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How to update Wordpress Themes manually - 3 ways to do it

hi guys in this video I want to show you,it was one of the very essential things,that you are going to need when you work,on WordPress with some premium themes or,maybe with themes in general well it is,a quite trivial thing but yeah well you,first have to know how to do it right,and I'm talking about updating your,theme in your WordPress installation and,well although it's easy as I just said,it yeah there are different ways to do,it and not everyone especially not if,you're starting just off with WordPress,knows how to do it and it is quite,essential it is important to always keep,your plugins and also your theme and,also your WordPress installation,up-to-date and to make sure they are all,secure and you get the latest features,and everything well so there are three,ways that I want to show you how you can,upload some updates to your WordPress,installation and I'm working with ya I'm,showing it basically on a very familiar,example to you the Cepheid theme and,I'll basically I just show you how you,would actually do it and the second,theme is a theme I'm working on a lot as,you know it's one very nice theme by,absolution and the first way to do it is,through the WordPress actually so you go,to your theme in the case of Safie you,have really this proper menu item here,sometimes you don't have that and you,should have something options in many,free things you don't have this option,thing then maybe this thing or this,first way to update your theme doesn't,even work then wait a second or skip,ahead a few minutes and I show you later,how you can do it even with any other,theme okay so for the first way to do it,you go to your theme options if you have,Sofia if you have impress or B theme or,many other premium themes from,ThemeForest,this way should be available and,well you go in the theme options to the,very down to the very bottom here where,it says theme updater,well you might have noticed this menu,item already and yeah you maybe didn't,know how to do it properly well actually,it's quite simple you actually have to,enter your username and your theme,forest API key you get them from your,theme downloads in market and Votto in,the inverter market in theme forest and,if you enter them here you save changes,and you will have the option underneath,the plug-in section to update your theme,so when you go to theme I didn't do it,here at the moment actually because I,noticed on this local installation of,this WordPress the theme is already up,to date it is Saphir 2.9 so if you did,it what i just showed you if you put,your theme for as credentials in here,then you would have appear then the,safia item would appear in here in the,list with the plugins and you can just,click on update like you would be able,to now with any of these plugins so this,is quite an easy way and yeah quite,straightforward if you ask me ok let's,move on to option number 1 and number 2,actually because um yeah because not,every theme has this proper menu item in,the list here um you

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How To Change Default Theme Colors and Typography in Elementor WordPress Theme

How To Change Default Theme Colors and Typography in Elementor WordPress Theme

Hi everyone and welcome to this tutorial. In this brief video, I will answer the,question: "How do you change the default colors and default font styles that go,with your WordPress theme?" So let's say you got a WordPress theme, you bought it,or you got a free one (which is not recommended if you really do care about,your website). So you can get one of the best WordPress themes on the market on,templatemonster.com. The one I'm using today for this video is 24.Storycle, which is,the best news portal and blogging WordPress theme for Elementor, that is,now available. It has all the latest functionality and you can also learn,more about this theme, if you check the link in the description under this video.,Let's say you got a new theme and once you add new elements or for example you,go to a blog page and you see all the blog posts, you see that all the colors,and all the font styles are pulled out from the settings of the particular,theme. So how do you change that? How do you change the default colors and,default fonts that go in your theme? So what do you need to do is navigate to,your website from the dashboard. So if you are in the dashboard, just hover over,the name of your website, in my case it's 24.Storycle. I simply click on it and,it takes me to the home page so I can view my site still staying logged in to,my dashboard. Now what I need to do is to go to "Customize" and here it is actually,very very simple. What you need to do is to go to "Color scheme" and there you'll see,the regular scheme and the additional colors. So simply go ahead there and you,change these colors and they will be applied to your theme. So you see,immediately these labels changed color, the loading bar changed color, so all the,elements, "Get back to the top" button changed color, so all the elements that,had this color inside as an accent color and that were bound to this,particular accent color, they have changed. And you go ahead and you do the,same process to all the other colors. You see there are the colors of,headings, the text color, the link color, the link hover color and in the,"Additional colors," you also have the colors of the style of your entire,website, not the particular elements but of the entire website. Then in the 'Colors',tab you find the body background color. So you can go ahead and change that. We,can change it to pure white and you see it updated immediately. Then typography,,you change the typography settings in here. So here's the text used in the logo,,so the body text. There you go text to see there's a lot of settings: you,choose the font family which is the font style, the weight, font size, line,height, letter spacing, character side, text alignment and text transform.,It's just uppercase, lowercase, or it's capitalized. So, you set your own settings,so all the fonts, all the headings, and all the colors are matching your brand's,identity. So, also the breadcrumbs and miscellaneous. And there you can also,change the header styles w

