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Easy Shopify Metafields Tutorial NO CODING!

wish your shopify product pages included,a place to enter information like size,brand name materials and more,in this video i'm going to show you how,to do just that no coding no need to,hire developer this is going to save you,so much time and money before we get,into the video if you like videos about,winning products drop shipping shopify,themes apps and tutorials do us a favor,and hit that subscribe button and turn,notifications on now let's get into the,video,when shopify launched online store 2.0,one of the updates were meta fields meta,fields will allow someone who has a,clothing store for example to include,what type of material the product is,made of or if you sell any type of food,you could include an ingredients list,for someone who sells tech you could,include the brand name the possibilities,are literally endless because you can,completely customize these for your,specific store and needs,in order for this to work you do need to,be using a 2.0 theme i'm using shopify's,free theme dawn,first go to settings,then go to meta fields,now click on products,and then add definition,now what i want you to do is click,select content type,shopify has already created a few,pre-made options for you we have color,number measurement rating etc let's,start with measurement,you can see you can go by weight volume,or dimension i'm going to go with,dimension because i want to display my,products height width and length,now enter your name i'm going to call,this one height,and then click save,now i'm going to create another one the,exact same way so select content type,measurement,dimension,and i'm going to call this one with,and save,i've repeated the same process for,length and now i have all three,now if we go to products and select one,of our products we can see at the bottom,here that we now have the size,information that we can fill in for each,of our products,so let's go ahead and fill it in,now if you were to view this product you,will see that the information doesn't,appear yet we are going to get to that,but first let's go back because i want,to show you how to create your own,custom meta fields first,for this example say you want to include,the material list for our products,click select content type,text and let's go multi-line so that we,have lots of room to type out the,materials,for the name i'm going to type in,materials,and click save,now let's go to our products and click,on our product,scroll down to the bottom,and there we go,so let's go ahead and enter a list of,our materials,okay now that we are finished with our,meta fields now we need to make it show,up in our theme,to do this go to online store,and then click customize on your 2.0,theme,at the top you will see a drop down menu,click to reveal the options,then click products,default product,this is going to allow us to edit the,product page template for all of our,products under the product information,tab click add block,then click text,now click this icon here insert dynamic,sou

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Find the Best Shopify Theme for your Store

Find the Best Shopify Theme for your Store

so if you're new to shopify and just,setting up your first store or maybe you,already have a store launch but you're,ready for a little bit of a refresh then,this video is going to help you find the,perfect theme for your shopify store,because to be completely honest i have,totally for my shopify stores as well as,client stores gone through customizing a,theme only to realize,yeah i should have just done a different,theme and now i've wasted all this time,and money and i just have to make this,theme work when i should have just,picked a better theme in the first place,so when you're going through and looking,at the theme store it's kind of hard to,figure out which theme that you should,pick for your business so i wanted to,create this video to give you some help,so the first tip that i have is to,really think about how many products,that you have do you have hundreds of,products that are all these different,skus all these different categories or,maybe do you have a handful of products,that you're wanting to showcase on your,site it really does depend because the,way that your site design is going to be,built is going to be very different,based on the needs that you have based,off how many products that you have to,show on your site so for example if you,have a ton of products on your site then,you're definitely going to need to have,a really good search functionality,you're wanting to have some filtering,where people can filter by size or color,or availability as well as a really well,displayed drop down menu so that people,can both on desktop and mobile versions,quickly get to the collections and the,product pages on your site,where if you have a bit smaller maybe,let's say 20 or under products you're,not going to really need all of that,functionality and it's actually just,going to make your site look a little,bit more bare instead it's going to be,better for you to go with a site that,doesn't have all those bells and,whistles and instead is focusing on more,storytelling aspects and using some,lifestyle product photography to really,kind of bring more of your brand and,your mission throughout the site and,then feature your products there you can,tell it's very different than of,different customers and buying styles,all based off how many product skus that,you have so it's really important to,keep in mind and you can actually search,on the shopify theme store whether it's,a small or a large catalog and you can,kind of see then where what,functionality is available for each,my second tip is to really keep in mind,of what your individual product,photography is like because let's be,honest we'll go to the theme store and i,definitely do the same as well i will,click on the themes that the photography,is more attractive to me and then i'm,realizing that i'm more into the,photography than i am the theme and,that's a problem because the photography,honestly has probably been purchased to,use for the theme store and so if you,haven't paid a lot of mone

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The Best WordPress Newspaper, Bog, and Magazine theme

The Best WordPress Newspaper, Bog, and Magazine theme

hey guys,uh let's go over this um,wordpress magazine uh newspaper theme,um just came out just yesterday,um,i want to go through it it's a really,nice,wordpress theme that i think,many of you guys would like,um,the price is only 19,so,i want to go through it real quick i,really like it i purchased it myself as,you see i purchased it myself,um,so right now it's in the intro price,so right now it's it's at 19 so then,it will change and go,to 29 and then 59,uh if you buy it right now at only 59,you will get an amazing deal,okay so if you have a wordpress if you,have a blog website,or,um let's say a,um magazine site something like that,news website,you would like to,upgrade because this wordpress theme is,um,it's amazing um it looks great on your,mobile phone,i am currently working on my,um,blog site for this theme,so i think that you will like it it,comes with a one-click install demo,feature,so once you install it,you can just hit the one hit the button,that says demo install and then the you,choose the,particular um demo site that you want,and it will automatic,uh upload for you and all the content,would,go through and it shows you here their,process,is optimized for seo which is a great,feature as well a lot of blogs say they,are optimized for seo but a lot of times,they are not,this one is for sure,it's really fast um if you go to,the the link and below you'll be able to,test out the demo,and you will see how fast it is on your,mobile phone and also on your,uh computer,it shows you how speed it is i was,amazed how fast it is and i,been through thousands of websites and,i'm telling you,this website is fast so here is,um a layout similar to what it looks,like on your mobile phone,uh it's great feature this right here is,the menu so when you hit the menu button,here,this drives down which you can customize,this right here is the doc mode you come,to a doc mode or light mode,um,really really nice you customize,everything different colors different,shapes different blocks it comes with,the filter,so you can build out the different,layouts you can add adsense you can add,memberships,um,i mean this blog comes with everything,everything that you kind of want for,your blog and your wordpress website,this theme,has it so,i mean,it just covers everything,so,the author did a great job with this,and i think that uh i wanted to bring it,to you guys attention let you guys know,that hey,uh you might want jump on this because,this is a great deal um they also come,with um,ad blocker detector you can set that up,as well,uh you can do a scripture as a pay wall,so you can set it up that someone can do,pay per month pay per year pay per,um,link so they if you have a blog post you,want to put two dollars so you say,if you want to view this content this,this article you have to pay two dollars,to read it and,it's that simple um,so i'm going to go over some demos for,you,to show you how great,um this is,um,these are different layouts so these are,the single layouts you

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