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How to Sell Music Scores On Your Own Website

hello all and welcome to the next video,in the write your first piece of music,in 14 steps finale edition in this video,we're gonna go over the importance of,having your own site to sell your sheet,music on I'm also going to show you my,website and some of the tools that I use,to put up my scores on my website and,sell them this is very very important,this is actually really important if,you're wanting to have a sustainable,music score business of your own,compositions this is how a lot of,professors will do it this is how a lot,of different people will do it and one,of the reasons why it's better to set up,your own website to sell scores is you,have your own platform that you can,control all third party platforms have,their own tools and they can get you,thrown out if they choose to or they can,show you down they can change the,algorithm and you could be without all,your scores have be gone and you won't,be any more cells anymore,you would have your own brand which,people get used to and once people get,used to you they are tending to buy your,scores more often in most situations you,are competing with another's,bandwidth you're competing with other,people tons of other score creators on,paint another company websites bandwidth,now what I will say is that for starters,it is good to do what I said in the last,video which is put your scores on sheet,music plus or my score from jjw pepper,rather that's a good starting point but,for longevity and long tail career,success as a score composer music score,composer it's better if you also have,your own platform your own brand that,you sell scores on that people can,instantly recognize over time so if you,want to set up your own site here's what,you do you go to either WordPress,GoDaddy Hostgator or any other of those,promoters up there or website host,administrators you pay for your setup,your hosting account you pay whatever,the hosting fee is and then you actually,go and you create your website now you,can either do this by creating your own,website by coding which if you're a,novice at that I don't remember I don't,recommend that but if you're good at,coding as well you can have fun do it by,yourself a lot of these hosting,platforms have built in website,templates or packages that you could,take advantage of so go check those out,I am going to show you my website and,I'm going to show you what I have been,working on to sell my own scores we're,gonna get off a unity here and go to,cjw music transcriptions this is the,site where all my scores of be and on,this website you have a couple of areas,with the top of the vlog home CA c JW,music services competition compositions,contact blog and card etc and you have,those are at least three of those,options in a image dialogue three image,dialogues if you want scores you just,click here it'll take you to the,composition thing I have my new piano,piece that's up,and I also used Gumroad nap you could,use a third-party tool like Gumroad to,embed your scores and

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On Point Live with with Tom Ashbrook - Mark Bittman

On Point Live with with Tom Ashbrook - Mark Bittman

from WBUR Boston I'm Tom Ashbrook and,this is a special edition of OnPoint,before a live audience at the Paramount,Theatre in Boston to our guests in the,hall and listeners around the country,welcome to OnPoint,that's played for a while now Americans,have understood on some level that we,need to change the way we eat the way we,cook or don't the way we eat meat or,don't for health for our taste buds for,the planet superstar food thinker food,writer cook columnist Mark Bittman has,been on the leading edge of the push so,how's it going,is food change catching on or are we,still anchored in a way of eating and,understanding food that's led to obesity,illness environmental damage this our on,point we're sitting down with Mark,Bittman to ask where he's headed,how we're doing on food we're recording,this law this show before a live,audience at the beautiful Paramount,Theater in downtown Boston we've invited,questions from our audience here and,from our listeners around the country,online on Facebook on Twitter we are,loaded for bear so let's go joining you,now on stage is Mark Bittman,leading thinker and writer on food,columnist and writer for The New York,Times author of leafy greens Food,Matters the best recipes in the world,and the best-selling how to cook,everything he famously ran around Spain,eating with Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario,Batali for the PBS series Spain on the,road again his new book getting a lot of,attention is vb6 eat vegan before 6:00,to lose weight and restore your health,for good Mark Bittman welcome back to,one point we welcome you this great,crowd welcomes you we decided the studio,today that the v6 sounds like a,motorcycle engine,that's very hip vb6 vegan before 6:00 we,are so hip that we talked with you about,this when you first wrote the column on,this I think it was a year ago or,something even more maybe before as soon,as you put the idea out there we glommed,on to it we are really curious to see,how your thinking has developed not just,on this but on the whole big picture of,what's going on on with food in this,country I've seen you described recently,as a cross between Larry David and Julia,Child's I think I'm the one who said,that actually say it say it once and you,can never escape it are you feeling,tonight little Larry or a little Julia,or we'll see,there's a lot we want to talk about the,big picture of how the ship of American,eating and agriculture and food is,turning or not tuning is turning is of,great interest to us but take us into,your diet first a lot of people let me,have heard a little about at this point,others may not have heard a thing yet,vv6 begin before 6:00 what are you,talking about well you know to cut to,the chase to really cut to the chase,what what we know about food nutrition,I'm talking about here changes all the,time and I was on a TV show I was on a,TV show yesterday where they open almost,every show reading some factoid about,some study about food that came out that,day sure every day there's

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Is It Time To Stop Freelancing? | Giveaway AnnouncementšŸŽ‰

