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How To Update Shopify Theme Without Losing Customization

hey how's it going there the solutions,so today we have a client who you know,just having some issues they have a lot,of uh you know issues with their theme,you know where you know obviously a,loose load times and it's due to the,fact that they installed a lot of apps,previously and apps tenderly if you know,hold code behind its very own optimized,apps don't really care you know these,app companies don't care about your,store and how they install their app and,uninstall it you know they care about,you know getting that monthly payment,and also you know they want to install,everything globally they don't kind of,you know separate things so what we're,doing is I'm going to show you how to,you know handle that that exact issue we,optimized the store still not really,happy so I went back to the client and,said hey you know on I think we should,probably install a fresh copier theme,that way,you know only the apps are in actually,need and actually are using will be,installed on this theme it will also,remove that coat all those old codes,that were left behind now why do you,don't know but the proper way to,actually remove apps is to go into the,app and disable the settings wait a,little while because typically some apps,they have this they have what we call,cron job now runs in the background goes,through you know stores that are,disabled and more typically you know a,large majority of apps of ethics that,I've used in with this experience go and,remove the code that that's left behind,and then after once that's completed you,can actually go and delete the app most,of you don't do that you just go,straight up and delete the app don't,really blame you because no one told you,now I did so I'm gonna show you how to,install a fresh copy of the theme so I'm,gonna go in and delete this theme right,here and show you the steps of them and,then I took so does this particular,client is using district so what we're,gonna do is we're going to go down here,we're gonna go to shop by theme store,I'm gonna search up district and because,they paid for it we can actually go and,install the latest version so we're,gonna do that kind of looked at do its,thing,all right Wow Shopify you're actually,fast for once,all right so now we got having close out,of this window now we have the that we,have district so I'm gonna rename this,while it's doing this whole thing and,we're just saying this fresh copy so now,there's nothing here right there's,nothing no settings of MA no,customizations nothing nada zilch right,now a lot of people don't know this but,you know I've seen numerous people going,and have to redesign their store you,don't have to do that I really don't you,can go here we can edit the code you can,see I did a lot of different things here,so we're gonna go here and all the way,down to config settings data now mind,you this won't always copy everything,over but it's gonna save you a lot of,time time is everything so it's gonna go,here,copy the code I'm gonna go back her

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How to update Ella Shopify theme?

How to update Ella Shopify theme?

in this video we would like to instruct,you to update Ella Shopify theme in the,pop-up click and choose the new Ella,version package to install on your theme,the uploading process may take a while,so be patient the result is worthy wait,there you go the new version is,successfully uploaded,in your theme site duplicate the current,tab,in first browser tab click the three,dots of your theme then choose edit code,and in the new browser tab go to edit,code of the newella version you have,just installed,so now we have two code editors of the,two sources open concurrently,in the previous version search for the,index syn file,pressed troll plus a command plus a on,Mac OS to select all text then copy it,in the other tab also search for the,index syn file,select all text and paste your copied,settings there,click save to update your home settings,another important file is settings data,syn file search for the settings data,send file on your first tab repeat the,same process of copy and paste to apply,your settings on the uploaded theme,up to this point your home is ready to,be published,but of course there are many other pages,of your site such as product collection,pages,let's tackle the product page first,search for the product send file in the,First Source,you might also need to transfer all,product template files that start with,product template,for the demo purpose I will only,transfer the product send a file to the,new source,remember to save on every file you make,changes,the next Pages collection,search for the collection send file and,copy its text to the collection send on,the new source,hope you still remember the copy and,paste process,you may also need to transfer all,collection files starting with,collection template to the new source,Now search for files starting with page,to transfer Pages like contact about us,FAQs Etc,assume that I want to transfer my about,us one page I will copy the paste the,settings and page template about US1,send to the new version,lastly there is only one collection list,page that needs to be transferred,in case you have had any customization,service you need to transfer the files,of custom Cs and custom JS to the new,theme source as well,finally click the preview store to see,your result,hope you find this video helpful see you,in other videos from hella themes

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Formation Shopify #5 - Mise en place du design de votre boutique.

Formation Shopify #5 - Mise en place du design de votre boutique.

salut à tous et bienvenue dans cette,vidéo alors dans cette vidéo qui est la,cinquième vidéo de la formation chez,desseilles je vous montrerai comment on,peut changer le thème de votre boutique,et comment on peut créer un beau design,pour votre boutique donc pour changer le,thème on va aller cliquer d'un thème,d'orgueil store est là en descendre un,petit peu vous allez voir la section,plus de thèmes ici vous avez la liste de,tous les thèmes gratuits,ici vous avez la liste de tous les,thèmes qui est restée ici vous pouvez,embaucher un expert de choc chez nous,pour l'instant on va se concentrer là,dessus donc si par exemple je clique ici,ça me redirige vers une page de jolies,filles donc pas tant que ça change un,petit peu,voilà donc ici on a la liste des,différents thèmes choc failles qui,existent,je veux montrer le thème voilà donc pour,l'instant on a le thème des bus et le,thème de base vous voyez il n'y a rien,c'est certainement vrai mandat de khwaja,système de base de shopping,donc là vous avez plein de thèmes qui,sont qui sont vraiment attirant mais le,problème c'est que la plupart d'entre,eux voilà qui sont très chers 140,dollars 180 dollars donc nous ce qu'on,va faire dans cette formation c'est,qu'on va se concentrer en fait sur les,télés gratuit donc comment on peut,ajouter un de ses thèmes gratuits qu'on,a ici,et bien tout simplement qu'on va quitter,cette page et moi ce que je vais faire,si j'allais dans la section thèmes,gratuits,on clique sur thème gratuit et là on,regarde un peu ce qu'il ya donc voilà,non je dois être franc ça c'est plutôt,une aventure nous c'est une boutique de,décoration d'objets avec des objets de,ce il est temps de décorer son objectif,est un dingue du coup on va plutôt,sélectionné quelque chose on va regarder,celui-là ok donc la voilà donc j'ai,sélectionné indéterminée ritchie ici,vous pouvez voir qu'il ya des styles,différents,la foule classique on va partir sur,l'iphone voilà on va partir sur ces,thèmes-là est en fait a dit ok je,termine le nom de tmc brooklyn et le,style c'est donc on attend que voilà ça,les charges un petit peu on attend un,petit peu voilà donc la nôtre t'aimer et,ajouter ici est il en train de charger,donc on est un tricheur et voilà parfait,donc maintenant ce qu'on va faire c'est,qu'on va faire preview et là on va,pouvoir voir à quoi ressemble notre,boutique avec ce thème,donc voilà donc ça change déjà un petit,peu c'est déjà mieux que tout à l'heure,voilà un parfait très bien donc là on va,pouvoir changer de couleur les textes,tout ça on va travailler ça donc pour,mettre ce thème de cliquer sur actions,et de biche et la voilà ce que ça vous,dit est ce que vous êtes sûr de publier,le thème brooklyn comme votre thème,principal thème en ligne,cela va remplacer votre thème thème,courant,donc là on clique sur peluche on attend,un petit peu et voilà ces publics donc,maintenant on va passer à la phase donc,customisation de la boutique donc voilà,comment faire un beau design pour votre,boutique do

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