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Junk Food To Joy Food: Macaroni And Cheese With 900 Fewer Calories | TODAY

thing sounds like it written palindromes,like but but you don't have to but,should be backwards and forwards without,moving a letter they don't move away,that's smart,all right well we hope that every day,the word around here is that today,nutritionist joy Bauer has outdone,herself once again yep she took two of,your favorite comfort foods mac and,cheese and chocolate cake and,transformed them from so we have,countless submissions challenges for mac,and cheese so this one comes from sharon,she's in florida and if you get it in a,restaurant because of the big mound of,white storage and the full fat cheese,and the cream and the butter that,portion will cost you about one thousand,three hundred and ten calories yeah but,but we're gonna do something that's,pretty phenomenal and I got creative so,here are the ingredients a lot of,traditional stuff for the sauce the milk,and reduced fat cheese a little parmesan,but instead of the noodles I'm gonna be,using spaghetti you make that,substitution um so what you're gonna,first do is either bake your spaghetti,squash you can nuke it in the microwave,and save yourself some time I love to do,that or you can put it in the oven for,about 45 minutes and after it's nice and,soft you let it cool and you just make,your noodles strands you scrape it right,you just straight scrape it right out,and let the longer you bake it or nuke,it I would think that'd be the easier it,is right well yes and a lot of people,have trouble cutting it and all you need,to do is put it in the microwave and,soften it up for about four minutes soft,you could cut it and you put it back in,a nougat okay that's something very,important you want to use a paper towel,and you're gonna blot the top to get,some of the moisture out because when we,make the Queenie indulgent sauce you,don't want it to get watered down okay,so now we're gonna make the sauce we,have in here a half a cup of milk I'm,using non fat to cut calories you can,use any kind of milk then we're not yet,with that we're gonna put in some soy,sauce put in some hot sauce a little bit,of onion powder we're gonna those things,don't add calories do know a lot of,flavor the butter not yet after the,center then we're going to take a slurry,that's about 1/4 cup of milk with a,tablespoon of cornstarch but you could,also use any flour to thicken it up or,you can just a little bit now you could,put your cheese in Jota thank you we,gonna add a little butter so there's,just a tablespoon exactly yeah,now this is gonna thicken up nicely,let's make-believe it's nice and 50,after a couple of minutes and here we,have it we're now going to put it in the,sauce and with our spaghetti squash you,put it back in the shell and cook it up,then I'm using the shell as a special,exactly so let's do put the all of the,coat I want to give capitate so we can,do one thing that's very important this,with broccoli Parmesan breadcrumbs so,there's no starch in here it's post,broccoli florets with a little bit of,parme

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Norwegian Joy | Food: Dinner Buffet

Norwegian Joy | Food: Dinner Buffet

previously on to travel indoor we are on,the norwegian joy and we're going to be,touring an ocean view cabin i love this,look at the amount of storage you're,getting i i would sit here forever hello,fellow travelers this is kimberly with,two traveling tour and i am on the,absolutely beautiful,absolutely incredible norwegian joy,and i'm having a great time i did want,to show you the dinner buffet the,choices are endless they have a,different theme every evening and,tonight it happens to be,oriental,and there's lots to see and you'll see,all of it right after this,so,so,do,so,so,so,my,so,i hope you enjoyed the look at the,dinner buffet on the norwegian joy and,again it's just a sample because every,evening they have a different theme and,it's always beautiful it's always fresh,and it's always hot,which is amazing,um,i hope you enjoyed it and if you did,enjoy the content please do give it a,thumbs up and if you're not subscribed,to our channel please do so because it,helps the channel out a lot and it's,absolutely free,until next time,this is true traveling tour and this is,kimberly,thank you,you

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How To Make A Giant Yummy Delight!

How To Make A Giant Yummy Delight!

wait naughty slime give me my kinder,you have to catch me first,that was unfortunate,serves you right sammy it's the,boomerang effect you know be nice to,others or else it will backfire on you,i didn't even try it so unfair,speaking about fair or not fair i don't,think it's fair to make such small,kinders so let's make a huge kinder joy,ourselves 100 times bigger and 100 times,better sure you're with me you bet come,on let's go,hey guys today we prepared my favorite,kind of craft for you we'll be making,sweets,sammy hurry up and bring your chocolate,stash here,for such a case i'm ready to sacrifice,everything i've got oh hi guys then,let's start crumbling chocolate for our,chocolate egg,maybe we could keep like a couple of,bars for tomorrow sam don't you worry,our egg will last us several days i,guarantee that,wow it's gonna be that big sure,i remember that we had a jar of nutella,back there could you get it for me,please on my way,okay so we're done with the chocolate,here now i'm going to put it over a bain,marie for it to melt,here i am i decided that a regular dog,nutella won't be enough so i brought a,bigger one wait where's sue,oh as long as she's not here i just have,to sample the nutella to check how it,tastes what if it's not good enough,sam wait with gobbling down the,ingredients we need them all,what i didn't eat anything i was just,checking how far you went yeah right i,know you and your sweet tooth now go get,some wafer sheets little taster,we're about to make wafer balls here to,put them inside our kinder joy,let me pour this here,this step needs patience so don't rush,it,waver sheets are very crispy what,i'm saying way for seeds are very crispy,we'll carefully arrange the wafers,inside the mold like this,maybe it's time to eat it already have,patience sam i'll finish with the wafers,here and then show you what we should do,with the nutella it's just taking so,long,transfer the nutella into a pastry bag,this way it'll be easier to put into the,mold okay okay,there i think it's all done oh i feel,like a chocolate factory owner right now,just like in our video about the,gigantic slime that look like nutella,are you thinking about willy wonka am i,your oompa loompa then,yeah you're too tall to be an elf though,so you'll simply be my assistant oh so,you just called me a skyscraper huh well,thank you my friend,oh no who saw what you think it's just,that elves are small you know and you're,tall but you are perfectly normal for a,human,sam come on i'm just having fun i got,scared there for a second you're on the,shorter side sammy you're walking up in,line here,so what we do next this should go into,the fridge to chill them a bit,then let me take them and you move on to,the next phase,now we need to pour chocolate into this,mold be careful and don't burn,yourselves,yum yum the balls aren't set yet sam you,just placed them in the fridge yeah i,know,i just couldn't resist the temptation,and try them just a tiny bit like smooth,it all back th

