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AutoDS eBay Manual Dropshipping: How To Use The AutoDS Non-API Solution? - Full Overview

how to add a non-api account to auto ds,before we begin what is a non-api,connection and what is the difference,between that,and a regular api connection api is a,way of connecting ebay with third-party,platforms,big companies like amazon facebook and,youtube,all use apis the api version of auto ds,gives us the ability to programmatically,upload products,update prices fulfill orders update,tracking numbers,and everything else through that api,connection,since many dropshippers believe that a,non-api connection can avoid accounts,getting flagged,we listened and created the best non-api,connection available out there,although we cannot confirm on any api or,non-api connection that this is the real,solution,we have articles and videos researching,this subject so let us know what you,think,now non-api means that you are,interacting with ebay normally,as if you are managing your store from,your browser,on non-api we can still automate,important tasks like importing products,price and stock monitoring without,needing to leave your computer on,which makes our non-api connection,different than the rest,although to grab your ebay orders or,import on track listings you will need,to have your computer on,with the auto ds non-api chrome manual,drop shipping extension,we created the nine api connection after,listening to your requests,and we are always adding more features,from your ideas,so be sure to join us on upvotee to vote,for features that you want to see next,on autods,the link is right below this video okay,so let's get started,and add our first non-api store on the,rods platform,on the left menu click on the stores,link and then click on add store,on select store type choose ebay enter,your paypal account email where you are,receiving payments on ebay,and if you are using the manage payment,system simply enter your paypal account,email anyway,ebay target is the region that you are,selling on and then click on use non-api,which is an additional 9.97 per month,after your trial,then you'll see that a store name popped,up here enter your ebay store name,and then click on next now we will set,up the file exchange token,for the non-api store remember the file,exchange is a feature on ebay that,allows price and stock monitoring,and importing products without the need,for an api connection,even better you do not need to leave,your computer on for price and stock,monitoring and importing products to,your store,so click on the get token from ebay link,sign in to your ebay account,then you'll be taken to the grant,application access file exchange,now keep in mind agreeing to this has,nothing to do,with api ebay's file exchange is not,connected to an api,in any sort of way click on agree,and now as you can see we have our token,we're going to grab,all of this text copy,head back to the auto ds platform and,paste the token,right over here click on next,and now you'll receive a prompt to,download and install the auto ds manual,dropshipping chrome extension click

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