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My Hangzhou Stories:A brief history of Longjing Tea

hi i'm chris from oxford in the united,kingdom i've been teaching economics in,hangzhou for about three years now i'm,going to introduce china's famous long,jing tea,it is often said that we cannot live,without the seven daily necessities,every day firewood rice oil salt soy,sauce vinegar and tea which illustrates,that drinking tea has become an,important way of life for people,if jejang is called the province of,green tea long jing tea fully deserves,the title queen of the green tea,this green fragrant sweet and gorgeous,tea beauty is from the longing mountain,near westlake records about longing tea,first appeared in the classic of tea,written by t saint,lue,the two temples in chiang tang hangzhou,tianju and lingan produce tea the book,reads originally xiao tianju in hangzhou,produced shangrin tea and bayon peak in,shang tianjin produced by yunti,longing tea didn't exist until the song,dynasty,according to historical records it was a,monk named bientai who made long gnt,famous,in northern song dynasty the monk was,good friends with sultan poor who was,the mayor of hangzhou at that time they,often tasted tea and composed poems,together in his old age bientai wanted,to find a quiet place to spend the rest,of his life so he crossed the mountains,and got to a small shabby temple on lion,peak,a mountain spring near the temple flowed,into the well there and the ancients,thought the whale was connected with the,sea in which there were dragons so this,well was called longjin or dragonwell,and the temple was entitled longjin,temple,fond of drinking tea biens hai led the,monks to reclaim a tea plantation and,longing tea was gradually known by the,local people,in qing dynasty people said that the,fragrance of longing tea was like that,of beans its delicate and light tea,fragrance as well as its refreshing and,brisk flavour attracted a steady stream,of people to hangzhou to taste it,it was said that emperor chen long,visited longjing village four times,the famous west lake longing tea is,produced in the forest surrounding,longing temple and longing water,the west lake is surrounded by mountains,on three sides tea trees are planted in,the mountains along the road and behind,the houses,according to the chinese solar terms,after the spring equinox is pure,brightness followed by grain rain it's a,good time to pick tea before these three,solar terms when the t mountains are,full of tea fragrance day and night,to produce 500 grams of superior longing,tea,thirty thousand to forty thousand tea,buds are needed and it takes four tea,farmers one day to pick them,nowadays the westlake launching tea has,uniform packaging and logo all the tea,produced by the west lake long jing will,be uniformly pasted with the logo of,this origin,scanning the qr code you can immediately,know which tea farmer makes the tea and,whether it's authentic west lake longing,tea or not,according to different picking times,frying methods varieties and producing,areas the prices of longing tea are

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Honey Orchid Dan Cong , Westlake Long Jing | Tea Tastings

Honey Orchid Dan Cong , Westlake Long Jing | Tea Tastings

three two one,hello everyone hello,welcome to uh virtual tasting and,i'm olivia chen i'm a tea master at,treasure green tea company,we are a long-standing tea company,started in 1981,in the heart of chinatown in vancouver,bc,so what we're here to do today um,we're going to be doing a tasting of one,of our tea collection,now since 81 um starting from my father,of course,going back to our history um,what we do is we source,we deal with farmers directly and we,source the best tea,that we can find annually and bring in,with tea wares that to expand your tea,horizon and experience,and what we are doing today is tasting,one of our latest tea collection,called tour of china a lot of people ask,me,why did you do a collection called tour,china,many reasons one of the major reason,2020,i never got to go back to china to do my,buying trip,and when i do my buying trip several,provinces that i,would go and visit all the farmers and,to say hello,i stay with them as all almost like,going home to your friends,and like almost like relatives very,close to them,so this year i never got to get go there,and so i picked four provinces that,i would for sure go uh the um,guangdong yunnan fujian and jejung,province,guangdong province is the province that,i always,end up finishing my buying trip with,because i'm cantonese,and so that's where my language can be,putting great use okay so let's get,started here,this is what it looks like for everybody,that's wondering what the tour of china,looks like,right uh so we completely sold out on,this tea collection that's why i don't,have the box here to show you anymore,uh so if you look in the screen that's,how it looks,like it's a beautiful one as you guys,can see there's some string uh,you know there's some beautiful rope,attached to it so it's actually like,you can carry this package around which,is really cool now,let's quickly switch back to our faces,yeah,okay so inside each box you'll find,they're all individually packaged this,one,is meant to be all traditional uh,brewing,and so i packaged them in all single,pack,so one pack per brew each brew of course,you can do,multiple infusion i've selected two,teas today to taste uh one of them is,called the wesley,long jiang where sick longing is a green,tea,from jejung province,so very green very famous green tea in,china,one of the tea that are um,they used to serve the emperor so so,some people call it the emperor's green,teas as well the next one that we're,going to taste,is the um honey orca don chong from,guangdong province one of my favorite,tea,and the best selling tea here in,treasure green as well,so what you can expect uh how they taste,we'll go through that in a little bit,and uh choice of tools get your water,ready,uh your you use your guy one or,glassware for i'm gonna do the wet slick,first the westlake is a green tea,so we require lower temperature my,recommended,temperature for the green tea this one,is about,70 celsius so we don't want too hot of,water now,you can

