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How To Create a Streetwear Merch Website for FREE $

yo what's up guys welcome back to this,new video so in today's video we're,going to create a streetwear website for,free using big cartel let's get started,oh by the way welcome to global mind,studios here you can find tutorials,about the streetwear design industry,enough talking let's get started,so the first step is to go on,,link in bio and open a free account,then after you created your account,start editing the layout then choose the,luna theme,after open photoshop or use a free,version called photopia you can find the,link in the description,let's start by creating the front page,image of the website open a 1920 x 1080,file and start creating,now create the product listing images,that will go in the front slideshow,now design a product description slide,with all the technical information about,the item,after group the graphics made and add,them to the site and follow the settings,i do,so,now let's create a product listing if,you want to create a dynamic product,photo import it without the background,as i do,create a method of payment and you're,all set to sell and become like my,brother jeff bezos,here's the final result oh wait if,you're liking this video i'm sure you'll,like all of my other content so if you,can please subscribe now back to the,final side,thank you for watching this video

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