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Sharetribe Flex Tutorial | Step by Step

in this video i'm going to show you how,to get started with,share tribe flex now share tribe flex,allows you to create,marketplaces but allowing you to,customize it the way that you want it,using sharetribe so to get started,you're going to go share,you're going to go to pricing and here,you're going to see the option for share,tribe,go or flex you're going to click the tab,for share tribe,flex and there you're going to be able,to click the button for start developing,for free,you can sign up for an account and after,you sign up for it and get a,confirmation email,you're going to be taken to your,flex console here you're going to be,able,to create your own marketplace and sure,tribe flex,in three different steps and those steps,are,startle start local development make a,customization and then,deploying to heroku now if you're,struggling with this or you feel,overwhelmed i created,a guide that allows you to walk through,this,in the three different steps and if,you're having trouble,or you're interested in launching your,own share tribe,the sharetribe flex marketplace hit me,up there's my email and we can go from,there,but these tutorials all these documents,are free,for you to to assist you so we're,to go through this step by step and help,you as you,start developing and deploying your,marketplace,so first as we get here start your local,start local development i'm going to,have you do this and you're going to,also pull up your getting started,documentation,that sharetribe provides now i'm going,to go to,sharetribeflex setup step one start,local development,now as we do this what i would suggest,you to do,to make sure that you have a smooth,process going through this i would go,ahead and download,the different platforms that you need,right now,in order to be successful when you go,through these processes,it says in step two make sure you have,these different uh,platforms but what i found is i was,getting overwhelmed and i would,want all of those things done and,downloaded and make sure they work,before i get started so there's a,shorter video that i have,detailing all of these but i'm going to,go through the ones that i use,to be effective i'm using a macbook pro,so i'm going to be using some of these,it's going to be on mac so there's going,to be the,there's going to be software for you to,download for windows but,it doesn't matter what you're using so,for me,i i went to get,and because i'm using mac i also had to,install brew,home brew excuse me so i'm just going to,go through the items,get yarn node,you're gonna have to make sure that you,set up your stripe account,you're going to have to have map box,heroku and then also a text editor i,chose to use the text editor,but it depends whatever you want to use,for a text editor but i found,adam being really easy and that's why i,chose that one,now if you're brand new to this perhaps,you're not familiar with,tokens or making sure that you're having,those things,tokens allow you your

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hey everyone so today you may want to,stay tuned to this full video because,i'm showing you guys all of the most,popular vendors for your favorite stores,from express from fashion nova,h m zara,forever 21 like literally all the stores,that sell everything okay and for free,so i'm gonna show you guys tons of,stores for jewelry accessories bags,luxury bag dupes and more so stay tuned,for my ultimate vendors list guide on,how to start your business and where to,shop for great vendors go ahead and grab,a notebook now,hi everyone welcome to my channel i'm,amore antagia today's video is going to,be a quick video hopefully this is just,going to be me putting you guys on all,of you business entrepreneurs all of,those who want to start a business in,fashion you know shoes accessories,anything like that this is just going to,be exposing the ultimate vendors list,of 2021,some of these uh manufacturers or i,guess you say suppliers or vendors are,the same ones that businesses like,fashion nova probably boohoo i i've,heard zara but i know for a fact the,other two and a few other popular brands,so,they have quality clothes that i've that,i've done some research on so i also,purchased a vendors list from i forgot,the name of the people but they charge,for it and i pay for it so i'm going to,give it to you guys for free on top of,the research that i've done on my own,all of these places,aren't just the same like some of these,are hair vendors some of these i have,not tried these hair vendors though i,have to tell you that so i don't know my,own hair company is from two different,actually three different suppliers so,that's my own little plug because i make,my fire wigs that last three years okay,so,uh but,i'm gonna give you guys all of those,details i will tell you this you do not,have to have a license,to a business license to look up these,places most of them are out in la,um in the fashion district and they,sometimes they will require you to put a,license number in but you can just put,zero zero zero zero in there and they'll,let you in now some of the vendors may,not,they don't allow you to talk to them or,contact them without the license but a,lot of them on there with good clothes,actually do give their contact,information so all you have to do is,pretty much just be a boss like type up,a great template and just ask them you,know what are their fees for you know a,certain amount of quantity what is their,quantity levels or or limits or whatever,and so don't waste their time yeah but,this is up to you guys what you want to,do with your own businesses but i just,wanted to see a lot of you all,especially young people and young,african-americans i want to see my black,people win i want to see you guys,starting new businesses multiple streams,of income like myself i am an influencer,and business marketing consultant so if,you do need help in those areas of,marketing your content on youtube or,marketing your brand in general to,influencers or to the social media

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