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How Kendrick Lamar Uses Jazz

this video is brought to you by,curiosity stream use the link in the,description to find out more about the,fascinating content they have to offer,it's often said that there's nothing new,Under the Sun in a way this is true the,appearance of our world changes with,time but at its center we follow in the,same basic footprints as our ancestors,altering just enough to fulfill our,desire for superficial change and,nothing exemplifies the cyclical nature,of our reality better than jazz despite,having left the mainstream decades ago,jazz lives on in the music of some of,our favorite popular artists from,rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Anderson,Pak to legendary producers like Flying,Lotus in this video we're going to,explore where jazz and hip hop came from,how they met and how they coexist today,jazz was born in the early 20th century,in african-american communities of New,Orleans a city in the southern United,States the genres musical roots come,primarily from southern blues music,which was itself a hugely influential,vehicle for african-american expression,in the late 1800s and early 1900s,European influence in New Orleans,quickly led to the incorporation of,brass instruments within the genre,trumpets saxophones and trombones are,now considered ubiquitous with jazz jazz,quickly took on an identity of its own,despite being largely instrumental jazz,became a valuable form of expression for,black musicians who due to their social,status had no access to proper musical,training because of this an emphasis on,improvisation and originality grew over,time musicians like Louis Armstrong,became incredibly popular for their solo,work while big jazz bands went on to,define the sound of the 1920s over time,as racial segregation loosened its grip,on America musicians of all races were,able to form jazz bands together and,build off of their heritage to enrich,the music before long jazz was seen as a,musically progressive and avantgarde,genre by the mid 50s right around when,the first hip hop artists were born jazz,was evolving at an incredible rate,rhythmic and melodic complexity were,some of the most important,characteristics of the genre as time,went on jazz only grew more complex,subgenres like the heavily experimental,and avant-garde free jazz or the deeply,atmospheric cool jazz were growing,across America infiltrating almost every,corner of music,in the late 60s and early 70s while,Frank Zappa and Miles Davis brought jazz,to the masses with rock and jazz fusion,records something different was brewing,in the Bronx marginalized youths from,immigrant and low-income families were,coming together in the then dangerous,New York City to combine their cultural,heritage and make a new kind of music,DJs at block parties and clubs began,isolating for cus of breaks from funk,and soul songs noticing that,hard-hitting percussion excited dancers,more than anything else they took this,further and further slowly building on,the percussive based sound that still,defines hip-ho

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