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Started A DropShipping Business Using Shopify and This What Happened..

what's up dc,family what's up dc family it's your boy,day sean man we back,we're gonna switch it up man we coming,to the new year,all types of different videos man so if,you ain't like this video yet,i know y'all like money i know y'all,like money hold on hold on,hold on i know y'all like money we got,the ones,we got the tens we got the fives we got,the,20s we just missing them blue faces but,we're gonna get there because that's,what this video is for man we're gonna,show you how to make money online know,everybody heard of it 2020 we laid yep,2019 2018 2017,2016. everybody been on this wave,well guess what dc heaven and now we're,bringing this to the dc wave here,we're gonna start teaching how to make,some money online man we're about to go,next year is gonna be crazy we going on,a whole entrepreneurship,wave the entire 2021. this is day one,and we still in 2020 so,i got my computer here right here i'm,uploading the vlog as we speak right now,i'm uploading um,we went to the celebration in lights,newport news,we seen a light show it was fire fire,but anyway so let's get back to the real,video,i have a screen recording of my store,wait wait wait i'm skipping i'm skipping,i'm skipping i'm skipping hold on i want,to get to the good details fast and you,know,show you how to store show you how i,made this money,anyway like i was saying 2016 2017,2018 2019 2020 everybody been doing it,already,it's called drop shipment so if you,don't know what drop shipping is drop,shipping is,basically you taking somebody else's,product you're making a website for that,product,and you're selling it kana is your own,product but it's really not your product,you're just like the middleman you're,making a sell,you're selling them this product and,somebody else is manufacturing the,product,there's a whole another supplier in a,different country,or maybe get some supplies out here in,the us but,why not you don't even need money to do,it you do not need money to drop ship,i started with no money zero,zero dollars zero dollars,i always you know like everybody else,you go on the line you google how to get,rich how to get money how to make money,online it's a pandemic it's 20 20,everybody lost their jobs it's crazy out,here it's crazy you know,and i don't know about y'all but me i'm,not trying to do that whole nine to five,thing for my entire life i'm just not,trying to do that,every time i tell people that they get,mad why you don't want to get a job why,you don't want to work in russia cause i,don't,i want to be a boss and that's,what i'm gonna do me and my, wife and my family we're,gonna be,bosses this is just a little experiment,just,it's something i'm definitely gonna get,into drop shipping,obviously that's why i'm starting this,is day one but,it's gonna be a journey and we're gonna,record that whole journey and you're,gonna,see it from scratch the progress,the the income the everything i'm gonna,show you how to do,all of it right now not all of it i'm,gonna break it up in

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