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$38,015 My FIRST Month on Shopify | Here's What I Did (Shopify Dropshipping)

hey what's going on guys today i'm going,to be showing you how i made over,38 000 my very first month drop shipping,and not only am i going to be revealing,the product but i'm also going to be,showing you the store,and show you guys how you can implement,this exact strategy in your shopify drop,shipping business,also make sure you smash the like button,because once this video hits,2 000 likes i'm going to be providing a,document with 10 winning products that,have made,thousands of dollars in sales per day,but without further ado,let's get into the value all right guys,so i know that there's going to be tons,of critics who doubt that this actually,happened,so i actually reinstated the exact,shopify account that i used to scale,this store up,and i'm actually going to be hopping,into the account and show you the,revenue,all right guys i'm in the shopify store,right now and if you see there's over,38 000 worth of sales and as you see,this isn't some type of screenshot i'm,gonna refresh the screen,and you're gonna see that 38 thousand is,still,here so now i also want to show you that,this was the very first month of running,this store,if we actually scroll back in time we,can go to july,over here and we can see that there was,only 165,in sales done so this store was ran for,about four days,but the first official month of this,store was in august 2017.,now i want to show you the exact,products that made all of this revenue,believe it or not but this is my very,first winning product,and the exact product that i scaled to,over 38 000,in sales and if you guys don't believe,me i'll actually show you on the shopify,it says top,products by unit sold there's over 1 000,of these units sold in that month of,august,so that's the product but let me show,you guys the exact website that garnered,all these sales it's pretty embarrassing,actually,but this is the exact website that we,use to make over,38 000 the first month so if you check,this out the pricing on this product is,actually zero dollars,which i'm going to explain to you in a,second but basically this is just such a,simple website,why it worked so well is because we're,selling this as zero dollars,we found that these other advertisers,were taking similar products,and they were actually pricing them at,zero dollars and only having customers,pay for shipping,so i decided to do the exact same thing,and that very first month we made 38,thousand dollars,and the month after that we actually,made almost,90 000 finishing the month off with 88,000 and our biggest sales day was,actually,30 000 and you can see again this our,top product by unit sold we sold,over 2 200 of these this month so let me,break you guys down,exactly how we're advertising this,product and how we're getting,so many sales so quickly so first i'm,going to be showing you the advertising,strategy,and then i'm going to show you how you,can actually implement this in your,store and still achieve results in 2020.,so our strategy advertising is we fi

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How To Advertise With NO MONEY In 2021 (Shopify Dropshipping)

How To Advertise With NO MONEY In 2021 (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's up guys tan back here with,another video and today i have an,absolute banger for you i'm gonna be,showing you how you can advertise your,drop shipping business for absolutely no,cost,and actually make profit while doing it,and if you guys do get this video to,1500 likes and i'm going to create a,little free mini course building on top,of what i'm going to be showing you,today,so if you do want that make sure to,smash that like button and subscribe to,the channel,but without further ado let's get into,this video,it's no surprise but drop shipping can,get very expensive testing out all these,new products with facebook ads,instagram influencers snapchat ads all,of these paid methods but how can we,actually harness free traffic and get,customers to buy from us,with no ad costs up front it sounds,difficult but it's actually much,easier than you think and i'm going to,be showing you guys the strategy right,now,also in today's video i'm not going to,be covering store creation so i'm going,to drop a link above if you need to,learn how to design your,store but without further ado let's get,into the free methods,all right so step one for this entire,process to work is we need to identify,the niche we're going to want to sell in,a few good niches for the strategy that,i'm going to be showing you today,are sports beauty and gaming but you can,actually choose any niche as long as,it's an,uber passionate audience so after you've,figured out your niche let's head over,to aliexpress.com and we're going to be,using a very simple strategy today for,the niche that i'm going to be choosing,today it's going to be beauty,so we can just type in beauty in the,search bar and tons of products relating,to the niche,that we want to sell in will populate so,there's a few things we're going to want,to do at this point,we're going to want to search by price,over here so what's going to happen it's,going to filter,all these products by price so what we,want to find here is a product that's,less than three dollars so there's a,reason we're going after cheap products,like this,so we want to scroll down here for a,little bit and we want to find something,with quite a bit orders,so let's keep scrolling down until we,can find a suitable product,all right guys so after a few minutes of,looking i found this cool,jade massage roller and basically this a,little bit over the price point we're,going for it's four dollars with a,dollar shipping,so this is five dollars but i also found,a product over here that's only,one dollar and 58 cents so both of these,products have tons of potential for the,strategy,we're going to be using today so i'll,actually show you using this lipstick,because this is a perfect price point to,use,inside of our strategy now that you,found your product let's head over to,shopify and let's create a new product,inside of here,so we can click add product and then,we're going to want to name it over here,but keep in mind,we're not going to be naming it this,make

