oh no and you're like me,I know I like to change out my themes,and stuff,um envato is elements dot, okay,so envato elements um has tons of,templates on there I mean templates for,everything I'm talking about templates,for lower thirds templates for video,production templates for WordPress,Shopify and it's a whole membership I've,I've had the membership forever and I,want to say it's about 20 bucks a month,and you get access unlimited downloads,all those good things of that nature so,in the event let's say maybe you want to,get into some web design or something,like that you can always download some,templates and you know make them your,own make them your unique thing so I can,just put Shopify,thing like that so Shopify themes,and if I have and all these I'm I'm able,to download any of any of uh any of,these and I'm able to install them so,there's paid for themes and there's free,themes So today we're just gonna be,playing with the free ones,um that are in here okay and I guess I'm,gonna use origin that looks nice,so I'm just gonna click on it,and I'm gonna say try,try to think,okay,which I think is nice and then I'm uh,yeah I'll do this,okay and add my theme to my store,okay,this is so now origin has um has been,installed and now we're just gonna wait,for it to do what it needs to do and,it's going to be in

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Crea un Mega Menú para tu tienda en línea - SHOPIFY DE CERO A EXPERTO (Clase 6)

Crea un Mega Menú para tu tienda en línea - SHOPIFY DE CERO A EXPERTO (Clase 6)

y,qué tal emprendedores bienvenidos a la,clase de hoy hoy vamos a aprender acerca,de la navegación vamos a editar la,navegación de nuestra tienda de modo que,sea fácil y entendible para nuestros,clientes este,navegar por todos los productos y este,páginas que tiene nuestra tienda si,antes de ir a la al panel de control de,copyright voy a enseñarte algunas,tiendas que tienen pues este navegación,es muy interesante es más que todo para,que te inspires y pues agarres ideas de,lo que veamos acá para que puedas hacer,tu navegación porque te soy sincero no,hay ninguna fórmula ni tampoco una una,estructura este básica ni siquiera es,específica de cómo hacer una navegación,así que más que todo depende de tu,tienda de las necesidades que tenga tu,tienda y la cantidad de productos que,tenga,como puedes ver esta página de james,hart yo te voy a dejar los links en la,descripción este pero como puedes ver,tiene tres secciones principales en la,navegación y de aquí se despliegan otros,mega menús así se llaman este tipo de,menús cuando el menú se despliega a,otras opciones se llama mega menú,entonces como puedes ver ellos tienen,tres columnas aquí hay unos links,aquí también aquí básicamente te dan la,posibilidad de elegir si quieres comprar,por categoría o si quieres comprar por,colecciones y aquí tienen las diferentes,colecciones y categorías ahora vamos a,ver pues en este caso mi tienda a una de,las tiendas que tengo aquí podemos ver,que yo también manejo un mega menú te,voy a dejar en el link también él,el link directamente a la aplicación que,puedes vincular al que tiene de sophie,fight para poder hacer este mega menú,pues tiene un plan gratuito y también un,plan de pago pero en realidad yo pienso,que los mega menús son bastante,sencillos no necesitas pagar por por,nada más desplegar aquí con unas,imágenes sí así que yo te dejo en la,instrucción el link como puedes ver ver,aquí yo tengo de diferente manera,básicamente tengo mi producto estrella,al principio que es el primer link que,pueden encontrar y aquí pueden encontrar,diferentes colecciones también éste,tengo la posibilidad de personalizar,bandanas y equidad y la opción al,cliente de elegir si quiere personalizar,para equipos o solamente una bandana,también le dejo navegar por otras,opciones que tengan por acá y otros,links que me llevan por ejemplo a la,comunidad en la embajada que es donde,pues algunos distribuidores pueden,inscribirse para poder vender bandanas y,también un contactenos,para que puedan pues obviamente,contactarnos más fácil yo pienso que,este tipo de de navegación por ejemplo,este de contactenos es bastante común,verlo en bastante varias páginas,entonces para que vayan agarrando ideas,y otra cosa vamos a ver ahora por,ejemplo este esta página que es de,turismo gt es una página de guatemalteca,también en change fifa de hecho este,este cliente los contrató nosotros para,poder manejarla y hacer el diseño total,en tres como puedes ver en este caso la,navegación quedó bastante sencilla y

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kann man mit elements und fein gutes,geld im internet verdienen was genau,sein barto elements wie nutzt man ein,wahrer elements und wie funktioniert die,musik lizenz für youtube-videos und wie,bearbeitet man die vorlagen für trimmel,pro fx und photoshop das alles erfährst,du in diesem umfangreichen review zu,elements viel spaß damit,ein wahrer elements ist eine plattform,wo du mit einem jährlichen oder,monatlichen abo zugang zu millionen von,digitalen produkten hass und die,natürlich herunterladen kann ist für,seine projekte nutzen kannst und es ist,völlig egal ob youtube videos oder,kundenaufträge oder freelancer das heißt,für viele aufträge beispielsweise die,kannst du definitiv nutzen,selbstverständlich die musik bei youtube,videos verwenden und das video,monetarisieren das heißt damit geld,verdienen and worte elements nutze ich,persönlich schon seit über zwei jahren,und ich bin echt zufrieden damit kann es,jährlich zahlen aber auch monaten ist,viel gesagt das gute dabei ist dass du,monatlich kündigen kannst das gefällt,dir in warth relevanz doch nicht bist du,nicht gebunden und kannst du sofort,kündigen wm empfehle ich das an alle die,youtube professionell durchziehen wollen,aber auch an alle die nebenbei geld,verdienen möchten,wenn man sich auf fiber registriert kann,man so genannte giggs erstellen,ich verstehe die einen fx intrup ist,echte die einen youtube intro ich,designe für dich youtube thumbnails ich,designe für dich brewster,ich stelle für dich die webseiten solche,gags kannst du erstellen und schreib,dich jemand an und will ein eindruck von,dir dann kannst du her gehen offenbar,der elements eine intro vorlage,aussuchen fertig machen dem kunden,präsentieren und den auftrag abschließen,jetzt hast du für einen auftrag maximal,eine halbe stunde oder sagen eine stunde,gebraucht hat von dem auftraggeber 10,euro erhalten nach so am tag zwei bis,drei intros sind es nach abzügen 20 euro,sagen wir mal 20 bis 25 euro netto die,du machst und das verteilt auf zehn tage,beziehungsweise multiple,mit zehn tage sind das 250 euro die du,mit elements gemacht hast siehst du,jetzt dieses jährliche der diese,jährlichen gebühren ab vereinbarter,elements sind es 230 euro also das erst,250 euro - 230 euro hast du 20 euro plus,ein ganzes jahr lang zugriff auf etwa,demenz das heißt einen investment hast,du in zehn tagen schon wieder raus,machen wir mal eine unkomplizierte,einfache rechnung machst du nur einen,auftrag am tag machst du einen umsatz,von 10 euro das sind dann im jahr 3056,euro umsatz also zirka 300 euro umsatz,im jahr und das für ein anfänger mit,vorgefertigten vorlagen das heißt,brauchst du die volle herunterladen,modifizieren dass sie bearbeiten in,after effects beispielsweise und das,ganze dem kunden zur verfügung stellen,also drei aufträge am tag darfst du drei,aufträge und machst einen umsatz von 30,euro am tag das sind dann im jahr circa,11.000 euro jetzt kommt natürlich die,frage mediabox wieso machst du das dann,nicht hier siehst du einen

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