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How To Change Background Image of Shopify Simple Theme

hey guys welcome back again and if you,guys keep watching these videos and I'm,gonna keep making them today we're going,to handle the venturi no not venture,this is the simple thing the simple,thing for Shopify I'm gonna add a,background to it show you guys how to do,it,and let's get into it so what you're,gonna do first is let me go back God do,the baby steps me and I ready for that,the baby steps so what we're gonna do is,we're in themes or in the theme section,we're gonna scroll down to the simple,theme actions edit code and under this,we are going to exit this out and close,these folders right here by clicking on,them and here you're gonna add a new,template I mean a new asset add a new,asset and that asset is your image the,background image that you want to use,this is mine I'm gonna use this as my,background image I thought it'd look,pretty so we're going once you get your,background image in we're going to click,on the theme guess CSS got liquid and,then you're going to on your computer or,are you keyboard press ctrl F if you're,on Windows and command F if you're on,Mac look alright on a Mac so I'm doing,ctrl F you know it brings up this search,bar what you're going to type in is,layout styles and that takes you down,here I don't understand why these,methods are different for each theme,it's kind of weird but this is how you,do it for the simple theme you come down,here you press enter you can do it above,or below the background color it doesn't,matter I don't think so but um i'ma do,it above and you're going to copy the,first line in the description which is,this,background:url and then you got the,brackets or parentheses whatever you,want to call them I guess you guys can,see this right here that's what it,should look like and if we press save,and is exited oh we press save and we go,back to our themes we got simple we go,back to some point and then preview and,it should have duplicates which it does,as duplicates popping up so doesn't look,that good so what next,so what we're gonna do is run on the,back end this and we're going to we're,going to add another line of code and,this is for duplicates you're gonna add,the cover code so it should be about,four lines of code for the cover right,here all right so now we had it four,lines of code for cover so this is gonna,allow it to be full width and we're,gonna save that and we're going to go,back to our web page and see how it,looks now it should be really zoomed in,which it is if this isn't pleasant,looking so we got to do two more things,and then we'll be done I promise guys,we're going to do next is we're going to,Center it so we're going to add another,line of code,it's the next line background position,Center we're centering it so the image,should show up in the middle and we're,gonna go back to the webpage or refresh,and it should okay it adjusted so it is,centered down so now we're going back,into this for our last line of code and,that is the fixed now after this I'll,tell you what y

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