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Video 9 : Customize Theme - التعديل على قالب Brooklyn

yes an American with one double can tell,me about the bond of custody the soon,yeah the custom is your store they're,not exceed my office you need a lamonica,Sheila no one has out congealed same,settings done shuffle over them,cheapo graphi kazarka the moon and now,it's an employer fault like what change,nibsy Futura and UNIX Pune feature out,ok regular live irregular,let's our critical to future future,instead of future the bond Azula Honda's,own newsletter hint about making this,just collection ok online you are able,to us hasn't had a great product,selection at oh yeah cow at the company,metal Namrata,kshitij not even enums Ian's working the,Obamas are we on it already,I can start an icon attached to have the,happen you know finish it's worth you,know which its way off slightly pause,you know possibly she working good,liberal are idiots were up slider on a,ceramic and Irishman a mishmash lighter,the Sun God,it's really a better Pocomoke wake me up,okay it's alright so that's it and okay,download free save Jeff watch games you,know that it comes not consuming okay,fine Godfrey say fine should push it,under a team at local hit achieve our,logo Volkman now say well you know we,just have a theorem of contents you know,I'd slide show any Libra affiliate had,actually up helices and then country,Lisa I have had a comma but certainly,slider or little divide your slide over,so G we upload it so we are not has a,front has a front league can be ie any,customers tourism economy optimism it's,a shot to a possibly could confuse ice,clear any loot speediest or the elk,voila to keep a shape and the vodka,slider,loot speediest or the elk chameleons so,I had any materials were in a box our,can be leaking,relatives they had ever stored here car,7e make incisions,okay Museum any positively idiotic in,Hallion madam,Atticus completely abnormal Mona's,country Parker on Toshiba logo many a,machine which came up in kilowatts Al,Haqq has a hernia or no kick-outs,checkout sitting,she kicked a woman zeidel mogul look we,can't touch a girl's body she be looking,at checkout Davao had young Indira save,huge shoe fool voila,asana leadership products hustling,leadership product but sure fool ok,another help sorry horrible indeed,products for that store Haddad thus be,nominal EE one decision and as to act,imagine products which is false on dry,and wet,Titian and white story person being,chief assignment exceed our own,colleague Co da da Vinci Iowa did not,read section punching you are evils 20r,Church callate la yaani orifice Wow,a homer products lists the Bob okay,the consume to below and not Julie -,looking at Cindy Museum,oh line you know mother and yes she,would turn motive here she can purchase,up a lot Mary should apologize she can,come under bernzy you see you tonight at,the top cool cheering quantity picture,okay to the inbuilt quantity ready show,dynamic chickens bottom Addison heat huh,button size mean one are just don't you,think settings color,the bottle bot on tha

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Free Visitor Live Count for Shopify

Free Visitor Live Count for Shopify

right I'm back okay I know it's been a,while but I decided to release this,piece of code that I've already written,that I've been using on my store and a,lot of people have already asked me for,it so what is this this is a live count,module and if you don't know what this,is here it is you can see it in action,and it's just for added social proof you,know you will find this in themes and,premium themes like shop demise or,booster the newer booster I think has it,and if you have a free theme or if you,have a different theme that doesn't have,it you can install this at no extra cost,as always to get it you have to go down,in the description if you haven't,already if you haven't already I have no,idea how you ended up here but you have,to go down in the description click the,first link and download the the folder,with the code and come back to continue,the installation right so I'm gonna want,you to go into your online store and go,into the code section now this is a very,simple and robust script so I I'm pretty,confident that it's gonna work on pretty,much any theme now the good thing always,for using code is the fact that you can,place it wherever you want so we're,gonna go into the product template dot,liquid as always and the way I have my,life count placed I have it above the,Add to Cart now you can choose to place,it wherever you want but for this,example you're gonna place we're gonna,use this placement so I'm gonna go copy,the whole code just copy it and paste it,in right above the button tag usually,that's where you find that you're gonna,find your Add to Cart button so the only,thing I'm gonna have to change is I'm,gonna have to change the minimum and the,maximum which is the middle minimum and,maximum amount of people that the live,cam is gonna be displaying at all times,keep in mind to use a believable numbers,so your site doesn't look like a pure,scam and be similar inside like,similar right so go from 20 to 40 or,something like that,now let's customize the thing to make it,look the way 1 so I've compiled a little,document with various different graphics,that you can put it's a list of colorful,beacons and two different eyes like eye,graphics so you can choose whichever I'm,gonna pick the URL for the green one for,this example I haven't just kind of,pasted in the empty field that I've laid,out for you save and just refresh the,page and you're gonna see that the,beacon is there it's flashing and it's,ready to go right so we can also you can,choose whichever you whichever one you,want and you can also use different ones,like you can upload to your file section,on Shopify but let's try a different one,let's try the eye of the blinking eye,that I've already created for you so,same way we're gonna go back we're gonna,paste it in the same field remove the,old one pasted there save and refresh,the page and now you have a knot you can,choose whichever one you want now you,can also play with the size of it so by,changing the number the height ne

