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Installing Mantis Demo

hi guys this is cody pies mantis lesson,one installing mantis demo if you go to,the Cody pie options the theme options,located at the very bottom of the,dashboard you're going to notice that,there's a button labeled import ford /,export cody pie options and when you,click on that a window will prompt you,to upload the file the file extension,ends with dat so we're going to want to,do is go to your documents or wherever,your mantis themes sides and you're,going to go to the demo forward slash,xml hyphen SQL hyphen export folder and,you're going to see Cody pie options,with a date ending with dat you're going,to open and upload perfect now you can,go through all of the settings and make,any changes if you'd like but this is,the Mantis demo settings that you just,uploaded and now we're going to focus on,uploading the rest of the pages and,posts so you're under tools let's say,import you're going to see these,different plugins that you can utilize,to upload the pages and posts I would go,to a wordpress and wordpress importer,install activate the plug-in and run,importer let's choose our file and here,the Mantis xml file we're going to say,open and upload import you're going to,select mantis demo as the login download,and import file attachments,and this may take a while and you'll see,that there's going to be a fail to,import product tag product underscore,tag accessories that's because,WooCommerce is not activated so what you,would want to do before going through,and properly uploading the demo if you,do want a shopping cart is to activate,WooCommerce and then this won't be an,issue irregardless it did work out with,all the rest of the posts and pages so,if you click on pages and you'll see all,the pages of bloated and I did include I,did include the images from the demo,what you're going to want to do is just,unzip this uploads folder and drop it,into WP hyphen content and you'll be set

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