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How to Properly Buy a REAL Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store w/ Adsellr

you've seen my multiple videos across,multiple channels of me exposing and,roasting and tearing apart these,pre-built shopify stores and how,terrible they are and how much of a,ripoff it is well the number one comment,i got from all those videos is okay this,is fake thanks but where did i get a,real one i didn't have a good answer to,that question in fact all the pre-built,stuff i saw was garbage until today so,let's talk about how to buy a pre-built,shopify store the right way,make me a deal if you get any value or,information out of today's video hit,that like and subscribe button and,today's video is brought to you by ad,seller yes this is a sponsored video but,you're going to see why i chose the,sponsorship now listen i've had,opportunities for people to sponsor my,videos for pre-built shopify stores,before and trust me i've said no and i,say no to 90 of the companies that reach,out but this company i was like you know,what i'll give them a shot i'll check,out their store and it's one of the,better shopify stores i've ever seen,ever i'm talking better than some of,like the high profile professional drop,shippers you see their videos and you,see their stores i mean this is next,level so let me kind of read you the,description of what ad seller really is,ad seller is an e-commerce agency who,specializes in user-generated content,pre-built shopify stores and other,e-commerce marketing and production,services okay so you don't want to sit,here and listen to me blab and stare at,my ugly face i got a pimple no one wants,to look at that so what i'm actually,going to do is i'm going to tell you all,about the store all about the company,all about what they can do for you in,their package it's not just a store you,also get other things included with it,including a 10 000 follower instagram,page which i of course have access to i,got my store i got my instagram page and,they are fantastic so i'm just going to,kind of screen record what the store,looks like so that way i have time to,explain to you everything you need to,know and you can thoroughly look through,all of the pages and really analyze the,store and then after i'm done talking,about the store we're gonna walk through,the instagram page that i got and of,course there's also marketing material,that you can purchase alongside with it,so let's roll the footage now as far as,ads and stores go most other services,charge you hundreds of dollars for,content and what these companies do is,they turn around and they hire someone,on fiverr to make a crap video or a crap,store for five bucks and that's what you,end up getting they're simply the middle,man just pocketing the difference ad,seller actually has an in-house creative,team that hand creates all of the,advertising content in fact they were,actually started as a video production,company so it's no wonder they blew the,competition out of the water it's a,90-day difference between the stores,we've gone through with you know people,like mikey cass and

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Buying a Pre-Built Ecommerce Store – is it REALLY worth it?

Buying a Pre-Built Ecommerce Store – is it REALLY worth it?

recently i've been targeted by a lot of,done-for-you stores pre-built store,offers,and i'm curious if you've been you know,targeted by these ads too let me know,down in the comments below i'm going to,give you my honest opinion on pre-built,stores and why you should,or should not buy and purchase a,pre-built,store,just to clarify really quickly these,stores that we're talking about here,these pre-built stores from what i've,seen,anyway are sold from scratch so they,don't have any data or sales that come,with it,it's different from drop shipping stores,that are sold on the exchange,that already have been turning a profit,for many,months if not years okay so let's break,down what exactly you get if you,purchase one of these pre-built,done-for-you stores,and as a disclaimer i should probably,add that i do not sell,any of these pre-built done-for-you type,stores okay so,the first thing that you apparently get,is a unique store,so you get a you know a tail sword,that's made for you,it's also a hands-off experience so you,do not,need to do anything everything's done,for you from scratch apparently,and some of these people also offer,done for you facebook ads too uh so it's,a pretty hands-off experience,so let's take it at face value sometimes,products are even selected for you so,product selection,is uh given to you as well so everything,is done for you we're talking about the,store,ads and uh and the product selection,they market it in a way to say that all,you have to do,is just essentially fulfill the orders,and do customer service,two pretty basic stuff that uh you can,honestly just,outsource to a virtual assistant but,yeah that's what you're getting you're,getting everything done for you,as they say and all you need to do is,just the service part of things,and fulfillment so on paper it sounds,pretty amazing,and i'm sure you might have stumbled,upon one of these offers,again if you have let me know down in,the comments below because i'm really,curious,and if you heard of about one of these,offers they do sound really appealing,they sound attractive you don't need to,do anything,and you get the expertise of these,people that are,you know selling these stores so,everything's done for you,and so it begs the question does this,sound,too good to be true by the way give this,video a,like if you find it useful insightful,and also subscribe and turn on the,notification bell if you haven't already,it is much appreciated i'm not here to,comment on whether or not this practice,or this offer is a scam,honestly i don't know i you know haven't,engaged in one of these offers and i,haven't spoke to anyone who has,purchased one of these stores,and i'm sure that some of these people,actually do deliver,a good uh and results and i'm sure their,intentions are,good and well but i'm here to answer,whether or not you,should actually purchase one of these,stores whether or not they're a scam,or whether or not they actually work i'm,going to tell you,whether or not you sh

