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SPECIAL: 2022 Plutus Awards Finalists and Commentary

hey everybody welcome to a special  episode of the stacking benjamin show  ,well you know it's a special  episode because it's sunday,not only that you also know it's special  because how about that theme music huh  ,that is an awesome song created right here in  texarkana where we make the show big thanks to  ,my friend sean womack and his friend mark cersei  that is a piece called draco's final mission  ,sean and mark both play in some phenomenal bands  you can find that on spotify by the way just put  ,in draco's final mission you'll find it we'll  also uh have a link on twitter i'll share that  ,at my average joe money twitter feed well today  we have for you an annual treat we are presenting  ,the 2022 13th annual plutus award finalist the  plutus awards are the best in indie personal  ,finance discussions and whether it's audio video  writing social media we have it all and we're  ,going to take you there just want to let you know  ahead of time that when we cover these live events  ,the audio which we you know we love good audio  here right on our podcast audio is not going  ,to be the same for that presentation however  we after that have some great commentary on a  ,few of the awards including the best of awards  and the best new so you can find new names to  ,follow you can also hear about the hottest names  in their perspective fields i always love getting  ,new points of view when it comes to my personal  finance journey so the first 20-25 minutes  ,going to be a little wobbly because of the live  nature after that much better back here all right  ,time for us to roll into it let's head to the  presentation of the 2022 13th annual plutus awards  ,everybody we are welcome to the presentation of  the finalists for the 13th annual pluto's awards  ,i'm jose st high from stacky benjamins  and my friend here below me the seeds  ,in the money show and representing the flutist  awards miranda marquette's here how are you  ,hey well it's been a little bit crazy up in here  as we're getting ready for the buddhist awards but  ,the panelists are voting on the on the finalists  right now so i'll know someone soon even even we  ,don't know even we don't know choose one but we do  know who the finalists are we're about to present  ,those today and before we get to this by the  way i want to talk about a couple things miranda  ,the very first one is the plutus awards is  a way to help the plutus foundation so can  ,you say a couple words about the pollutes  foundation and also about our title sponsor  ,yes definitely so huda's foundation has a mission  to bring voices and financial education and  ,financial literacy to many communities and so the  whole point of the plutus foundation is to elevate  ,those voices and elevate voices in independent  financial media so we can talk about issues that  ,we don't see a lot in the mainstream media and  so that's kind of what the plutus awards is all  ,about is recognizing those independent voices so  that uh

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