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How to create a gradient background on your shopify store | EASY NO CODE (mostly)

hello welcome to the video uh today i'm,going to tell you how to get this sort,of a gradient on your shopify store this,gradient background,um before i do that,don't copy this store it's a very bad,store,why i'm shooting this video is because,i'm literally taking the code off of my,website about how to do this gradient,but i will demonstrate it so you can see,here it starts with a light pink and,then as you go down the page it goes,from to a purple,and then to a blue and then to a green,a lighter green and then a yellow and,then a red and then a,pink again okay so that's the gradient,background i would highly suggest not,doing this maybe you want to do it very,subtly but i just find it just does way,too much there's too much going on in,the store so i'm taking it off my store,uh but in the meantime i'll tell you how,to do it if you want to do it uh subtly,or something if you want to do it crazy,sure here you go,um there's an article here shopify i,just looked up how to do,how to do uh what i look up,gradient background shopify and then,this page comes up,okay,here's the page,adding css gradient background from,creating generator sure there's a page,so they give you the code here,you can go in and copy this,and you can see these numbers these are,these will be your colors so you can,change these based on your gradient,generator so you can use any gradient,generator you want this is a good one,css css you pick your colors,do whatever i want to pick this oh you,want to add a color i want to add a,color here but this color i want to be,more red and this color i want to be,let's just try to like kind of replicate,the one i had before on my side already,pink whatever whatever so you go through,and one of these was green so we'll make,it like that,and this was i guess should be lighter,and this was a lighter blue as well,so something like that you know,obviously i would make this a lot nicer,um but then what you can do is you can,color the copy these hex codes,and then you can replace them,to where these ones are,you know these colors replace them with,with the colors you get from your,gradient generator okay so then,as you're doing that you will copy and,you will paste it in your shopify code,um so let's go in here we're on themes,our online store themes and then we'll,click actions,edit code,wow five minutes goes by very fast i'm,sorry i'm trying to go very fast trying,to go as fast as i can,edit code and then you want to click on,it would come up,a little bit slow when i record my,screen and my camera and everything at,the same time,you click on lip liquid theme editor or,something like that,wow what's going on,just as i go deposit okay so then you go,to theme liquid,click on theme liquid and you go to the,bottom,of the code and you add in you paste in,what you just got from the shopify thing,there,so you copy this,command a nope not command a,you copy this,command c,you go to your shopify you start a new,line command v,and you change you

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11 BEST WooCommerce Themes For WordPress (2019, 2020 & Beyond)

11 BEST WooCommerce Themes For WordPress (2019, 2020 & Beyond)

Welcome to the ultimate list of top WooCommerce Themes,any of which will be a perfect choice to power your online store in 2019, 2020 and beyond.,You can check them out yourself at,If you follow the links in the description under this video.,Let's get started!,1. Woostroid2,Multipurpose WooCommerce Elementor Theme,Fresh off its recent September update,,Woostroid2 is a bestselling WordPress WooCommerce template.,This multipurpose theme for online stores is packed with lots of great features:,Elementor Page Builder, eye-catching skins, professional JetPlugins set, etc.,People will easily discover your shop online thanks to SEO-friendly features.,Grab Woostroid2 to create your perfect web store right away!,2. ProStore,Clean Store template for WooCommerce with Elementor WooCommerce Theme,Clean and minimalist, ProStore is a perfect WooCommerce theme for your furniture store.,Elementor Page Builder, JetPlugins pack, 4 pre-made pages, custom images,,and lots of other features are there to help you create your perfect web store.,What’s even cooler, ProStore allows you to install plugins and demo content in one click!,3. Host Rongo,Hosting Store ECommerce Modern Elementor WooCommerce Theme,Host Rongo is a professional-looking WooCommerce theme for a hosting store.,It has a clean and concise design amped up with rich functionality.,Thanks to JetPlugins bundle for Elementor page builder, you’ll be able to tweak it for the needs of your business.,Elevate your web store usability with plugins like,JetWooBuilder, JetCompareWishlist, and JetSmartFilters.,Don’t hesitate to get HostRongo now!,4. Marinesto,Fishing ECommerce Classic Elementor WooCommerce Theme,Need a fishing gear store template?,Marinesto is a functional WooCommerce theme that any fishermen will love.,The theme download package contains a powerful JetPlugins set,,quality bonus images, ready-made page layouts, and more features.,Using plugins like JetWooBuilder, JetElements, JetSmartFilters, JetProductGallery,,you will create the perfect structure for your web store.,5. Burgelo,Food Delivery ECommerce Modern Elementor WooCommerce Theme,Burgelo is a delicious WooCommerce theme for a food delivery business.,Thanks to a set of pre-designed pages, visitors will be able to quickly navigate your webstore.,Use JetPlugins for Elementor page builder to tweak the theme according to your needs and taste.,JetWooBuilder, JetCompareWishlist, JetProductGallery and JetSmartFilters plugins,will let you present meals in the most exciting manner.,Get Burgelo WooCommerce theme,to attract more customers to your food delivery service.,6. Willard,Tools & Hardware WooCommerce Theme,Need a template for a tools and hardware store?,Willard is an SEO-friendly, well-documented and fully editable,Instruments WooCommerce Theme, exclusively crafted for hardware online stores.,Powered by Woostroid, this template has everything to create a sales-centric niche web store.,Use JetPlugins for Elementor Page Builder a