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3º Meetup WordPress Almería | FrameWorks Themes

3º Meetup WordPress Almería | FrameWorks Themes

bueno ante nada bienvenido a todos los,que he venido los que no existía,anteriormente solemos hacer esto más,sobre una vez al mes vale una,una mitad de wordpress en agosto no,vamos a hacer porque nuestras vacaciones,pero en septiembre volvemos y seguiremos,con un curso,y nada que cualquiera está bienvenido a,participar si alguien que hacer alguna,ponencia quiere aportar algo de lo que,sabe imagino que la mayoría utilizar y,wordpress no se levante la mano utiliza,wordpress,casi todos bueno,bueno pues esta charla está un poco,orientada a la hemos visto para que nos,pidieron la otra sobre todo de temas los,temas de wordpress y un poco viendo los,temas hijos,y el tema de framework que se habla,mucho de los frames últimamente,y yo voy a hablar sobre framework y,luego enrique os va a mostrar un poco,cómo se crea un tema hijo y cómo se,modifica y se hace la modificación vale,bueno primero me presento soy antonio,torres hoy el director de soporte,especializado en professional hosting,que muchos los conocéis es porque estáis,allí con nosotros,y nada podéis seguir ahí en esos sitios,de solo escribir y lo que hago mi,trabajo mucho es hacer mucha ayuda sobre,todos los temas de wordpress y temas de,sms y por eso digamos que podemos,dominar yo y mi equipo de estos tipos de,temas y sobre todo estos tipos de cms y,modificaciones y errores que suelen,salir,vamos a hablar un poco de que es un,framework vamos a empezar definiendo qué,es un framework para qué se suele,utilizar un framework se dice que es un,marco de trabajo un conjunto de,herramientas utilidades que facilita el,trabajo de un desarrollador digamos que,es la base o la programación de lo que,se hace de la plantilla está hablando de,framework de plantilla de enfrentar de,programación no se puede dividir un,facebook sobre todo en dos partes la,parte de código de funcionalidad y la,parte de diseño en que esto lo que hace,es realmente funcional e importante lo,que tiene un framework que la parte de,funcionalidad se queda siempre estática,digamos que es la que la que en sí el,framework y se va actualizando en el que,hacer modificaciones nosotros haríamos,todas las modificaciones en parte de,diseño lo que se llama como como tema,hijo no,e,se puede también incluso el propio,wordpress se podría ver como si fuese un,framework que realmente nosotros no,trabajamos con wordpress no hace falta,que hagamos nada de código no estamos,las funcionalidades que hace wordpress y,le estamos mostrando a nuestros usuarios,que se ven en nuestra página web,el tema de diferencia entre un tema,normal y un framework para el que no,haya utilizado nunca un framework en,wordpress básicamente se compone de que,utiliza temas hijos como estoy diciendo,no se compone de dos partes una la parte,de la funcionalidad que sería el tema de,código de php javascript etcétera y,luego la parte de diseño esta parte le,he dado widgets sería el css la parte de,estética que le damos a las páginas pero,por parte por separado para que no esté,unido porqu

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