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Why is Windows of Opportunity Meta Now? (Dead by Daylight Live Commentary)

hello there YouTube hope you're doing,good and as you'll notice my uh my game,is a little bit more yellow than usual,it's like we just crossed over into,Mexico and Breaking Bad and that's,because I'm running Windows of,opportunity believe it or not hold on,bones we have a no mither gamer all,right respect respect I can respect the,Giga Chad play I wanted to make another,one of these live commentaries because,believe it or not there's been a lot of,talk about Windows of opportunity just,in general it is one of the most used,Survivor perks in the game right now,which is kind of crazy to think about,considering it just shows you wear,pallets and windows are and you would,think oh as a veteran player as someone,who has a lot of time you wouldn't,really need it it would have no use to,you it wouldn't really do anything oh,boy and that is not true at all actually,oh boy there he is wait does he have,silent Bell and the The Clapper wow,you you kind of be gaming out,here look at him go,holy he caught up fast,look at him go,easy,and the thing with Windows and veteran,players is you're still going to get,value out of it regardless of if you're,a new player or not and to put it into,perspective the main resource of this,game and the thing that Windows shows,you is Palace and windows but it's RNG,you can't control that RNG and so you're,never gonna actually know if those,things are there to put it further into,perspective solo queue it helps a ton,because solo queue you don't know,whether or not your teammates just threw,that palette you don't know what they've,used and what they haven't so it helps a,ton in that regard now all that being,said do I think that the perk needs,nerfed no no I don't I think the windows,opportunity has seen quite a big spike,for a few things number one it being,buffed not long ago at number two solo,queue the windows opportunity has seen,quite a large spike in usage rain and I,think most of that is because of solo,queue yeah I got buffed but a lot of it,is because of solo queue and a lot of it,is also because people realize it's not,that bad of a perk it's not a newbie,hand holding perk it can be but it also,helps veteran players as well no matter,how good you are at the game no matter,how much time you have in it you can't,possibly predict what RNG there's gonna,be like for example I'm in solo queue I,had no way to know if that palette was,still there or not and I don't know how,I got away with that right there,this could have been thrown and I would,have no earthly idea now if I was in a,team and I could ask hey did one of you,throw the pallet over here then you know,they could answer honestly oh good job,good job good play I have a feeling,we're not gonna survive this but you,know I might get surprised I don't know,let me let me heal up real quick because,I know he's over there but Windows of,opportunity helps against RNG and now,that there's not a cooldown on it which,let's be honest there shouldn't,there shouldn't have been a

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How to add Product Review in your Prestashop Store

How to add Product Review in your Prestashop Store

hello everyone there's a quick guide to,how you can enable product reviews in,your PrestaShop store so ideally your,online customers would generally judge,your product based on the images that,you have put up high-resolution images,and accurate details that describe the,product but at times it's also very,crucial that you should have the feature,of leaving product reviews because a lot,of your online customers might consider,checking out reviews of the products,that you have showcased on your online,store,so PrestaShop by default comes with a,module called product comments which,enables this tool with a product review,feature and I'm just going to show you,how you can install that module and,configure that quickly in this couple of,steps from the back end so this is a,back end avi PrestaShop dummy store,which is a version 1.6 so all you have,to do is quickly go to the modules and,services section and there you would,find a list of all the modules that are,already installed and the modules that,are available to be installed so this,type in product comments and you'd get,the option to install it and once you,install it it'll automatically going to,get installed and it'll take you to the,configuration page via a couple of,settings which generally you know by,default comes set just the way it should,be so ideally all reviews must be,validated by an employee and it's,supposed to be set as yes because you,not want you know people to leave junk,posts on the review section of your,product and also you'd not want guest,customers to leave a review so only your,registers customers should be able to,leave a review and the minimum time,frame between two reviews could be 30,seconds or more as you feel it's,important okay so once an review is,given by a customer here you'd find that,review for approval and once you approve,it then only it'll be visible at the,front end and the other customers of,yours would be able to see it so now,let's go to the front end of the,PrestaShop store and let me show you how,a particular customer can leave,Wacka review and how did appear to an,end customer from the front end so let,me just randomly select a product and,say so here you have the option be the,first to review you click on that and,give anything you want so customer may,leave a review now at the back end if,you refresh the page you get this,particular review given by a customer,Joe Gordon for example from the front,end and you get to approve it so without,approval this is not shown at the front,end so let me just approve it now and,now let's go back to the front end and,refresh the page and here goes the,review so this are you can quickly,enable the product comment feature of,PrestaShop and all your customers can,leave back valuable reviews for your,products and I'm sure this is going to,help all your you know customers who,might visit your store and check out the,products thank you

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