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How to add Particle Effect Background using Elementor | PowerPack Addon for Elementor

hi guys my name is Josh and in this,video we will see how you can create,line particles effect on your website,using the elemental editor for this,tutorial we'll be using the powerpack,elements add-on for Elementor so make,sure you have the Elementor plugin and,the powerpack elements install and,activate it on your website let's see,how you can add line particles,background effect on your website with,elemental,first of all open the page where you,want to add line particles background,effect using elemental lter once you are,in the editor select the section where,you want to add your background effect,and click on the edit section button,then click on the style tab and look for,powerpack background fix click on it and,enable the background effects option,once you do that you will see an,animation type of wearing,change it to line particles and you will,see the line particle fits up in in the,background now let's go ahead and see,how you can further customize line,particles effect you can change the,particles and line color separately to,any color of your choice,you can all see the obesity of the color,and can enable random obesity as well,if you want to increase the number of,particles you can do that from the,quantity option,further you can also increase or,decrease the size of the particles using,the size option you can use a slider or,you can just enter the number for the,size of the particles and size will,automatically change to that number,now coming to the animation you can,change the movement speed of the line,particles and lines just enter a number,or use the slider to change the movement,speed,if you want you can change the direction,of the movement of these particles the,default setting is random movement but,if you want the particles to move in a,specific direction you can do that too,just let the direction you want from the,list,further you can also add hover effects,to your line particles effect you can,make the cursor grab the particles,create a bubble of them and can make,them repel and if you do not want to add,a hover effect you can just leave it to,none and lastly you get an option to,make a background effect responsive just,click on the toggle button to make the,background effect disappear andhe,sponsored devices once you are done go,ahead and publish the page and see what,your particle background effects look,like on the front end,you,do let me know what do you think of this,line particle background effect and if,you found this video useful do drop like

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