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*NEW* Christmas Game Mode in Krunker! (Gift Deposit)

in today's cronker video we just got a,brand new Christmas update or I'm,assuming I don't know what else this,would mean there's also a double XP Mode,earned Double XP so let's go ahead and,check out update 6.0.4 so they added the,gift deposit event if I had to guess,this is similar to the Christmas event,we had last year enable battle pass skip,levels that should have been a thing,from the get-go but I'm glad it's here,now added stats to spin history what and,they have a few other updates quality of,life but very cool there's a double XP,Mode a new Christmas event and they now,show your spin history you guys are,excited for this update make sure you,guys leave a like and also subscribe but,before we get into it real quick the,feature comment from today is from it's,gordonio Gordon IO I'm unsure and they,said speed runs horrible if you guys,like to be featured in the next video,make sure you guys comment gift without,further Ado let's get into everything so,I feel like the most interesting thing,probably this game mode to be honest I,want to check my spin history now I've,been seeing on Twitter some people's,isn't like really tracking I saw one,from like October of 2021 and if that's,the case you guys know what happened,around that time I barely have anything,so let's go ahead and click this and,it's uh oh wait okay wait yeah yeah yeah,stats no why why does everyone else have,till 2020 dude come on as you guys know,I've spun and unobtainable I wanted to,see how many contrabands I had because I,used to literally start stream spin,until I got Contraband and make it a,tick tock so I feel like I have a lot of,contrabands but this is a little bit,disappointing at least in my opinion if,I like to think they will fix this to be,more updated or maybe some accounts are,just stuck at certain times I am unsure,but I spent almost 500k just in this,time range I wasn't playing for a,majority of the time almost a total of a,thousand spins I wonder if that means in,this time frame or what because that,just does not that's a lot of spins for,that much and how little I've played,it's weird I just feel like this isn't,adding up it'd be cool to see anything,else but let me know what your guys's,stats look like in the comments down,below man you know that that is a little,disappointing I'm a little disappointed,you can't win them all I just really,wanted to see these stats so moving over,to the Christmas mode and the double XP,we have the gift deposit event limited,time game mode details Double XP and no,score limit I don't think there's,typically a real score limit in krunker,unless they mean it just goes forever,and get deposits for a chance to get the,festive flyer oh I heard about that here,is the festive flyer and this is,actually a Christmas pet item by,crunkart I believe it's just a little,Santa guy with a little bit of pet a,little bit of stars coming behind and,this is a pet that would follow you,around in game be very very cool to get,so let me know in the

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Let's move on to the first section of Krunkers theme shopify 4.3.2 Free Hacks & Cheats (WORKING) 4.3.2 Free Hacks & Cheats (WORKING)

hello everyone and welcome back to the,chromecast center in today's video i'm,going to show you guys how to go ahead,and get the latest working hearthstone,sheets for the latest chrome conversion,so let's go ahead and begin today's,video before we go and do so please,click the top link in the description,and it will take you to the cronkite,central game hack suggestion form and in,here you can go ahead and suggest hacks,you'd like to see for whatever game so,all you guys want to type in here is,what games would you like to see hacks,provided for so type in any game and,also answer this question do you play on,pc ios or android you can select,multiple if you wish go ahead and submit,the form and there is done that will go,ahead and help us on what game to,provide hacks for because we'd like to,help you guys out so let's go ahead and,move back over to the social link page,click subscribe to this channel when you,come to our channel make sure to,subscribe turn on post notifications and,also drop a like on today's video as you,guys can see i am subscribed if i go,back to the social unlock link it says,unlock content and let's go ahead and,unlock the content at the time recording,this video the latest chrome conversion,is 4.3.2 let's go ahead and click this,post at the top of the page you can,check out our free kungkaka giveaway you,can also check out our discord on the,website and i'll also be linked down,below the first step is to go ahead and,install the winrar let me just click on,this click download here,go through the download process it's,pretty simple we've gone ahead and,summarized it here you will definitely,need to extract the file the second step,is to install sample monkey this is what,we're going to do in this video hit,download here go to this page hit the,red download button i hit the download,button that applies to you i'm on the,chrome so i'm going to click this add to,chrome ad extension tamper monkey was,successfully installed let's head back,to the websites here and go ahead and,hit the red download button at the,bottom hit the platform that applies to,you on windows i'm going to click this,it'll take you to a mega page that looks,like this hit the download button and as,you guys can see the file has been,downloaded click into it and then i will,go ahead and instruct it click into this,file if you want to join our discord you,can if you want to check out our website,you can and this is the heart code go,ahead and drag this over hit ctrl a to,highlight everything ctrl c to copy it,minimize minimize then go to your,extensions pin tamper monkey click on,top of monkey go to dashboard the plus,button control a backspace control v,file on save and as you guys can see the,menu has been loaded let's go ahead and,try out so we're in the game and this is,what it looks like you have the central,icon here and there'll be a one over,here click the center icon we have,render weapon player gameplay and radio,just to go and prefer something if yo