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100% FREE Straight To Checkout - Skip Cart for your Shopify Dropshipping Store

100% FREE Straight To Checkout - Skip Cart for your Shopify Dropshipping Store

well here and I'm back right and I'm,gonna be sharing with you a very very,quick tutorial on how to code and modify,your website so it goes from Add to Cart,from you know pressing the Add to Cart,button straight to the checkout page,without taking the visitor through the,cart page and this is pretty cool,because most reasons especially have a,visible chart rate their carpet pages,buttons too small under the fold all the,color goes up so this is gonna be a,great way for you to see the little bit,of extra cost with apps charge you to do,this and the second reason why this is,pretty interesting is this is a great,way for you to troubleshoot your,cartridge so you're getting a lot about,the courage and you think your,conversion rate can be improved maybe,try this one whether whether you do it,from an app or through this it's,irrelevant but maybe trying to see if,the card isn't actually a page which is,causing a problem,I like this the set up and I actually in,my own drop shipping store I Drive,people straight from Add to Cart to the,checkout now I'm gonna put a pretty big,disclaimer here and say that we've been,experiencing malfunctioning in many,feeds where it just doesn't work you put,the code in and it works normally so you,drive too straight to the card so this,is not gonna break your theme in any way,but it might not work on yours and I,can't guarantee that it will but because,I want to get it figured out to work for,my own use as well I'm gonna be working,on it and probably I'll find a solution,very good play,and but I thought until then because it,has some functionality I thought I'd get,it out there and once I actually figure,out the solution so that works in every,case all the times and it's more robust,I'm going to take this video down and,reupload with the new and improved,version so I don't want to waste any,more of your time let's go into the,tutorial it's gonna take like 30 seconds,and you're gonna have it ready so let's,go,right so here were in my computer and,the first thing we're gonna do is find,our product and liquid file and as,always we're gonna scroll down and find,the Add to Cart this is a completely,stop team it has almost nothing in it so,as you can see if I add my title to part,it just adds to heart nothing,interesting happens so if you haven't,downloaded the code you want to go down,in the description that you download it,it's gonna open this little kids D file,I have a little bit of a few,instructions for you in here,what we're gonna be doing is grabbing,this single line over here between the,tutorial of the line drum be a single,line of code and once you find your uh,your Cod heart button you'll see under,it the span ID Add to Cart exit and just,underneath it you're gonna paste a hard,line of code and say right so if I go,back now on my website that's just,French real quick and Add to Cart you're,gonna see I'm gonna be taken straight to,a checkup,so yeah this is this is it normal so you,know this is fairly easy I don't thi

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it,it is impossible to ever predict what,life brings to us,though everyone wishes they could,she is called a lestin a mother to was a,olga blessing,who is going through a lot of hard times,and terrible pain,almost all people who see her in this,area,say that olga is pregnant but it was a,body disorder,they needed help and this is what,happened,it is not the first time that we visit,this family,it is the third and this is how their,story goes,this serious condition caused olga to,drop out of school,her mother says that she is facing a,very difficult time in her life,raising and taking care of a child as a,single parent,is also another challenging task and she,also said,that lack of enough money for treatment,kept her daughter becoming more ill,it was one morning an olga was in,nursery school,but early that day she claimed to be,having a lot of stomach pain,and they had no idea that it was the,last day,that she ever woke up expecting to go to,school,so she stayed home because they thought,it was diarrhea,and it would end anytime soon,the belly grew and turned into this,the people living around her all started,saying that she was pregnant at six,her mother tried taking her to the,hospital but treatment was very,expensive,so she brought her home and she did not,know what was,happening to her daughter,they were visited by afrimax and their,story was told to the world,according to ellestine their life,totally changed,from the moment that their story was,aired,she says that since her first visit a,lot of people called her,trying to give her words of comfort,telling her not to worry at all,because her daughter was going to be,fine,she kept giving her baby medicine and,they at least had hope,that she was going to become fine,someday,very many people watched her story after,it was published,they all contributed and they donated,money for olga's treatment,because her mother had been home for,some long time and they could not afford,getting to a better hospital,a few days later we visited them for the,second time,we handed in the money that was donated,to them via gofundme,a link that is always put in the,description of each and every video,and pinned in the topmost comment by,afrimax english,it was a lot of happiness to them when,she received this money,one could see the joy in her face she,knelt down,and thanked the lord and all people that,donated,and she said that at this point she,could see her daughter in school again,i don't have what to say right now,getting to pay olga's medical bill,was really something beyond my reach i,talked to everyone i knew,about my baby olga's health condition,but no one actually helped,and i'm really surprised that afrimax is,also doing this for me,may our heavenly father bless you,abundantly,she immediately scheduled to go and,visit hospitals,that she couldn't afford before she went,as fast as she could,because her baby was dying and a lot of,people kept calling her pregnant at six,which is also heartbreaking she thought,t

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