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Introduction and Tutorial for the New Yunnan Sourcing Website!

Introduction and Tutorial for the New Yunnan Sourcing Website!

hello everybody we're very proud to,announce the new version of you none,sourcing com built on Shopify it's a,theme that can handle mobile really well,on the desktop and mobile it's going to,be a lot faster than the old site and,there's also a lot of additional,functionality to that the site brings,and then over time it'll be much easier,for us to add even more functionality to,the site today I'm just going to give,you kind of a little bit of a rundown of,how the site works some of the little,ins and outs that I've noticed and you,know for you for those of you who have,used a lot of these new responsive,websites that are out there then you'll,probably feel right at home with our,site and you know you can either watch,this video or not but anyways welcome,let me give you a little rundown here so,we have the account login here you can,switch currencies here and they had some,additional currencies you've got the,cart which will take you to whatever,you've added to your cart you can see,I've added a bunch of stuff here there's,a shipping estimator it'll calculate,shipping for for whatever's in your cart,of course you can also check out a check,out but you can also do little run,little shipping estimates here if you,want much like the the unit sourcing com,site that we have been using for years,we have this left side category tree,here that you can collapse and open and,that you'll find is fairly similar you,will find some additional things new,products which that'll go basically to,all of the products and in the order,that they were listed right now it's not,terribly pertinent because I've added,some last-minute things that I hadn't,from the previous site so these appears,the newest products but as you see here,we've got some fresh tees and down here,we have quite a few new T words that we,added just for the launch so check those,out we have an on sale now area which,right now we don't have a sale but after,a couple of days we will and you know we,have things like the spring loose-leaf,teas I you know if you wanted to get say,black tea you could just click on black,tea here and then if you wanted to sort,among the black teas for example if you,wanted to sort teas from foam king then,you could just use this filter thing,here and it would show you all the t's,that are from foam king again this is,the spring teeth so if you want to look,at all the spring tease you just click,here and then it would give you all the,spring tease 2017 so far there's still a,lot to to be listed if you just wanted,to get like all the t's for instance,black tea you'd get all the black teas,regardless of where they are from and,then of course you know you can filter,here safe to say hey I want some kind of,some old black tea you know because some,of these old black pace tastes pretty,good so you can filter 2012 and it gives,you one let's say you wanted to look at,2016 probably give you quite a lot so,you can filter by a bunch of different,stuff and you know someone like the ca

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Tea Shop Behind the Scenes: How We Process Your Order

