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Making the Most of a Small Google Ads Budget

- We know it can seem challenging,to create a successful Google Ads campaign,on a tight budget but, trust us, it's totally possible.,Today, we're going to teach you how you can keep,your Google Ads campaigns competitive on any budget.,(upbeat music),I'm Kayla from FloorForce, and today I want to talk about,how you can make the most out of a small Google Ads budget.,Some flooring businesses invest large amounts of money,into unsuccessful pay-per-click, or PPC, campaigns,and never see an increase in sales.,Luckily, in the world of Google Ads,,not all campaigns are created equal,,and spending more money does not guarantee better results.,Up next, we'll discuss ways that you can create traffic,,brand awareness and sales for your flooring business,with Google Ads, no matter what your budget is,,There are three steps to making the most,out of your Google Ads budget.,The good news, there are many ways,you can increase the value of your Google Ads campaign,without additional ad spend.,I'll guide you through the three steps we believe,get you the most out of a tight Google Ads budget.,Step one, set goals using the SMART framework.,As with any marketing campaign,,your Google Ads efforts should target a specific goal.,Clear cut goals make your campaigns easier to measure,and optimize because you can track precisely,what's working and what you need to adjust.,However, many flooring retailers,,especially those not familiar with Google Ads,,focus on suboptimal or ineffective goals,,or they target too many goals at once.,As a result, they have trouble getting the most,out of their Google Ads spends.,This is where the SMART structure comes in.,This structure helps you get focused, relevant,and practical goals for your Google Ads campaigns.,Improved goals means improved optimization,,and improved optimization means better ROI.,Step two, break down your budget and stick to it.,It can be very tempting to throw money at PPC campaigns,,especially when you're not seeing the ROI,you were hoping for.,But investing more money in a Google Ads campaign,doesn't guarantee it will be more successful.,To get the most out of every cent that you spend,,break down your monthly budget into a daily budget,,and then set that figure as your maximum daily spend.,By optimizing your campaign,for a more specific daily budget,,Google Ads will run you a tighter, more optimized campaign.,Just keep in mind that Google may occasionally,go over your maximum spend to get you more results.,If you are budget sensitive,,consider setting a maximum slightly below your exact limit.,Step three, limit your options.,It might seem counterintuitive,,but limiting your Ads campaign,can help you make the most out of a small budget.,There are three main campaign elements,you should consider limiting,,keywords, location and scheduling.,Limiting keywords.,It's challenging to rank for a wide variety,of keywords on a limited budget.,For example, if you target 50 keywords,on a $200 monthly budget,,you can't expect

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SEO & Digital Marketing Q&A Hangout

SEO & Digital Marketing Q&A Hangout

sweet all right we're live on youtube,we go live here on tick tock,word all right we're live across the,board,you can see the comments section right,uh yes i can see the comment section,cool cool cool and then we have that,private chat section too if needed,good afternoon late afternoon everybody,nobody here on youtube yet a couple,people jumping in here on tick tock,how's everybody doing if anybody's uh,just jumping in here,uh come on over to our youtube channel,we're doing some live website,audits and answering seo uh and digital,marketing questions for you ant farm 2,what's up how are you doing everybody,come on over to youtube,socialtypro or you can just click the,link in my bio,we're going to be doing website audits,helping you out auditing your website,auditing other people's websites,answering every sort of,seo and digital marketing question that,you can fire at us,so that we can help empower you to,dominate your local competitors,online and just get more website traffic,and figure this online thing out,um mayor why don't you introduce,yourself,sure great everyone my name is mayor,gadarzi local seo expert for the past,eight years going on nine years i'm also,well uh,versed in online reputation uh,and if you have any seo questions just,let me know another thing i like to,focus on on is,a conversion rate optimization so those,are my primary specialties,uh let us know in the chat if you have,any questions about your digital,presence,or uh anything about your competitors,that you want to know how they're,outranking your business that's always,uh important uh to know as well,especially if you're a local business,owner,hey sue man hey suman how are you,we got a question here on tick tock by,the way guys um,um as uh the stream picks up we're going,to be focusing more on youtube so if you,want to ask,questions come on over to the youtube,side and we'll answer there,since we're just getting started,antfarm2 asks do you suggest,outsourcing web content um it,it depends on your capacity to create,content your budget,what you're looking to do what industry,that you're in,as an seo and digital marketing agency,we don't outsource anything we have,in-house writers because that's how we,maintain the quality control,i've found um for better or worse that,outsourcing content,you you get inconsistent quality,uh sometimes there's inconsistent,grammar issues,sometimes the information is not,consistent,um the the overall quality and ability,to,rank within search engines is not,consistent as well and uh darren hello,good morning to you,so if you have the capacity to write,articles yourself,i would recommend doing that or if,you're looking to hire,an seo agency like us,make sure that that agency has in-house,writers and is not outsourcing the work,so that you can get a better higher,quality product,and better web content as you put it i,hope that answers your uh question and,ant farm um let me uh i'll introduce,myself here while we have a couple uh,viewers just in

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