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Shopify Online Store 2.0 - Booster Theme 6.0 is Now Compatible!

guys thanks for being there uh again,it's me,mark from booster team basically uh this,morning i was talking with some clients,and they were asking me,when is booster team going to be,available on,os 2.0 and my answer is,since now two weeks uh so we're the 25th,of july it's been now two weeks that,we're running on,os 2.0 and basically booster team was,already having the architecture,which shopify adapted uh adopted,so basically booster theme 5.0 was,already made,for the new os 2.0 from shipify,i don't know how this thing happened but,basically we were bullseye uh,exactly the way shopify will do their,next team architecture which is uh,pretty,uh pretty funny in in a way but like i'm,not asking any question here or,anything basically it took us less than,half of a day to switch to os 2.0,basically now with os 2.0 it's pretty,cool because,you have section everywhere so if you go,for,example on your product page,you can now add section everywhere add,blocks so basically you have the control,over,everything as i shown you this was,already available inside booster team,this is a new,feature so the localized delivery which,calculate when you're going to receive,your package,uh but basically you have a section,everywhere,now so super easily to you let me switch,my face on the other side,so you can add section directly in the,bottom of your site so basically if you,want to add a video plus a text,super easy to do so let's take,a video of me here rambling about,booster team,so you can add a video on your product,page you can add like,every section that are available inside,the home page are now available in,every page so if you go to your,collection page for every,for example you're gonna have access,to uh the section from your collection,page so like if you want to add a video,or anything,it's all available so like faq map so,like whatever blog article you can add,them directly in the bottom of any page,so super easily like that and uh,basically booster is fully adapted and,for,those of you guys who are already,clients of booster team,it's super easy to switch to os 2.0,so this morning we've released our team,updater,which works uh with,booster 5 and booster 6. so basically if,you want to convert your,booster 5 theme to a,booster 6 theme which is working with os,2.0 we build the converter so it's super,easy,you just have to uh click upgrade and,it's going to do,automatically the switch from,os 1.0 to os 2.0,reusing all the content you already,built inside your store so it's pretty,cool and we,are again the only team,adapted to os 2.0 right now and,having a team updater,and a theme converter made for os 2.0,like even out of the sandbox and other,companies right now,are still not up to date to it and we,are,um the reason is again as i say,uh as i'm always saying we focus,all our energy for you guys to make sure,that you're always adapted to the to the,uh,to the latest product the latest update,from shopify and that your store,is always top-notch updated to,a

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Booster theme for Shopify - Product Demo

Booster theme for Shopify - Product Demo

okay guys so those of you who doesn't,know me my name is mark,uh five years ago we started that theme,called booster theme,which was a small theme having a,countdown timer and some,little other features like the sales,notification and since that day,five years ago we kept improving the,same theme,non-stop so instead of like developing a,bunch of other teams like the other team,developers,are doing so like if you compare to all,my competitors they have like 10 12,15 different theme to support we decided,that we're gonna just do,one theme which is gonna be the best,having all the features you need all the,flexibility you need,and everything uh all inside it so,basically it's,way more than a theme it's a complete,solution for marketing,and you guys are gonna see how powerful,this team is uh in this video so,let's start right now we don't have a,second two ways and thanks for being,there today with me,okay so let's go let's uh,cool uh so yeah so this is the most or,it's,it's not it's not a final design but,basically i want just to show you,uh what kind of uh mentality we have at,booster team,and when i say that it's more than a,theme it's more it's more a tool,is that because if you go to our theme,settings you're gonna see that,already you know we're not asking you to,integrate,a gdpr uh netiz bar messenger chat free,shipping bar,all those things are integrated directly,into booster so countdown timer recently,bought because,the card timer uh dynamic title like,which is,this thing that is pretty cool so we,cannot see it right now,but basically it says wait come back,those are,cool features from booster team that are,directly integrated inside our theme,coding,and one of the thing that is cool is,that we give you the control over how,your team is going to look like,and when we say that we mean it let's,say for example my product card here,i want to change my my product card,style i can just go there and decide,whether uh do i want to have a button,on it or uh i don't want it and there's,many many many styling options so like,in,less than a click i added a button here,where i can add this product to the card,or do i want to use a catalog view,instead,and make something cool that people to,see the price,they are gonna need to go to the product,page and uh that um,basically create curiosity inside your,your customer,uh or uh do i want to,also i don't know like um,do i want to adjust uh the spacing,between my card so i can just go there,and change the spacing i can put like 49,pixel here,of spacing between my cards and like,basically we've,we've put limits uh to 50 pixels but,it's because,everything is calculated so your store,is always going to look great,so you have the flexibility but we make,sure that your store is always going to,look great,so do i want to have three three cards,instead per row,uh you can do it with booster team uh,basically you have control over,everything but like,it doesn't stop there like do you want,to play with your layout as

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