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Saturdays With Steph - Winter Frost Sew Along!

i'm gonna give you a thumbs up oh we're,live yay,hello live hi everybody,i'm stephanie from stephanie stitches,and i have one of my best friends in the,whole world with me today and this is,this is,a vet and she's got,a paper piercing,group and she's on youtube you guys know,her you want to interview me better,you know you don't need all know all of,that stuff,sure go ahead and introduce yourself a,little bit more talk about your uh what,your membership and all that oh my,goodness okay so if you don't know me uh,i'm the veterinary on youtube i have a,foundation paper piecing,uh membership slash community for,foundation paper piecing it's called,piecing it real,and,um,i have,a shop on shopify but i'm,trying to,make it less of a big thing going,forward so we're working on that go,check out all the sales and also steph's,having a sale right now so you like,totally in luck right now,um,and what else do i do i mean i i do a,lot of well not so much right now but,hopefully going forward i'll be doing a,whole lot more on youtube which i used,to do,and um,i love to do as many sewing with steph's,on saturday as i possibly can so,i'm really excited about this one i love,her table toppers and um like the one,that we did in the fall is on my table,right now and we're ready for the winter,one so,awesome,well um,if that's information is in the,description box below there's a link to,her shop like she said she's got all of,her fabric on sale right now 25 off,yes it's 25 off right now,yep so there's a link down there to her,shop and to her youtube channel so if,you guys want to go over there and check,her out and subscribe i'm sure she'd,appreciate it and also i'd appreciate it,if you subscribe to me because then i,can keep bringing these to you,um like she's saying that we're sewing,the winchester frost table topper which,is behind me here if you haven't grabbed,the pattern yet it's also in the link,below go to my website stephanie,stitches.com the link below will take,you directly to the correct place to,download it it's only going to be,available for download till the end of,the day today when we sew so you might,want to get it today and then it's going,to go in my etsy shop for a small fee,so um yeah i'm excited to get started,and,i know i'm a little bit behind i think,you are too a little bit i'm not done,cutting my fabric yet so um yeah a,little bit behind just a little bit,i feel like my fabric over here so if,you guys want to iron your fabric if you,haven't done so yet cut and all that why,we just chit chat a little bit and we,finished cutting and then we'll get,started so i'm super excited but,definitely check out the sale in a vet,shop it's a great great sale 25 off all,yards that's amazing,and then in my shop i have 25 all,pre-cuts 20 off quilt kits and 15 off,all notions right now so,happy thanksgiving they made both yes,exactly and i know that she just said it,but i'm gonna say it again,please make sure that you are subscribed,to her channel i know t

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