Is It Time To Stop Freelancing? | Giveaway AnnouncementšŸŽ‰

i'm tony and this is she really codes,if you're new to the channel this,channel has historically been about,fremont content and that's all but we're,making a transition,to learning just learning all sorts of,things in general so if learning is your,thing then this is your channel,subscribe hit the notification bell,join us on our journey,so,is it time to start stop freelancing i,should say,that's the title of the video,well,i'm not sure but after i talk to you,about the transition in this video then,maybe we can talk a little bit more,about that,have you all wanted to change something,but,couldn't quite figure out how to do it,which way you wanted to go that sort of,thing well i've been in that same boat,when trying to figure out what to do,with this channel,and,i have it figured out so i wanted to,share it with you all so that you can,know as well so let's hop in,i've been doing research over the last,couple of days just trying to figure out,which way to go what's out there what,speaks to me right so i started out i'm,googling how to find out newest online,courses as their release my first,thought was,maybe,i could,be the first person to find out about,new courses,take those courses review those courses,move forward that way that was the first,thought right,but there wasn't much luck in figuring,that out so then i thought okay maybe if,i go to each of the platforms then i can,just,maybe they have a new section to show,what the courses are,that sort of thing so what that led me,to,is looking into the different platforms,i ran into i'm searching on youtube and,i get you to me most popular courses and,like i don't know okay you know maybe,maybe,that's the top ten,then got to a comparison video because,i'm like okay if i'm gonna look on the,different platforms what are the main,ones that people,go to or interested in i've used udemy,corsair i've used linkedin learning i've,never used skillshare um in a few of the,others right so watch this video by sean,sharma where he compared those ones,well,then,the big one happened so i found this,video by tyler lloyd the five best skill,share classes,and,honestly the very,first class he talked about is the one,that jumped out to me so,he talked about there being a class,on skillshare where the youtuber who,created it,really focuses in on learning like,that's that's his main thing,and his name is mike boyd so i'll hop,onto my boy's channel,i go to the videos to see kind of what's,going on,and,this is crazy because,this guy,has,really been doing what i've visualized,but couldn't quite figure out,how to make a reality in my head which,is,learning everything online and just,sharing that uh now,he is learning things that are more sort,of in the world right skateboarding how,to get better at chess,learning to make electronic circuit,music that sort of thing,but he's learning all sorts of things,and i'd love to be able to do that at,some point but,i won't make that much of a transition,on you all right i do want to sp

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my question to society is why won't you,just let people live maybe like 30,minutes ago let's go get some dinner,because I just finished this beautiful,workout by keaira LaShae oh my gosh it,was like I was drenched in sweat and I,loved it I want to get some dinner cuz I,was really hungry and it just feels so,good to eat right after you workout I go,to get my normal food at the normal,location I get a salad and I plan to get,a sandwich as well and I'm the person,that was manning the salad station mind,you I know him and we've been talking,for a while not like that but he's,actually a really good person well this,wasn't his first time acknowledging this,but today he just told me again possum,you don't eat enough okay at first it,didn't really bother me because I was,trying to cordials like just smiling and,letting him know that I appreciate him,for caring but you know when you play,the scene back in your head like you,know when somebody's arguing with you,and they have the last word and then you,just like oh but then won that argument,ends you kind of think of some more,things to say the venue like aw man it's,one of those moments for a long time,I've been buoyed about my size,especially for my mom and the night,during community I don't know if you,guys know this but in Nigerian culture,they prize women with big breasts big,butt because a big bone big neck or,something like that I don't know they,look objectifying the beautiful,curvaceous aspects of a woman just like,in American culture nothing different,it's because the way we dance we shake,our but a lot and if you're not thick,like me I'm not sick and you just shake,in bone it's not gonna look appealing,and the whole point of the dance is kind,of to you know look appealing so the guy,will so one man will be like hey I want,hot I won't talk to marry my sons it's,all objectification is that a word I,don't care I used to be bigger i guess,and i kind of just lived down cuz i'm,trying to eat healthy and I'm trying to,just live my life and be fit why is what,I put in my mouth such a big concern to,everybody else I don't go around me when,you're eating McDonald's oh that's going,to kill you,don't go over to fat people and tell,them to stop eating whatever they want,that's another reason why I kind of want,to be a dietician because I don't want,to tell people how to live their life if,they're not ready to change so why are,you guys telling me to live my life a,different way can I just eat what I want,hey why am i mom one reason why she so,up in arms about my health and my help,and the way I look is because she cares,it from her friends she's like oh people,are talking about you I'm like so what,bothered me is that she doesn't even,defend me she just kind of accepts what,the people are saying about me no like a,little bear cub and a mama bear a mama,bear cook a mama bear bear cub in the,mama bear is that don't make sense I put,her mom would do she would defend her,child if someone's picking on her army,an

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