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Nastya and Evelyn try to overcome difficulties

i'm ready for a sleepover oh hi evelyn,glad to see you,let's play outside okay,i'm scared of snakes i'll get rid of it,no avalanche,no no no snakes can be very dangerous,you're not allowed to attack a snake,stay back from it,hey guys,look,enjoy have fun,oh i'm scared of heights,come on come on,i'm not ready,but i really want to do it,come with me it's so fun no i'm scared,no,oh okay you can take your time you'll do,it when you're ready ah okay,it's so fun,i think i will try don't worry you're,gonna do great i'll help you okay okay,let's go let's go,you can do it,good job you got over your,fears um,go away,emily stop stop don't be scared and,don't hurt the bee,okay but i'm scared of bees,the insects won't attack you if you,don't attack them first,okay,hey girls i'm here,look these are useful,it's so yummy,i'm afraid of lighting,i need to hide i need you,that's not right you can't do that,you see lightning always hits trees,look this is lightning lightning isn't,dangerous if you follow the rules to it,thunder is only a sound it can't hurt,you,okay i'm not afraid anymore,it's time to go to bed,turn up the lights,i'm scared of the dark,no don't be scared the dark is not,dangerous i know it's not but i can't do,anything it just scares me,let's draw your fear okay,look guys this is my night fear,and this was a long time ago my fear,what did you do this,go okay,wow it works i'm not scared anymore guys,being scared is okay yeah but the most,important thing is is to try to get over,your,good fears,good night master goodbye guys

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