Tea Shop Behind the Scenes: How We Process Your Order

what happened after you place an order,at nanos on.org in this video we will,show you non motion behind the scenes,revealing what happens between your,order until delivery,hi guys this is gabriela for nano shot,where we share the pleasure of drinking,and discovering genuine party if you are,also looking to expand your teen origin,brewing skills they make sure to click,on the subscribe button and if enjoy,watching don't forget to give us a,thumbs up alright we've done already,quite a few video about tea pricing in,particular for example the one about the,wholesale price revealing to you which,are the product which is the price of,tea at the source for us and also how,can you get wholesale price if you plan,to go to China yourself we will put,links to these types of videos about the,pricing in the description below and,also at the end of this video you will,see some links on the screen but now,let's focus on today's topic what,happens when we process your order let,me first tell you that during this video,I will reveal another tea deal that you,can make if you place an order without,that nano Jean is not one of the tea,deal that I have mentioned in a previous,video the one where I told you 7,different ways of making tea deals with,us it is a new one so you want to stick,on the screen to find out more about,that and speaking about placing an order,at non notion it is the whole process is,actually quite cumbersome it's quite,complicated and the feroz's no more,because we're used to that and at the,end you know you you have to make,something a little bit more complex if,you really want to provide a customized,and personalized service to your,customer so I think there is still room,for improvement of course and we can,optimize the process even more special,if we grow further but for now this is,what we are going and understand so,let's see when you place an order in an,ocean I receive a notification on my,phone in this notification I check the,different products that you have order,and then I go to another window where I,write a message to Matthias I write the,number of the order tell that Matthias,have to process it writing him that he,has to write a letter for it which is,always the case and also how many,samples you have to send with that,particular order and if you place an,order above 100 euros worth of tea we,will also send you a 10 euro voucher,along with the tea that you can use for,your next order now you have to know,that as it is written actually on our,website we do dispatch orders twice a,week in Berlin and now I want to show,you what happens the evening before a,shipping day,Matthias comes back from home he leaves,jewelry and he comes back from home and,and everyone does that when we come back,from home in the evening he get off his,kicks off is working clothes anywhere,something a little bit more healthy then,Matthias sits at his desk and start,processing the orders form a motion the,filters that he does is actually his,opening the order

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Curso E-commerce 2020 GRATIS Módulo 8 - Video 3 (Parte 1) - Editando el Menú de Configuraciones

Curso E-commerce 2020 GRATIS Módulo 8 - Video 3 (Parte 1) - Editando el Menú de Configuraciones

en este vídeo vamos a hablar de cómo se,edita el menú configuraciones ajustes o,settings según esté configurado el,navegador de tu computador en mi,pantalla aparece ajustes al lado,izquierdo inferior así que hablarle clic,a importador y nos aparecen 12 submenús,en este vídeo vamos a dar solamente unos,primeros 6 y en el próximo vídeo a los,modelos siguientes 6 para no hacer el,vídeo tan largo así que vamos a entrar,al primero llamado general,en la pestaña general podemos editar el,nombre de la tienda la cuenta de email,con la que queramos como tal la tienda,el correo electrónico del cliente como,tal que tenemos para hacer buses,clientes también podemos evitarlo,podemos editar el nombre legal de la,empresa el teléfono en la calle la,ciudad código postal,addis provincia,zona horaria unidad de sistema métrico,si queremos que la tienda esté,configurada en kilogramos o en libres,para cuando calculemos en chipping el,envío,es el sistema métrico de peso y tenemos,el principio el sufijo yo les recomiendo,que en el prefijo coloquen numeral s,ustedes quieren vender tanto online como,también en su punto físico hay un canal,de ventas que les vamos a ver más,adelante que se llama ventas en el punto,divisiones pueden comprarlas o fifa y,como una especie de data foro,en recibir los pagos en el punto físico,lo que sucede es que este el datáfono,también va a enviar toda la información,al mismo dashboard en el que nos,encontramos entonces la idea es que,todas las ventas y todas las facturas,que arranquen por eso nos van a,facilitar y vamos a entender que son las,ventas que entraron por el canal online,y las que no llegan al físico,y le dan arriba a la derecha salvar o,guardar y listo y también tenemos para,configurar la moneda de la tienda no se,preocupen que en la parte de,aplicaciones más adelante cuando lo,veamos,se pueden instalar aplicaciones o los,famosos plugins en wordpress,aquí se llaman aplicaciones se pueden,instalar una que otra aplicación para,que la tienda adapte la moneda de,acuerdo a la persona que esté navegando,en ella,donde volvemos al siguiente menú es,impuestos podemos editar impuestos a,nivel colombia en el resto del mundo,podemos personalizar si queremos que los,impuestos se muestren con todos los,presos incluidos si queremos que los,impuestos extensos las tarifas de envío,de cargar el iva sobre bienes digitales,de la cara de que vendiéramos tiempo,productos,vamos a darle scroll hacia arriba y,volvemos al tema de colombia y vamos a,darle editar los impuestos en colombia,como vemos podemos colocar un impuesto a,nivel nacional a nivel país o podemos,personalizar los impuestos,por diferentes departamentos desde la,amazonas hasta el vichada porque porque,hay departamentos que son exentos de iva,o exentos de ciertos impuestos por ser,zonas fronterizas o demás,el tercero son los canales de venta como,les decía existe suele aquí ahí y le,vamos a dar añade existe uno que se,llama punto de venta y es para que,ustedes puedan recibir pagos en el punto,

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