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How To Find Ecommerce Clients For SMMA (The #1 Method in 2021)

and so in this video i'm going to show,you the number one absolute,hands-down best way to find e-commerce,leads and e-commerce clients in 2021.,now guys as always just before we jump,into the video make sure you go ahead,smash the like button,and subscribe to the channel hugely,helps out with the youtube algorithm and,i promise you that if you watch this,video through to the end,it's going to be worth it because i'm,going to give you the exact step-by-step,process,to finding highly qualified leads and,really just eliminate that issue that i,know you're facing right now,inside of your ecom agency in terms of,how you can find those,leads at scale,so really that's the biggest issue that,people have right because when it comes,to outreach the idea is to be efficient,and effective right there's no point,being very very efficient meaning you're,getting a lot of leads in,in a short amount of time there's no,point doing that if those leads aren't,qualified and they don't actually turn,into clients you know,and then those clients turn into amazing,case studies which you can use to get,more clients right there's no point,being efficient if,you know as i say the quality isn't,there but then also there's no point,being effective right effective kind of,um,stems from the idea of reaching out to,qualified brands there's no point being,effective,if you're only sending you know one,email a week to one qualified,brand right you need that balance,between,efficiency and effectiveness once you,get that balance once you align the,stars between,efficiency and effectiveness it's game,over at that point now,most of the time well actually i'll,probably say it's 50 50 to be honest but,obviously i've got a lot of other videos,on the channel where i detail,outreach and the email behind it and how,to you know structure your email in the,best possible way and all that type of,stuff so getting that side down packed,is,pretty easy and it's very very doable,and also it helps to,you know in order to get that side down,packed in a very very efficient way,um and an effective way is by actually,reaching out to brands,and actually you know seeing real life,data seeing what real life,um econ founders are saying to your,emails and then from there you can,obviously iterate those emails,and then go back to market and then it's,obviously going to be more effective,that second time around the third time,around full time round whereas in this,video i want to show you how to,find those leads right because that is,one of the biggest issues people have,they just cannot find um leads and if,they do they're not qualified leads,they're not leads that you'd actually,bring on as a client because you know,you probably won't be able to get them,any good results or anything like that,and also the other issue is sub niches,and whatnot and i'm going to do a,separate video on sub niches very very,soon,however i will kind of touch on some,niches a little bit in this video but,i'll go more in depth for som

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