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3 Reasons You're Wearing The WRONG Sunglasses & Frames! (NOT Your Face Shape)

gentlemen,great to see you i see see you smooth,right okay let's start over gentlemen,run and grab your glasses and your,sunglasses,i'll wait,oh okay sorry um cool so the reason i,wanted you to grab these,is because today i'm going to show you,unlock a little secret that most people,have no,idea what they're looking at when,they're buying or shopping for,sunglasses and glasses,it's actually a little tiny number on,the inside,of the arm it's all about understanding,what these three little numbers,mean those often overlooked three little,numbers,are the key to you picking the best,frames for your face shape,and totally cutting out the time you,spend,trying on frame after frame after frame,after frame after frame how you doing,to find the best pair of frames or,shades for you those three numbers are,the difference between you finding,perfection,and maybe kind of okay they work,sort of i'm talking perfect baby today i,have teamed up with my favorite online,retailer for amazing affordable,glasses and shades glasses who,happen to be today's video sponsor and,in my opinion the best place online for,incredible prescription frames,at an incredible price glasses usa has,over 2500,different frames to choose from all,right these happen to be ray-ban i got,them from,so they sell designer brands but they,also sell,a few of their house brands this one is,from the brand,muse these are a matte black with shiny,temple i absolutely love these glasses,the deal is,their glasses start at forty eight,dollars that includes prescription,lenses and free shipping internet has,made buying a lot of things,cheaper and more affordable glasses,being one of the big ones all right,you're going to go to,and save like 70 off of what you would,off of going to a place like you're,gonna find,in the mall um the other cool thing,about glasses usa and one of my favorite,aspects,is something called like the virtual,mirror where you go you upload a picture,of yourself,and you get to try on all the different,frames and styles you go you try a bunch,of different,ones on and when you find the frames you,love you add your prescription bingo,bango they ship them to you you've got a,hundred percent,satisfaction guarantee with,,they've got a money-back guarantee up to,14 days so you get them you try them,and if it's not right for whatever,reason they will make it right,um free returns free shipping like i,said they are,the best and because the price at, is so incredible you can,afford to get a few different pairs so,that you can change it up,experiment just think of them as an,accessory you get to switch off a super,sexy,accessory you get to wear on that,handsome ass face gentlemen link below,along with a discount save some cash,on some sick ass frames all right so now,let's talk about those three little,numbers,inside of your glasses arm or temple,here are the three numbers the first,number we're going to talk about,is the temple

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Top 5 Sunglass Brands NOT Owned By Luxottica

Top 5 Sunglass Brands NOT Owned By Luxottica

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Messy Weekend Vlog In My Messy Life|| Dates, Cleaning, Cooking

Messy Weekend Vlog In My Messy Life|| Dates, Cleaning, Cooking

so hi guys my name is,and if you are just if you are new here,hello welcome I hope you like the,content and you subscribe because,foreign,foreign,of course,foreign,yesterday I went to town it was Black,Friday right,so guys this is I bought this,from Mr Price and I love it I'm wearing,it with jeans and I,think and I'm wearing it with like jeans,and um,and like these lights that I also bought,I got them from,Legends,so now currently I'm going to Chinatown,I'm going to turn it on with my friend,like we have a wedding in December I'm a,bridesmaid we are brides mates we are we,are yeah I'm a bridesmaid,so,we need materials meant for some stuff,I know that,so that's actually what we're gonna do,we bought some materials but like,they're not enough,so we are gonna buy the rest today,now,in town was so full like the cues,cool,never ever,let me show you guys a shoe so here are,the shoes I mean slides yeah I don't,know I love slides,oh if you don't know,hold a vlog for my YouTube please that's,my grandmother like I say hi,let's see hey,I guess I have a problem,I lose lip gloss so much,I lose them so much like I had two of,them and then I lost I don't know I,don't know where they go I can't make a,man and then I got this one I got this,one yesterday,grape it's not so good like it smells so,good and I love the fact that like it,doesn't give me colors so I love that,and if this one gets lost again I feel,I'm not buying clothes ever again,because brother,so this is yeah,foreign,it's hot outside,it's hot outside so I'm back,and I bought the wedding things I bought,the materials I bought,a dress you know it was a day before the,wedding like the day before the channel,we are supposed to come away,um traditional dresses they are called,they're called,and I didn't own,side part,let me just try putting it on and show,you guys,how your girl is gonna look,foreign,whatever,it is,I'm trying to cook I don't know,so I was thinking of maybe potatoes,and then I make salad,and make macaroni and meat,and then I make,I don't know but we'll see,like I'll show you guys everything else,foreign,the 28th of November so,for this weekend we had our cousin over,like my cousin and and her kid,and you guys so the house is literally,in a mess my sister went to do her hair,and my cousin,she went I don't know she went to do,something so I'm actually alone with my,nephew and he's sleeping,so what I want to do now is clean,not a bit like I want to clean this,place,okay,and also,oh yeah guys my Bonnet stretched out,like okay stretching at night I don't,know man and now it looks so big and I,can't wait so this is what I'm currently,using for my hair and I love it I really,really love it like you take the top,back,cute like I love it like,why does it look like but yeah,so yeah let's let's clean,current situation of my flowers,that died I don't I don't know how to,take care of flowers like I really don't,know how to take them,okay it's fine so guys don't come for me,don't come for me I don't have