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How to fix Unexpected Token in JSON error (for web developers)

How to fix Unexpected Token in JSON error (for web developers)

if you're seeing this unexpected token,error it means that you're trying to,parse something isn't JSON as JSON and,it's failing in most cases it's probably,trying to parse HTML as JSON so let's,look at what causes this error and how,we can fix it right here I've got two,things running side by side there's a,react app that was created with create,react app and on the Left I have the,Express server which is just a simple,server that is supposed to be sending,back some passwords so let me open up,the code here and I have Express server,as this index.js file and it only has,one API endpoint so if you get API,passwords it should send back an array,of passwords and then down here is this,catch-all handler which is normal for,any server that's serving a react app,and an API it's just the pass-through so,if you ask for passwords or some sort of,API thing you get this and if you ask,for anything else you get the index.html,of the react app and then you know your,app will render and you'll handle,everything else client-side I've got,another video on how to set up create,react app with express if you want to,watch that I'm not going to talk too,much about that here so let's get into,what's causing this error though so I,have this API endpoint and then over in,the react app which is under under the,client directory and when the component,mounts it calls get passwords and get,passwords uses fetch to get those,passwords and there's a typo here so I,misspelled password so if I fix this and,save the error is gonna go away so,that's great but what was causing that,in the first place so if I if I,misspelled this thing or if I hit any,API endpoint that doesn't exist,remember express'd has this fallback,route so if it doesn't hit this it hits,this one gets star returns back in HTML,file so when this tries to parse that,each team,JSON it's gonna fail we can open up the,developer tools here's the error we're,getting here and then create react app,is mirroring it here but we can go over,to the network tab we're gonna refresh,and it's going to remake that request so,it loads the app and then it does its,get to API slash fail right which is,what we're doing over here,if we look to this request and we look,over to the response tap you can see,that it's it's an HTML document starts,with a less-than and then some HTML,stuff this is the index.html from the,react app but the problem is that it,starts with a lesson it doesn't start,with some sort of JSON character and,that's why we're getting unexpected,token less than in JSON at position 0 so,this first character is position 0 so in,this case it's an easy fix all we have,to do is call the write API endpoint and,then everything will work again if we,hit the API passwords endpoint we can,see that it's actually responding with,JSON and if he had preview you can see,JSON are right here so another way you,can figure out what's coming back is to,parse the response as text instead of,JSON so if we change this to text this,is going t

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Find Vulnerable Services & Hidden Info Using Google Dorks [Tutorial]

Find Vulnerable Services & Hidden Info Using Google Dorks [Tutorial]

Google Dorking is the technique that,hackers can use to find information that,might have been accidentally exposed to,the Internet today we'll check out some,advanced googling techniques on this,episode of cyber weapons lab,when most people think about finding,vulnerable devices on the internet they,may think about showed an now show dan,is famous for finding all kinds of,things that might have been accidentally,connected to the Internet and leaking,too much information but it turns out we,don't actually need to use showdown in,order to do this we can just use Google,Dorking instead,now Google Dorking uses some of Google's,innate abilities to locate various,things that we can find via specific,search strings and this can be log files,air files things like webcams that are,exposed directly to the internet and,even administration panels that allowed,us to get into a device that doesn't,require a password now this is a great,way to use a simple browser and a Google,search to find devices that are,vulnerable and we'll go through a couple,different google dorks today that can,lead us to all sorts of different things,that might be kind of surprising now one,thing I need to point out is that,although this is a powerful technique we,need to make sure that we're not logging,into anything that requires a password,even if that password is shown in plain,text because that's a line at which it,becomes illegal access to a device that,we don't have permission to use if you,have any problems doing this you can,check out the null-void article link in,the description for troubleshooting and,other general advice once you have a web,browser connected to the Internet then,you're ready to go now this might not be,the page you think of when you think of,hacking but what if I told you you could,probably get the login and password to a,server on the internet using just a,Google search in a matter of seconds,well that is using dorking and we're,going to get into what that is today,because it's kind of related to what,we've already covered about using search,operators but instead the goal is to use,those search operators to go after a,specific type of target now we cover,things that are useful like removing,search results and looking for specific,file types but if we really want to go,crazy we need to actually target,specific things that we know are,vulnerable and can be used to dig deeper,into a system now these are going to be,things like accidentally exposed logs,which might include,attempts to log in and that failed this,could reveal usernames and passwords we,can see configuration files that show us,all sorts of details that aren't,supposed to be made public so let's get,into this by exploring some of the most,basic ones first and most basic let's,say we just want to see an older version,of a website,this simple operator you might be,familiar with and is just cached and,then whichever site you want let's do no,bite and we'll see previous older,versions of the no bite

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The Krunker Developers Should NEVER Do This Again...

