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Installing a ThemeForest Theme on Shopify

hey everybody Tania's shooting star SVG,back in today I am going to talk about,how to install themes in your Shopify,store that are not directly from Shopify,so this is strictly regarding the theme,forest themes from,envato I'm gonna include a link in this,video that will direct you to the,Shopify themes and templates and here,you can see this is the Waukee theme,this is what I currently use on my,website and there is a lot of different,themes here that are useful for what,you're trying to do on your Shopify,stores so just take a quick look of,those I will be doing a video slash a,blogpost shortly now that I'm back up,and running after being on night shift,in this crazy pandemic we have going on,on some of the better themes for Shopify,based off of what you're trying to do so,anyways what you're gonna want to do is,you're gonna find the theme that you,want right and you're just going to go,ahead and purchase it hmm after you,purchase your theme what will happen is,is that theme force will send you a,confirmation email okay and you can see,I purchased this the beginning of this,year you'll be able to open up your,account and go to my downloads and when,you go to your account back page you,will download the files now here you can,get all the files and documentation,including your license certificate in,your purchase code this is important,because when you go to load your new,theme into Shopify you're gonna have to,enter this information and okay so you,want to make sure that you have that,okay so when you download all of your,files and documentation is going to be,in a zip format so you're gonna have to,extract that right so this is what it,will look like it will have any updates,the user manual and your installation,zip file and it was important that this,stays as is it now if you're unfamiliar,with how to zip in onto,files I do have a video on my youtube,channel for that you can just go ahead,and search for it and I'll walk you,through how to do that right so once you,get everything into a folder then you,will see these zip files here and just,make sure you either keep that folder,open or you know where you're navigating,to because that will be important for,the next step when you go to your,dashboard on Shopify basically this is,what you'll see when you log in you're,gonna want to click on online store and,you're going to click on themes now you,can see here that I already have this,installed it's pretty straightforward,process okay you're gonna do this like,you would do any other theme you're just,gonna click on upload theme and choose,your file I think you can also drag it,over so we'll go ahead and try to do,that um since I do have it open so you,can actually note that did not work so,you can go to choose file I know mine,went into here and then you click on,your zip file and click open now what,that's gonna do is it'll show the dots,if you click on upload file and it's,gonna start working hopefully this does,not override anything for me beca

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Where to Get Shopify Themes

Where to Get Shopify Themes

hi guys this is chris and welcome to,conversion chef,in this channel we talk about shopify,applications to increase your conversion,if you haven't subscribed yet hit that,subscribe button so that you won't miss,any of our youtube updates,you may also check the description below,for the links of the application's,review,please also visit our review blog, and,,let's jump into the video,in this video i'm gonna show you,different stores where you can purchase,shopify themes when purchasing a theme,what we need to consider is first the,speed of,these themes it should be optimized,of course it should be easy to edit and,the customer support,should be responsive we all know that,themes do not have a great impact on,your sales,so it is really okay to use free themes,but when you are planning on buying,a theme that is really optimized and is,suited,for your desired store design then why,not as well find for other stores,where you can buy themes with the same,features,but at a cheaper price so without,further ado let's get started,okay first of course is the most popular,shopify theme store,in the shopify steam store since,this is the main store for the shopify,themes then they have already a lot,of available themes on the store,so to avail a shopify theme of course,you need to,just log into your shopify account,and just purchase the themes what's good,about the shopify,theme is that since this is the main,store for these,shopify themes then of course they have,this,standard so that a shopify theme would,be uploaded on the store,with that of course there are many,store owners who buy shopify themes,from the store thus there are many,reviews,already on the different themes,so for example this is a theme,for a closing line so you have here the,title of this shopify theme,your price and the,brief description of the shopify theme,what's good about this is that you may,also view,a demo you can also try the theme,with the different styles included,of course there are checklist of theme,features,as well as the different,suggestions of other themes,you also have here the number of reviews,and the percentage of,positive feedback so this is about the,shopify theme store,how about the other stores where you can,purchase,shopify themes outside at the shopify,theme store so there are three,the first one is the,so this is which is,owned by the envato market,so we have sort the shopify themes,according to the price,so this is the cheapest shopify theme,available in theme forest which is in 29,which is a very great price so let's see,so you have here the different licensing,you have you can select a regular,license or an,extended license which is really,expensive,it's two thousand four hundred dollars,so sometimes a free or regular license,themes is already great but,of course if you have the bad set and,you really need,that those features in the extended,license,then why not right so let

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Don’t dropship until you watch this video

Don’t dropship until you watch this video

what's going on guys today we're going,to be talking about the reason why 99 of,drop shippers will never succeed at this,business model the reason why i wanted,to make this video is because i think,there's so much confusion in this,industry and people think they aren't,successful because the way their stores,set up the way they're running their ads,but in my opinion there's a much bigger,overarching issue and i'm gonna be,diving into that today and be talking,about the most common reasons why you,will never be successful at drop,shipping if you are following any of,these so with that being said guys if,you do get some value in this video,please drop a thumbs up and subscribe to,the channel it's my first e-commerce,video back in a minute and if you guys,dig this video then i'll continue,releasing them with that being said,let's get into this value so i actually,did a poll on my instagram and asked you,guys why you thought you weren't,successful with shopify drop shipping,and honestly some of you guys had some,really reasonable replies some of you,guys said that marketing was too,expensive that you didn't know how to,start but then probably the most honest,person on my instagram was this guy who,said he was flat out too lazy now a lot,of these responses are very true and fit,the criteria that i mentioned in my,video top 10 mistakes that beginner drop,shippers make which i definitely,recommend that you watch after this,video but i think these are very common,mistakes but they aren't the overarching,issue that are keeping you unsuccessful,with shopify drop shipping so i wanted,to make this video going over the four,issues that i think are most relevant so,enjoy so reason number one i think,beginner drop shippers will not be able,to succeed is because their mindset a,lot of newbies when they come into this,business model number one they're very,skeptical on if this actually works and,i think that triggers a lot of,negativity in your subconscious because,if you don't truly think that this,business model works then number one,you're going to be taking half-assed,actions and you're probably not going to,have full conviction when you're working,and putting full effort in that it will,take to get a successful store off the,ground so your mindset in this number,one you're going to need to believe that,this business model works when you're,able to focus your mind and your body,anything is possible and don't just take,my word for it take the hundreds of,thousands of people who have started,successful e-commerce industries word,for it but then also your mindset in,wanting to be successful if you're,starting this business out because you,want a lot of cash that you can buy a,lamborghini with i think that's the,wrong mindset to get into this i think,the mindset that will really help you,succeed and the mindset where i've seen,my students succeed the most is just,diving into e-commerce and doing it,because you actually enjoy it if you're,focusing on the results a

