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How to build a 2020 high converting shopify store ecom store using theme booster.

How to build a 2020 high converting shopify store ecom store using theme booster.

all right here we go,another day another lesson,so today i am going to,um build a one product,store on the,theme booster this is the theme booster,video 2.0,um i'm going one product store because,that's the best product,uh excuse me because because that's the,best um,method for drop shipping currently and i,think i found a product,that is worth testing so,got myself a logo,right back to the beginning so you guys,can see me come into it,and yeah i'm just about to build this,live here you know pretty quick,so let's get it,come over to the header upload my logo,toilet blaster,save,all right,um settings,so let me see,texas,i don't see,i want to say,i want to say that this time yeah that,doesn't fit well,let's see,we can adjust the size this,doesn't matter okay,all right that doesn't look good so,we're going to remove this,we're going to remove that,let me see how this,this looks right here,okay,so whenever you adjust uh whenever you,adjust the header make sure you adjust,it on both mobile,and desktop,sensor see desktop logo,and mobile put on there for mobile,this how you check mobile to see what it,looks like all right that looks good,all right so,um let me see,let me come back here oh yeah so,in a theme booster on this side this is,where you're able to put in,more images if you want so let's say i,wanted to add an image right here,oh wait for them to come up,like this,all right,it,come back over this is how you make it,live,make whatever part live and then i'm,able to,adjust where i want it right and then,you can do this with anything,all right so let's say i want to put,testimonials in here,select it obviously upload the image of,the person who gave you testimony and,type in their testimony right,do that for all of them and then you're,able to adjust,up you know click and put in there for,all of them,right select the image and write the,review right here,and then put the reviewers name right,here,you're able to add as many testimonies,as you want to,all right and then you can slide it,anywhere you want to,which is super cool and super important,because,having testimonials is uh social proof,but,we'll get into that in a second if you,if you want to have a newsletter,the same thing if you want to have it,pop out,you can install your instagram account,right here put the access token in there,this shows you how many uh images and,rows,from your instagram feed to be on there,and then,uncheck that and then you can adjust it,anywhere you want to,also you can come in here to add section,you can put in your blog posts different,products when it says collection these,are collect like collection lists of,your products,dividers pictures pictures with images,pictures with images,over the uh pictures with text over the,image,your logo and slideshows,featured products,info badges that looks interesting free,shipping,i may or may not use that i don't know,we'll look and see how it looks at the,end,for people who have physical locations,you can put your uh you can

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BEST Free Shopify Themes 2021 - Shopify Themes that Convert

BEST Free Shopify Themes 2021 - Shopify Themes that Convert

in this video i'm going to show you,how to select a best shopify,theme the best shop type theme to use,for your shopify,store usually there are more than 9,right now that are highly used by the,uh entrepreneurs who are learning their,e-commerce stores on shopify,among those those nine that are highly,used there are two that i'm going to,show you that you should depict and,you'll get a lot of success for your,business because,they are more responsive and they,increase,conversion rate among so if you want to,access,now goes just go to online store,click here online store,the page is rolling after that,just scroll down,and we'll see this one is written in,three themes then you click here,explore three themes so click,explore free themes you'll find these,nine,themes that are widely used by most of,the,uh store owners uh here on shopify,so among of those is this one,it's called bound dress this also,is a very good theme and majority also,are using this uh kind of,theme why why are they using this one,as you can see here it's very as good,looking to the front part into the,customers,uh optimized for large images slideshow,with,fading effect stick navigation single,plug product gallery and other issues,so this this kind of,theme usually increases the the,conversion rate,and make your store attractive and this,is a perfect theme if you are learning,uh,a fashion store or accessories,it's a very good theme for fashion,and other related issues let me show you,another,theme that you can use,another theme that you can use,let me scroll right now and the theme,that i use most of the time,is this theme is called brooklyn,brooklyn is a very very good,theme and majority trust were using,broadcast even this store,as a demo store that i've shown you as,you can see uh,it is now selected as a card to me that,i'm using this one even for the demo,store that i'm showing you right now so,this one also increases conversion rate,for most of the stores so among,of the best these two are the are the,best,so if you want and you have been,looking for a good team to start your,shopify store,choose brooklyn or downtrends you will,never regret,thank you for watching don't forget to,subscribe

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Opencart 3 - How to setup downloadable product in Opencart | Ecommerce Course

