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Turn 14 Distribution for Shopify

to get started with your turn 14,distribution app enter your client ID,and secret if you don't have them you'll,need to contact turn 14 if your account,is valid you'll get a success message,first pick the brands you want in your,store basic Shopify accounts are only,allowed 50,000 products before Shopify,slows down the loading speed so be,selective speed isn't an issue if you,have an advanced or Shopify plus a plan,if your store focuses on a specific kind,of vehicle this is where you can filter,by make model sub model and years by,default your turn 14 distribution app,doesn't bring in products that have a,stock level of zero even if you have,selected them all of these are by,default unselected and so check the box,if you want them in your store,by default your app will bring in every,category however sometimes you will want,to bring in just specific categories of,parts check include only these,categories and then choose body armor,bumpers whatever you want in your store,in your store admin you can see every,possible collection but they will not be,visible in your store unless you've,enabled them in your store theme fitment,buckets are dynamic categories based on,fit memory we can use the fitment data,to create collections in your store for,example 2010 to 2015 Ford f-150 this is,ideal for mobile shoppers who find it,easier to click on buttons or categories,instead of using a classic year make,model search you can even use fitment,buckets to set up mini stores around,certain mix of vehicles often you want,to sell at minimum advertised price but,if the product doesn't have a map price,then your app will look for,manufacturer's suggested retail price if,neither map nor MSRP are available for,that part then whatever margin,percentage you assign will be added to,the wholesale cost you can add whatever,margin you like to the base cost for all,the products in your store the app will,always increase the price to the map if,the calculated margin is lower and you,can add whatever margin you liked the,MSRP,select this option if you don't want the,products in your store to be marked up,at all or if you have your own pricing,already built into your product you can,choose to have no price decoration or,for one of these amounts to be,automatically added to the end of each,price you've also got the option to,offer free shipping and checkout or,check if you prefer to add shipping,costs based on other criteria you can,choose between minimum average and,maximum estimated shipping cost which is,calculated by turn 14 distribution check,this if you want to make a profit off,shipping you may want to choose this,because turn 14s shipping rates are very,competitive data here - there can,connect a wide variety of systems,fitment search allows your customers to,find parts by year make and model,fitment data can be imported into your,store using any of these plugins use the,content section to customize your,product pages these all represent,content and synchronizations that

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5 Magento modules you should install for 2021

5 Magento modules you should install for 2021

look at you you just signed up for,magento commerce cloud and you're,working on this shiny new website,it's nice i bet you're excited to get,that thing online and selling aren't you,that's not what you did you downloaded,magento open source,and just finished having your neighbor's,13 year old son install it,on a 5 a month go daddy hosting plan in,between his games of fortnite,wonderful not what i'd have done but you,do you,i'm not judging either way it's time to,accessorize so pull yourself up a chair,and let's discuss the five ish modules,that you should be installing on your,magento store ecommerce platforms,never come with everything you need to,run your business,their goal is to provide the core,functionality that most people need to,do business,and rely on their community to provide,the rest therefore,a marketplace of apps and modules is an,important aspect of any ecommerce,platform's capabilities,it is essential the marketplace offers,you a quick and cost effective way to,add small pieces of functionality to,your site,or the ability to easily integrate,third-party services that provide a,much deeper set of functionality than,you could create on your own,definitely go exploring the magento,marketplace to see if anything looks,interesting to you,for this video i wanted to show you the,common modules that just about everyone,should consider,and not get too specific about any,particular use case,i recently did a video of five apps that,you need to install on bigcommerce but,this one,was tougher technically you could have,installed all those same services on,magento,and you probably should go watch that,one even if you aren't on bigcommerce,magento itself is much more technical,though,so i wanted to get a little more in the,weeds with these recommendations the,problem is,i spend most of my time making content,for you guys so i don't really deal with,the code,and the technical aspects like i used to,to bring you this video,i was gonna have to do a ton of research,installing dozens of modules,and spending countless hours documenting,things that doesn't sound like a lot of,fun to me,so i went with plan b to make this easy,on me,i just decided to cheat not only are you,cheat,you're a gutless cheat as well i posted,on social media and asked you what,modules are an absolute must,for the sites you worked on you all,responded with some fantastic,recommendations and these are my,favorites from those suggestions,i'm not apologizing for cheating this is,just smart content,hey don't hate the player hate the game,let's get into the suggestions,kay sent me a tweet suggesting algolia,search,magento's built-in search capabilities,have always been,notoriously bad so much so that they,just gave,up and decided to quit providing it and,now rely on elastic search,in the latest versions of the platform a,good site search,is so important to pleasant user,experience but it's not easy to do,you didn't find this people are just so,bad at searching,that you really have to

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