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MESSY WEEKEND VLOG | exam stress & toddler outings | Kally & Hodo

MESSY WEEKEND VLOG | exam stress & toddler outings | Kally & Hodo

can you guys see this mask sweat like,surely this is exacerbating the disease,good morning everyone how are you,welcome to the vlog,here on my end um i'm working from home,this morning um so i've just dropped off,my son to play group,um and i'm literally just about to make,myself some breakfast,and get on with some work and then,hopefully i'll be going,in this afternoon for some meetings,inshallah but yeah this is our first,vlog it's going to be pretty great um,me and colton are obviously in different,homes we're doing different things,um so we're just going to be,incorporating what our real lives are,like,in our everyday this is my real,non-makeup face so you can tell by my,dark eyes i had a difficult night last,night,and wasn't really sleeping well i went,through those phases where,you know when you just like you're,constantly dreaming,but you're not sleeping properly and i,just woke up like even though i slept,early i felt exhausted,um but anyway let me get cracking on and,i'll show you my day so hey guys,um i hope you're all well so today,i am going to take you through my day,this is my first,ever ever vlog so bear with me,um i've just made some breakfast i'm not,going to tell you what time it is,because it is a little bit embarrassing,i stayed up really late last night,binging on um emily in paris,so yeah i'm not going to tell you what,time it's still the morning so,technically this is breakfast,i am having some cinnamon rosin,bagels with almond butter banana,more cinnamon and some honey,and then after that we're gonna get,dressed,but yeah like i'm excited and i hope you,guys are,too and i'll see you guys after i've,eaten my food,bye this cinnamon raisin combo,like guys i only discovered almond,butter like,maybe the middle of this year and it is,the best discovery,i've ever made in my life like i,swallow this stuff up swallow it up i,put it on toast i put it on bagels,usually with bananas um,and cinnamon like it's just,it's just like a dessert it tastes like,a dessert hi everyone,i'm out and about i've got my mask ready,you know how annoying it is trying to,put on a,mask before you come out after you come,out the house and you've already put,your hijab on,anyway i'm on my way to work now,i'm gonna pick up some lunch and then,i'm gonna go,and get some work done i feel really out,of breath man,and this is like my first ever time,vlogging,outside so it looks a bit weird that i'm,recording myself,um let me just stop and take a breath,i'm so unhealthy,so scratch that i can't catch the bus,because,i missed it and now i'm going to be late,so i've decided to catch a vault,basically my car has broken down,which means i'm just going through this,transition period oh my god it's about,to rain,i'm going through this transition period,where i'm currently,not driving and catching public,transport and it ain't nice,i just i like certain bits of it i don't,like all of it,okay so that's breakfast done,i'm gonna go and have a shower,get changed and then we're

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good morning everybody and welcome to,vlogmas day number four,i don't feel great,um i've woken up feeling really like,sick,like i don't know i just feel a bit run,down and,i'm not sure what it is but i hope it,will pass soon but i've just,not had the best sleep i don't feel the,best,and but i'm gonna try and push through,and try and have a productive day,regardless because like,exercising and cleaning and stuff makes,me feel better normally when,i'm feeling like a bit run down so,hopefully i can peck myself,up a bit just about to go on the school,run the boys have had all their,breakfast they're all dressed and ready,they're just watching some um,what's it called de limas of madagascar,what are they called i don't know but,they're watching that tv program for a,little while just as well,i've sorted myself out and got myself,dressed and ready for the day,um but yeah let's go see my pesky elves,have been up to,what are they doing boys,oh that's so cool i think we've got high,placement you've forgotten how to play,snap,we'll have to play it later then won't,we yeah do you want to play later,yeah yeah yeah yeah right let's get you,to school then,then we can play some jumbo snap later,oh,i still feel pretty rough um i don't,know what it is i just yeah i feel a bit,weird today,um but i've just finished editing uh,yesterday's vlogs that's gonna be going,up,on time today at four o'clock very,exciting,and i've also just been prepping an,instagram post to go up sort of around,the same time as well,um so yeah vlogs up at four,instagram post is ready to go live later,um,just ordered lunch and because my food,shopping is coming this evening,i'm sort of like don't really have much,in for lunch so and i really fancied,some greg's,so bad i'm trying to be so healthy,honestly like,my health attitude goes out the window,when i feel down,so um yeah i've just ordered some grapes,like a little steak bake and i also want,to try their festive bake as well so i,can give you my thoughts on that when,that arrives,and got the boys and donuts when they,get back from school as well so,i've got lunch on the way i'll show you,that when it gets here,also just got a really really cool,delivery which i'm really excited to,show you which i'll probably show you,after lunch,and and then i think this evening,we're gonna try and put up the tree with,the boys and do,like our little christmas decorating and,i won't do my room today i'll probably,end up doing my room over the weekend,yeah i think i'm gonna pick up the boys,from school um obviously in a couple of,hours,time then i will bring them home we're,going to have like,christmas tree putting up um a takeaway,because that's what we normally do when,we put up the tree and obviously like,food shopping is not coming till,late evening so it's not going to be,here for dinner and see a takeaway and,then i think i'm going to watch a,christmas movie,um and just have a cute time with the,kids decorating for christmas,so yes i'm excited can't

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