Opencart 3 - How to setup downloadable product in Opencart | Ecommerce Course

hello friend we'll come back in this,video I will show you how you can add,downloadable products from a restore for,finding out the downloadable products,you have to log in your dashboard area,then go to their catalogue and in the,catalog there is the downloads so click,on here if you want to sell some of the,digital product like PDF G or documents,type of product then you have to choose,this download option in this video I,will show you a Prezy how to manage your,downloadable product from me restore for,adding the new downloadable product that,click on the add new and now here first,of all the download name the file name,and the mask and here first of all the,downloadable product name so now for,edition purpose and using that company,documents okay I am just using the,company documents and there is the file,name so for now I just click on the,upload and I just select our exercise,file you know SSS file for this purpose,I am just adding some of the PDF I on,here so you can see there is actually,PDF file so for now I am just adding,that things I see that means one,antigone the open and here is the,message your file was successfully,upload for now I just seal it ok and you,can see there is actually all the photo,file name and that is the max max this,means that the visibility of this,documents files if you want to change,the name as per you Timon so you can,change it from here but now it's okay,with me so now here we just create some,of the name and the company government,and now I just save it so our,downloadable products is now ready for,iteration purpose and using this one on,here now we have to add this,downloadable products into the product,section so for now I am just click on,the products and in the product I just,want to add a new one I already,discussed about that things how you can,add so on the product in every stroke,but now I just add some of the product,name as a download product for,educational purpose I am just using this,one there should be our product name and,he can add some of the descriptions,about related to your documents okay so,for now I am just add the meta tag title,I am just adding some of the demodex on,here so for now I just copy some of the,domotics from here okay and I just copy,it and paste it with the control V so,fairly simple,scientist adding that things and I,become we understand about it there's a,melodic title and now I just copy this,one and in the data there is a model so,for this purpose I am using the model as,parities okay then you don't need to do,anything on here there is a price so how,much price you want to charge for these,documents I am just priced at the things,as a 50 okay and this quantity is 1 it's,okay so here I don't need to do anything,on to this area nothing on the link and,now there is a categories so better you,clear some of the another category is,specific for the dopa downloadable,product then usually better for,navigation purpose I am using that and,the things in a t-shirt category so,t

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Matt Shea Bookstore

Matt Shea Bookstore

hello my name is Stan Tchaikovsky and,welcome to my class on WordPress and,commerce after the completion of the,class feel free to drop me a line and,your comments at Stan Joukowsky comm I,would love to hear from you and I,promise I'll respond accordingly all,righty let's dive right into the site Oh,first make sure you got a cup of coffee,or a glass of water cup of tea and just,enjoy the class,relax a little bit and you know if,you've got your computer nearby too you,could utilize it look up the different,links that all refer to if not you can,always come back to the class here and,pick up those links as well we're,looking at Matt Shea ebooks.com right,here it says visit us at Matt shaped,books dotnet but what you're looking at,right now is a coming soon page for Matt,Shea ebooks.com a new product site,coming soon this links over to Matt,shape-ups dotnet which is his master,site and now what what we've done is we,put together a Luo commerce site and,I've installed of course the WordPress,and then Elementor and we'll be looking,at the virtue premium WordPress theme,that also is well basically as powering,the site with WooCommerce embedded they,both talk to each other they're,compatible fabulous theme as well as,WooCommerce being the platform for the,store,now what you're looking at is Elementor,the part to the left of view of the,screen over in here and if I would,stretch this out then this is what the,site would look like live and when I'm,building the sites that I do for my,client is I don't want them,to see what I'm building underground so,to speak,some call them state site stage sites or,where you can build the site on your,computer off-site that's one way of,doing another way of doing it is through,a sub-domain there's also temporary,domains but I like this because I'm,actually building the site with,WordPress and in this case the client,was happy to wait till the end so he,doesn't have to see what's going on,inside every clients welcome to come in,and see what's happening behind the,scenes but most just are happy with with,the coming soon page the way it sits and,then we release it and take this what we,call the maintenance mode down I'll show,you here in a moment what that looks,like inside WordPress and then bingo you,see the new site but each time we,install the WordPress site,one of the things I do is immediately,besides my other stack plug-in security,you know,spam plugins to block spam etc I put in,Elementor and right away I Bill be,coming soon page and all of them are a,little different you see like this one,has a book and coffee cup with it so,each one fits for the client and that,way there's always that anticipation in,the case of mash a book stop net he also,had all of his products working over on,the master site also linked into Amazon,and now we're taking him a step further,with a new site called Matt Shea books,comm so people could see over at dotnet,coming soon the new bookstore so there's,anticipation being built so let's just

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