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Norwegian Joy food

Norwegian Joy food

we are at garden cafe and we went for,the potato what's that,salmon salmon,got some provolone and watery,burger fries,fries and salad,desserts what did you get butter pecan,chocolate sauce yes,what is this a chocolate fantasy cake,and blueberry crumble,and i got chocolate,and,butter pecan ice cream with,whatever that thing is and chocolate,sprinkles,late night snack,potato and lake soup,virgin strawberry daiquiri and,wings,okay just okay,that looks interesting,roasted cauliflower salad and they're,not all summer salad and,sausage bacon and customized omelette,that's so big,it's half my plate,bagel smoked salmon blue cheese,scrambled egg,bacon sausage,this is the smoked,mozzarella ravioli,bean sauce lobster cream sauce and,asian uh spare ribs,for summer roll,herb crusted flounder,with oreo salad,chorizo,and ranch style potato,good time,happy,anniversary to you happy anniversary to,you,we're growing that together yay,kind of,cake sauteed mushrooms,quinoa,and then steam first time whatever,that is,grilled veggies,salad,broccoli soup and mango meltdown,potato pakora,something something,caribbean,battered fish with chunky salsa,that's not so chunky,and fries and pina colada and shops,then sour soup,salmon california,asian raw vegetables and bread for now,grape station,apple from,lemon,okay,happy birthday,happy new year,happy new year,it's mexican today tex-mex,tortilla soup,uh cilantro vinaigrette salad,a lot of stuff grilled chicken with,tomatillo sauce,um grocery pork loin,human,cilantro lime flank steak,fries,mexican lasagna fried cauliflower,whatever potatoes because i'm worried

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Start Up Discussion #1: The Future of Retail ft. Omnirio, Benjoys Food Products, and TechTrance

Start Up Discussion #1: The Future of Retail ft. Omnirio, Benjoys Food Products, and TechTrance

welcome to startup discussions a new,segment of startup podcast wherein we,discuss a certain business technology or,innovation topic with three other,startup or small business entrepreneurs,i'm your host johnny boydon and for this,episode joining us are our friends from,omerio,benjoy's food products and tech trunks,to talk about,the future of retail,so introducing our panelists or our um,discussion members so we have louisa,gamboa she's growth manager at omnirio,an easy to use and quick to implement,platform for transitioning merchants to,becoming omni-channel retailers so hello,louisa,maybe can you share a bit long about,omnio and what do you mean by,omnichannel,yeah sure sure um so thank you for,having us here by the way so just to,share a little bit about come here um um,is actually uh basically a tool to help,you sell sell everywhere so omni is an,omni channel platform omni channel,meaning an end-to-end solution so an,end-to-end solution for a retailer would,mean,being able to manage your operations,from the moment you receive your orders,process your orders to have them,delivered all the way up to post sales,so that includes also managing online to,offline channels that would include your,warehouses multiple retail stores um as,well as your online channels where you,sell on your list zadas your shoppies,your shopify's etc,so the platform will be your back-end,operations tool to make sure that you,can centralize everything and manage,everything in one dashboard,so i guess that's just more of a little,bit of a gist of it but but the tool,is really geared towards helping you be,able to,move a little bit more efficiently to be,able to process quickly to be able to,deliver faster to your customers to make,sure they're happier engaged and they'll,buy again so it's really touching,towards the pain points of,the difficulties many would have in a,retail setup,delivery use operations in factories and,all of that stuff yeah so yeah i mean,i really think that's interesting,omnichannel i think it's kind of new,they can turn on the channel and it's,basically like aggregating all your,channels,and you can maybe have more time for,other practices for other aspects of,sales and retail,so introducing our second finalist so we,have banjo rivera his business unit,manager at ben joyce food products the,home of premium bacon and ends providing,only the best safe tasty and affordable,ulum selections for every philippine,household so hello banjo from banjoys so,maybe can you share a bit more about ben,joyce maybe you can also share,food products,what do you sell or what do you produce,also in banjoys,hi johnny hi everyone uh,good day um ben joy's food products is,uh the flagship brand nangamingado meat,manufacturing facility,so we are a you know processed meat,manufacturer,we produce products such as hungarian,sausages,cheese sausages,bacon bacon ends yanagami flagship,product and then we also make marinated,products like tosino tapa,beef bulgogi actually uh we hav

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