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The General Store Payment Processing Series - Datacap NETePay and the Verifone VX805 at POS

each morning you must first start the,data cap netepay software in a networked,environment this must be done on the,server only once you see the netepay is,up and running you can then minimize the,program now you can start the general,store and open point-of-sale note that,it can take up to 90 seconds or more for,the VIX 8:05 to initialize this is due,to the fact that a data cap netepay,parameter file must be uploaded into the,VIX 8:05 before processing transactions,each day so please be patient you'll be,able to see progress both on your,computer screen and on the VIX 805,screen during this initialization,process once the initialization process,is complete you can enter your starting,till and begin processing transactions,now let's process a chip card first,we'll sell some items then we'll tender,the transaction choosing credit card as,a method of payment then the VIX 805,will first prompt the customer to,approve the sale amount they can then,insert tap or swipe their card this is,an example of a chip and pin card so the,customer will be prompted to enter their,pin code,and they'll finalize on entry with the,enter key and once the sale is approved,and the card is removed from the VX 805,the sale will be completed and that's it,now let's process an on-chip card first,we'll sell some items then we'll turn to,the sale again choosing credit card is a,method of payment,the VX 805 will then prompt the customer,to approve the sale amount and since the,card they're using has no chip they can,simply swipe their card in this case,it's a credit card so they'll select,credit and then the approval process,will begin once approved the sale is,complete and that's it,there may be occasions when you have to,manually enter a customer's credit card,information so let's take a look we'll,sell some items and then tender the,transaction but we're actually going to,hit the shift + f4 keys on our keyboard,to invoke a manual credit card entry the,customer will then be prompted to,approve the sale amount and then they'll,be prompted to enter their credit card,information starting with a credit card,number this will be followed by the,expiration date the CVV,and the zip code the customer will also,be prompted as to whether the card is a,chip card or not which in this case it,is not so we'll hit the X button and,then once the transaction is approved,the sale is complete and that's it now,let's process a voice authorization,after a transaction has been declined,we'll first sell an item 10 of the,transaction and then choose credit card,as a method of payment the customer will,then be prompted to verify the sale,amount and to insert tap or swipe their,card pass when a transaction was,declined your only options were to,choose another method of payment or to,cancel the sale altogether now the,general store allows you to obtain a,phone authorization and process that,through the VX 805 so here we'll enter,the voice authorization code upon doing,so the customer will be prompted to

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