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How To Sell High Ticket Dropshipping Products ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

How To Sell High Ticket Dropshipping Products ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

what's going on guys today i'm going to,be showing you how you can sell high,ticket drop shipping products,just like these ones and i'm going to be,going over the exact strategy you need,in order to implement this,in your drop shipping store and i'm also,going to be going over how we can find,trustworthy suppliers,with super quick shipping so we can,compete with the behemoths,like amazon or even wayfair now,obviously high ticket drop shipping is,quite different from your everyday drop,shipping store,simply because it requires a lot more,trust from your customers,and in today's video i'm going to be,showing you how you can implement those,exact trust factors to get customers to,pull out their credit cards and pay,1 000 2 000 or even 3 000,on your website the most expensive,products i've ever sold using this,strategy is,over four thousand dollars so basically,what i'm saying is no matter the price,point,this strategy works but there's,definitely things we're going to need to,tweak from our standard everyday,drop shipping store so without further,ado let's hop into my computer and i'm,going to show you exactly how we can set,up this strategy,all right guys so one of the main,differences from aliexpress in high,ticket drop shipping is how we actually,source the product,for example if we go on the standard,website we would use to drop ship which,is aliexpress,we can come try to search something like,pool table and if we check the results,out pretty much nothing shows up and,there's a few reasons why,aliexpress doesn't really focus on large,items because these are all shipping out,from,china and it's very expensive to get,items with large volume,over the united states so obviously that,creates a,huge problem but it also creates a huge,blue ocean for people who are willing to,put in the work and follow the supplier,methods that i'm going to be teaching,you today,but before we find our product we're,going to actually want to identify what,niche we want to sell in,a few examples of really good niches for,high ticket drop shipping,would be furniture wedding rings or even,tabletop games like ping pong and pool,and also there's tons of other niches,that you can actually get in,one way of being able to identify more,viable niches is by writing down all the,things that you can think of,that cost over 1 000 and put them in,google and go over to google shopping,and see if anything shows up,for example if i'm to type in ping pong,over here,we can see that in google shopping,there's tons of different products over,here,but now that you've actually identified,your niche you're probably thinking how,can you actually start sourcing these,products,and it's actually a lot easier than it,seems and one way that we can actually,take advantage of this,is by using google so we can just come,on google and we can type in the product,or niche we're looking for,so in today's example i'm going to be,doing pool tables and we'll just look up,pool table drop shippers and what's,goi

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Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In October (Shopify Dropshipping 2020)

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In October (Shopify Dropshipping 2020)

what's going on drop shippers today i'm,going to be sharing with you guys the,top 10 products,that you need to be selling this october,all these products that i'm going to,show you today are proven,and validated winners that i hand-picked,and i guarantee if you go out and test,these properly then your store is going,to absolutely blow up this october,and in today's video not only am i going,to be showing you the competitor's ad,the competitor's website,where to order it but i'm also going to,be giving you guys some facebook,interest that you can go out,and test with right away okay so once,you guys get this video to 1400 likes,i'm actually gonna publish the document,of all the interests and all the links,that i mentioned in this video,so if you guys do want that make sure to,drop that like and subscribe to the,channel,but without further ado let's get into,october's top,products,all right guys so the first product on,today's list is this skin care product,and apparently you put it on your face,and it takes wrinkles away and makes you,look,younger so that's a super amazing,selling proposition,and if we come over here we can see that,this ad is absolutely blowing up,if we go the most recent there's a ton,of comments over here like two hours ago,seven hours ago and this is one of those,perfect problem solving products,that people really love and would,absolutely kill to buy for their family,especially since we're in q4 right now,people love this type of product for,christmas,and another thing about this product is,i absolutely love the selling price at,55,that's a perfect price to dip your feed,in and start testing,and as you see their website's super,basic there's nothing crazy about it,they've done a decent job but at the end,of the day you could probably do,something better with a couple hours of,work,it seems like they have a ton of text,and not too many images showing the,functionality,so those are a few key takeaways that,you could go and improve upon this,funnel,and one of the really cool parts about,this product is you can get it for just,twenty three dollars off aliexpress and,they're selling it for fifty four,dollars so that's almost like a thirty,two dollar markup,which is really healthy and this is,definitely a really cool product to test,and here are a few interests that i,would actually use to test this product,out,so interest number one i would target 60,plus,only targeting only females i think that,would do really nice,and then i would also go after,anti-aging cream aging,natural skin care and beautiful skin i,think those are all really solid,audiences and especially if you put age,parameters,i think that will definitely increase,your roads with this type of product,that's really targeting that older,demographic,okay guys so this is product number two,this product's been around for quite,some time but,every single q4 i see this product,blowing up,it's this really strong flashlight and,basically it's just going absolutely,viral right

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