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Mustafa Liaqat at YIC Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 - Virtual Edition

first of all i would like to thanks uh,mr rumor and the whole crew who invited,me as a speaker on this very interesting,topic how to start,selling online and this is a very,crucial nowadays as you can see every,business is getting after a postcode,pre-covered situation was a bit,different after postcode you know,e-commerce is getting very essential,so,this is really interesting um,i believe throughout the process um,everyone will enjoy the whole process,and,now here here i am,um my name is muscat,i am ceo of developer solutions uh my,uh startup started in 2019 around uh,pre-covered uh before,uh one year before pre-recovery and then,when,this was the time when um e-commerce was,just uh getting started in pakistan uh,whereas compared to worldwide um,pakistan's contribution is very lesser,right now if we look into usa,and,canada,and,uk,ev every country's contribution is very,uh compared compared to pakistan is very,huge if we look into comparisons uh as,per the stats,um in,kovid and,there was,two billion dollars uh ecommerce selling,in the pakistan compared to two trillion,worldwide so you can see there is a,literally a lot of space still available,in pakistan uh i believe only one person,right now uh pakistan's economy is,online and still there are uh still,opportunities of,99 percent people to get online and,start their sellings so,i found this uh,quotation ecommerce is in the cherry on,the cake it's the new cake and,definitely uh after pandemic um,this is entirely new cake now every,business is getting online um your,tourism your um,your apparel brands your jewelry brands,even uh i see a lot of startups as well,they are just uh created their stores,online uh in facebook and they are uh,selling a massive amounts uh amount of,products and really see uh when i see,people uh,having this level of contribution in the,economy um,this is really awesome so um now,let's get back to our topic and uh,primarily today i will be focusing on,choosing um uh how to start uh selling,online i will uh start with the day to,day uh very basic examples so my uh my,uh points uh will be choosing a product,um what is a choosing a product uh meant,to be research and preparations is,setting setting up your businesses and,then we will move on to prepare launch,and post launch after that we will uh,have a live demo as well where i will,show you a very general example,uh this is uh the brand we have started,how this first started i would like to,start with uh the same scenario uh,as per i will stick i will try to stick,around my,topic today and,i will generalize this product regarding,this,uh this perspective,so,choosing a product uh for example uh you,are in a market uh,just generalize but usually you like,for example um,for for the daily commute for for,example a girl standing to uh business,in jewelry uh she can go any of the,market,she has to um,check uh what is a very uh,hot or selling product uh she just have,to not write down okay,for example a jewelry is very hot and,sk

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