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I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tick tock organic,route meaning posting content on tick,tock and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tick tock does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tick tock,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tick tock feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and y

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Dropshipping 2021 | How To Get A Done For You Dropshipping Store Made

Dropshipping 2021 | How To Get A Done For You Dropshipping Store Made

what's good youtube it's your boy jb,and if you don't know me we go over,tools tips and tricks to make money,online,today guys we'll be discussing drop,shipping for a 2021 it is right around,the corner and i can't wait um 2020 has,been,uh a trash of a year but it's all good,we're making the best of a bad situation,and it is fun to discuss,new things that are coming in 2021 and,the new thing that i've been seeing that,people been doing a lot more,is actually buying a business in a box,or buying something that's already,done for them uh that way they don't,have to like,second guess anything and try to get,into something and then just sit there,and then not actually finish out the,project or the business itself,so i figured it would be a good time for,me to just go ahead and buy a store,that's built out for me,and then just review it and that way you,guys can see what all you get,and see if it's worth the bang for your,buck so if you're new to the channel,hit subscribe button and the,notification bell while you're at it,and without further ado let's go ahead,and dive right in,so yeah guys i went ahead and purchased,a shopify,drop shipping store for 2021 and,um i went through fiverr and it only,cost me,150 to do this it was actually less than,that it was about 100 bucks but i try to,rush it just for this video,and actually i was very impressed based,on,um i guess fiverr every now and then,gets a bad rap i think just depends on,what you get through fiverr,it's either gonna be good quality or,it's gonna be what you pay for,um nonetheless uh what i got i was,actually impressed with what i have,there are a few things that we can,probably tweak which we're going to go,over step by step,um as far as what things we can improve,um,what was actually executed and what was,actually created in the apps that were,put on my store,and yeah going through all the ins and,outs,and and how you can go about ordering,your your store as well so,um getting right into it,i just want to show you this real quick,my order that i put in,and i'll show you the gig itself that,way you guys can reach out to this guy,so it's moyes 54 and,um what he does in a nutshell he like he,he gives you like these products to,check out i once they gave me about like,20 of them because if you look at the,gig,this gig includes a winning product so,it gives you the winning product does,the logo for you it gives you all your,legal pages that you need,the testimonials the trust badges it,connects to shipping,the contact form he does does like,everything you possibly can think of,he does that for you i'm going to go,through my store real quick,and show you everything that he did and,um,yeah actually again very impressed with,what i paid for,it was like come out to be like 145,but uh all good and he did again the,product title tags detail descriptions,like everything so um,let's check out the store the store is,called caddy cove because he gave me,again like 37 products 35 products to,choose from then

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Are Done-for-You Dropshipping Stores Legit?? 🧐

Are Done-for-You Dropshipping Stores Legit?? 🧐

hey what's up everybody,anton crowley here from e-commerce,lifestyle calm and welcome back to the,podcast in today's episode i want to,address something that comes up pretty,frequently inside of our community over,at dropship lifestyle and that is the,question of whether or not done-for-you,dropshipping stores are legit and the,story usually goes something like this,the person that's asking the question,found out that there's an opportunity,where they can build an online business,make some extra money maybe replace,their income,maybe quit their job they go down the,rabbit hole of doing research and,watching videos like this one that,you're watching right now and maybe they,even start to do the work and build,their own store and then maybe they see,an ad online or maybe they just have the,idea of what if I could just buy an,existing store something that's done for,me what if I can kind of shortcut my,path to success and skip the whole,process of doing the work building the,store getting the suppliers setting up,traffic and you know should I do that,does it make sense so what I want to do,is address this in two different ways,because there are definitely legit done,a few options out there but there are,also some that are just destined to be,losers and I can't even imagine what it,would be like to sink 5 10 grand into,one of these losers and even worse waste,that time and probably even worse than,that lose the motivation that you had,because you just spent thousands of,dollars on something that's destined to,fail so in this episode we're gonna talk,about how to spot the winners from the,losers and hopefully save you some cash,and definitely save you some time so I,think the way that I can best help you,understand which is a good investment is,by breaking these things down into two,different categories we have assets and,then we have opportunities now an asset,is something that will cost a sizable,amount of money should you want to,purchase it because what you're actually,buying here is the done-for-you store in,addition to so what are those things,that you get when you invest into an,asset well first of all you're gonna be,buying something that's already,generating income and not just something,that got one sale as a proof of concept,but something that's been generating,sales historically over a long period of,time ideally at least 12 months and when,you buy this type of,for you store you're getting that track,record you're getting that history,you're getting that safety of Wow I can,look at the numbers and see that this,business has been profitable month after,month for X amount of months and,obviously the longer the better because,that just shows that there's more safety,involved now when you're buying these,assets something that you can know and,something you can look out for if you're,looking for stores for sale is that,they're sold at a multiple of how much,money they make so it's not just like,somebody says hey I want to sell my,done-for-you s

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