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Django Ecommerce Website | Preparing the cart | Htmx and Tailwind | Part 7

Django Ecommerce Website | Preparing the cart | Htmx and Tailwind | Part 7

hey and welcome to part 7 of this django,tutorial series today we're going to,prepare the cart so we can add and,remove things from there we're going to,make a class so it's easier to keep,track of the content so first we can,begin by creating a new django app so,you need to go to your command line and,then run python managed pi,star tab and then the name which is cart,and hit enter,then we need to register this with,django so you need to go to set install,pi and add cart to the list of installed,apps,great so now that we have this django,knows that this exists and we can go to,the to-do list and set the first task to,done,next step then is to create a new clause,for the cart,before we start adding things to this i,want to just add two more variables to,the settings.pi file so go back to this,again,and the first thing i want to set is,then session cookie age to 86 400 and,this is how long the objects will be put,in the cart before they are,automatically removed,and we also need to set one more,variable called court session id you can,set this to cart or whatever you want,it's just a way to separate this session,id from other sessions if you're going,to use that,perfect then we can go back to cart.pi,again,next step then is to create a new clause,for the cart,so inside the cart app we create a new,file called cart dot pi,first i want to import one thing from,django so we can access the settings,variable from django.conf import,settings,and then i want to import the product,database model,so from product.models import product,and then we can begin with the clause,clause card and then in here we pass in,something called the object,i want one method for initializing this,so def underscore underscore init,and then we pass in self and the request,to have access to this,and then i want to set the session for,this card object so to do that to say,self.session equals request.session,so now this card has this available if,you need to use it in other method and,then i create a new card object by,saying cart equals,self.session.get and then we use the,chord session id which we set in the,settings.pi file,and then,below here we can check that if the card,is created or not or if it is there or,not so if not card then we create a new,instance inside the session variable so,self session and then we pause in,settings with chord session id and set,this to be an empty,dictionary,and then below here we say self.cart,equals cart that means that now we can,use this,card in the other methods for this class,next i want one method which we're going,to use when we iterate through the,products in the cart so def underscore,underscore ether underscore underscore,and i pause in self,and then here i want to loop through the,keys which is the id for the products,so for p in self.cart.keys,then we use self.cart and then we want,to stringify the id so we can access,that variable inside the dictionary of,keys,and now we set a new variable on that,object product and then we use th

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Django Ecommerce Website | Shop/Product detail html | Htmx and Tailwind | Part 4

Django Ecommerce Website | Shop/Product detail html | Htmx and Tailwind | Part 4

welcome back to part four in this part,we're going to set up html for the,category,shop page and also the product detail,page,so you can begin with the category page,so inside the core app i want this to be,located here since this is kind of a,generic view,now we can create a new view by saying,def shop,request,and then here i want to get all of the,products from the database,like that and then you can make a copy,of this,and if there's a front page here we say,shop.html,now we can make a copy of the front,page.html,just copy this create a new file,and save it as,shop.html and this should be in the same,folder as,frontpage.html and base.html,i don't want the header to be here so i,can remove it before i continue and test,this is working,and then inside the nordic homes slash,urls.pi i can import it there shop,and also make a copy of this part and,say shop,slash,the view we are going to use is shop and,the name of this should also be a show,so now we can change the base.html to,point to this page so when we click shop,up in the menu,this link here i want to,send us to that page,to do that we need to use a,django tag called url,and then the name we want to use here is,shop which points to,the name it passed in here so we can,just shop and then django will,automatically figure out the path to,this page,so if we go back now and refresh,click this and i was sent to the shop,page,perfect,then i want to make it change here,because i want to have a,sidebar here with search and also a list,of the categories,so go back to the editor,and find shop.html,and then to make it possible to have a,column next to the products column,then we want to,add flex,here so this is a flex container and,flex,wrap,so it can be two columns on mobile as,well,and items start so everyone is located,on the top of this element,the padding can just be like this,and then in here,i create a new div,close,filters,and then add this v full so on mobile,this fills out the whole screen but on,larger screen i only wanted to fill out,one fourth of the screen so lg,as a media query,we,sorry w,one,slash four,sidebar,and then the products should be a little,bit different,this should be still be a flex container,but i want to set this bw full on mobile,devices but on lg and up i want this to,say w,one slash,four,sorry three slash four,so then i can save this and just go back,and see if it works,yes now i have the sidebar here and then,the products there,so then i want to add a,search field at the top of the sidebar,so we can go back to that,so first here i want to add a title with,margin bottom three set the text to be,extra large and set the text to be,uppercase,and then here a form,and a div class,flex because i want to make it possible,to have the input fill right next to the,input button,so then i add the input type text set,the padding to be four above and on the,sides,the background to be gray 100 and remove,the border,so if you save now go back and refresh,you'll see that now we have it h

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