The Krunker Developers Should NEVER Do This Again...

about two weeks ago the devs added the,gift deposit event and over the two,weeks that it's been out I have come to,absolutely hate this game mode and in,today's video I'm going to be talking,about the issues that this game mode has,and maybe some things that the devs can,do to fix it for the next time they have,an event let's just go ahead and get,right into it alright now I don't want,to just be hating on this event I do,want to bring in a little bit of,positives uh so let's go ahead and talk,about those first I actually do think,the game mode is pretty fun uh,if you strip it all the way down it's,not a bad game mode if you think about,it it's pretty engaging you're always,doing something you're killing people,and then you're chasing down their body,for the presence and then you're going,to the deposit uh area to deposit all,the gifts and you have to survive uh,while you're getting there and while,you're on it to get all your presents,you know counted so I do think that at,its core it's a fun game mode I also,really like the the double XP that's,really really nice I've been getting a,couple uh 20 000 xp games uh when I get,10 000 XP from the game mode and then,the ads that you can watch to wrxp that,is really really nice as well even if,it's not directly related to the mode,it's a nice bonus anyway that's about,all the positives that I had have for,this game mode so let's go ahead and,talk about all the major issues that it,has,um so yeah let's just go ahead and do,that so to start off with with the,things that I don't like about this game,mode is the fact that it's actually,copied exactly from another game mode,that we already have in the game uh,called deposit FFA or something they,literally just took the code for that,that game mode made it so you could only,play on Sub-Zero and just change the,little coins that you get in that game,mode to little presence for this game,now this game mode is only played on one,map and that is Sub-Zero now this,wouldn't usually be an issue uh for,let's say one of the party modes that,can only be played on one map like chaos,snipers is only on the one Arena map,except that this uh game mode,specifically this event almost every,single Lobby that you play will be on,this event so you're always going to be,playing Sub-Zero and it's probably one,of if not the worst map they could have,chosen and it's the brightest map in the,game so your eyes are always looking at,the bright whites of the ground,everywhere and the actual goal of the,event to get the festive flyer is,extremely hard and time consuming so,it's not like you can just play this,event for like four or five hours just,grind it out for one day and then be,done with it no if you're like me who's,been playing it since it came out for,multiple hours every day and still,haven't gotten it it means that you have,to to play the same map that hurts your,eyes the whole time uh for me over 20,hours which is just not fun at all and,it's not good for my eyes and please

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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

hi everyone I'm Emma and in this video,I'll show you how to fix the dreaded,internal server error so if you're here,because you're facing the error right,now or you simply want to be prepared,this is what we're looking to what is,the HTTP error 500 it's possible causes,and ways to resolve them 3 to be precise,or rather three and a half but before,you attempt to try any of these remember,remember to backup your sites first,things first,you've gone through a page and there's,another let me show you the various,names this particular error might hide,behind it can be HTTP error 500 500,internal server error HTTP internal,server error internal server error,that's a tongue twister so or it's like,500 and internet server will all lead to,the same error and what this error is is,a general server error and the problem,about it is that it doesn't tell you,right away what exactly is causing it,like utter,errors do this is also not a word for,specific error so we have to do some,troubleshooting to get to the bottom of,it and let's jump straight to the,potential causes of the error and,they're fixes first and foremost,just refresh the page sometimes the most,obvious solution is the one that doesn't,come to mind so start with that there,might be a plugin issue that's causing,the error like faulty installation,incompatibilities as saira so the first,thing to do is to deactivate all plugins,and check if the error has disappeared,you can easily deactivate all plugins if,you go to your WordPress admin panel,plugins check this box right here so,that checks all the plugins that you've,got and here in bulk actions click on,deactivate and apply so what that does,it's activates all your plugins what you,would do at this point is just check if,the error has disappeared if it has,simply activates the plugins one by one,and check again if the error appears,again so when it does you'll know that,that's the plug-in that's causing the,issue if by any chance you've got the,error and you can't access the dashboard,you can't activate all the plugins,through your FTP account so can we open,it up here so let's find so here is my,page and what you have to do is find the,wp-content folder which is here and then,the plugins folder what you can do do,now is rename it say add test here and,what that will do is it will deactivate,all of your plugins so now the same,thing all over again simply activate,them one by one to see which one could,be causing the error if it's none then,we can move forward and don't forget to,set the name of the plugins folder back,so just take that off and continue so,another possible cause of the internal,server error can't be a corrupted,htaccess file to check again login to,your FTP account this time you have to,find the htaccess file so now rename the,file can do this like that let's have,the test again oh right and check if the,error is gone if this is what was,causing the error the fix will be to,replace the file so to generate a new,htaccess file we'll

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