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Avid News — MediaCentral | Cloud UX from Ingest to Playout

Avid News — MediaCentral | Cloud UX from Ingest to Playout

Media central cloud UX provides a,complete journalist toolset working in a,web browser and even working remotely,all the way from ingest through to,publication on the Left I have accessed,the systems for script writing video,graphics and archive and along the top I,have the different workflow related apps,that I need to use to get my job done,the first thing I'm going to do is I'm,going to upload some clips to the system,I can do that in media central cloud UX,using the file ingest that which is this,icon here I could use the ingest app to,upload clips from a camera card for,example media central also supports,baseband ingest and I can do things like,edit while capture so let's open it up,I'm going to choose some files that I,have on my local machine and I'm going,to open these files up all I need to do,now is to pick a profile and start the,job while this is processing I can start,writing my story and I can do that in,the run down app the run down app is,where you can prepare your stories for a,broadcast show for example so in the run,down app I'm going to go ahead and I'm,going to create a story let's give the,story a name I'm also going to give it,what's called a video ID,now I'm going to write my story the,media central cloud your ex lets me you,not just write the story but also edit,video as well so I'm going to create a,sequence linked to this story I can do,that by clicking on this button here so,that then creates a read a blank,sequence I can also then open up the,Timeline view which is here now let's,get the shots from the Edit I'm going to,do that by using the search app so in,the search app here I can open up and,I'm just going to apply a quick filter,for the last 10 minutes and there I can,see my shots plus of course the sequence,that I've edited now what I'm going to,do just now I said I'm just gonna dock,the Search app here at the left hand,side of the screen and I'm gonna go back,to my run down up here as well okay,let's begin to do some editing if I want,to view the footage here just,double-click launches it into the video,player and now what I can do of course,is I can scroll through the shots I can,play the shots back if I want to do that,and I can also then edit the shots into,the timeline so here I'm just gonna mark,an endpoint and a note point I don't,want to go to the cut of the next shot,let's just stick with here and then all,I need to do is drag and drop into the,timeline now you see in the timeline I,have got one video and two audio tracks,but I'm not limited to that I can add,additional video tracks I can add,additional audio tracks I could have up,to 4 video tracks and I could have up to,eight audio tracks these audio tracks,could of course be used for voiceover,they could be used for music depending,on what your particular workflow is now,I'm just gonna leave it as one video and,two audio tracks for the purposes of,what I'm doing just now but let's have a,look at another short now here I'm using,the most to control th

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Top RPG News of the Week - May 26 2019 (Nioh 2, Bloodstained, Cyberpunk 2077)

Top RPG News of the Week - May 26 2019 (Nioh 2, Bloodstained, Cyberpunk 2077)

last week Epic Games hosted their first,major sale called,epic mega sale however there were a few,bumps along the way more recently with,borderland three Borderlands 3 was put,on sale during the promotion meaning,those who pre-ordered would gain $10 off,the different editions which included,standard deluxe and even the Super,Deluxe Edition epic has even offered,those who had purchased titles recently,before to promotion could gain back the,difference for games that had gone on,sale however the title was pulled from,the store and the game page now states,coming soon Borderlands 3 was originally,announced as an epic game store,exclusive when the title was revealed,but this isn't the only title that has,been removed from the epic game store,due to the sale vampire masquerade,bloodlines - was also taken down during,the sale but this has now returned with,a coming soon status the mega sale,although has been explained by epic does,not pass on the cost to the developer or,publisher it looks like this has caused,some problems with at least a couple of,titles lucky for those who call the deal,in time as both titles have not returned,to the store for pre-order as of yet the,epic mega sell is still on for other,titles on air pick which includes 75%,off and $10 of titles 14.99,or up Elder Scrolls online newest,expansion elsewhere went live this week,on PC early access a new trailer has,been released featuring the fury of the,dragons that now inhabit Tamriel in the,latest trailer we get a closer look at,the feisty new fire-breathing foes that,are now terrorizing the land of the,Khajiit elsewhere this chapter brings a,new main story a challenging 12 player,trial called Sun spire and Overland,dragon hunts events the trailer ends in,a blaze after the dragon bellows fostro,da if you're eager to play the latest,expansion you can now access elsewhere,on PC with pre-order those on,PlayStation 4 and Xbox one will be able,to play on June 4th for all the major,additions coming to eso with the latest,expansion reader Elder Scrolls online,elsewhere six biggest changes or watch,the YouTube video on our Channel fan,favorites from software in Game of,Thrones creator george RR martin maybe,working together as per an industry,rumor on George RR Martin's website he,explained a little about what he was up,to now that came with thorns the TV show,had concluded he made an interest,remark saying he had consulted on a,video game out of Japan further,supporting that from software could be,that developer I like this year they,shared that there were two unannounced,titles that they're working on if you,wanted more clues according to game at,sea there's an unco operated rumor they,were told from a source who knows the,ongoing zap from that a project was in,the works under the acronym gr and that,it was an open world title with horse,riding while this might not be AGoT,title there could be plenty of games,that could fall under this category,which could even mean a song's title,while non

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