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Types of Digital Products to Sell Online in 2022

What types of digital products are out there  that you can make and sell them online. let me  ,show you an example. this person Kate Rose sells  these graphic designs on etsy for $3.20 each.  ,she has sold so far over half a million of these  graphic designs. that means she easily made  ,over a million dollar in profit. these are  graphic designs and it's a jpeg file. if  ,you buy this you can download this jpeg  file. you can create this graphic design  ,easily on canva but if you are not an artist or  you don't feel creating yourself you can go to  , and then you can buy these  graphic designs with the commercial license  ,and then you upload them on etsy and start selling  them and this one was just one type of digital  ,products that you can sell. there are thousands  and thousands of digital products that you can  ,make and sell them online. in this video i'm gonna  go through all these type of digital products  ,that are out there it's important to stick around  to the end so that you know all these types of  ,digital products to see which one is your cup of  tea that you want to build your business around,  ,i'm Vahid and my passion is making money online.  in this channel i share all my findings to turn my  ,passion into profit. if that sounds interesting  to you go ahead and subscribe now to join me in  ,this journey toward financial freedom. so without  further ado let's jump into it. there are seven  ,categories of digital products. category number  1-short pdf documents: in this category there are  ,22 types of digital products. 1-1: workbooks: a  workbook is a step-by-step fill in the blank guide  ,that helps you learn a particular subject or  arrive at a desired outcome by yourself. in any  ,niche that you have expertise you can create  a workbook to help people to arrive at their  ,desired outcome. for example in self-help niche  you can creative "find your passion workbook"  ,1-2: digital planners: a digital planner is a pdf  document that can be used in a note-taking app  ,usually in a format of a desk  calendar for recording appointments,  ,things to be done for the purpose of planning.  this is an example of a daily weekly monthly  ,planner. you can also give a specific theme  to your planner to be used in a specific niche  ,like meal planners, content creator planners,  productivity planners, teachers planners,  ,wedding planners, workout planners and so on. you  can also create digital stickers for planners.  ,1-3: plans: a plan is a method of achieving  something that you have worked out in details  ,beforehand. plans and planners are two different  things. planners are helping you to build a plan  ,whereas plans are already built and  you need to just follow these steps.  ,a planner requires you to fill in the blanks but  a plan is already ready and you just follow it to  ,achieve your desired goal. like meal plans,  workout plans, DIY build plans are just few  ,examples of these type of digital products.

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How to Make a Custom Fashion Line & More I FB Live 72

How to Make a Custom Fashion Line & More I FB Live 72

hi everyone welcome to tonight's,Facebook and Instagram live I'm,Christine doll with fashion and draw and,tonight we are doing a live Q&A this is,episode number 72 that means there are,over 71 free live training videos inside,our fearless fashion printer Facebook,group so if you're on Instagram just,know that this video will be deleted at,the end of this broadcast however you,can head on over to our fearless fashion,or Facebook group and watch it there,hi grandstand fashion thanks for joining,so we are doing hi Denise a Q&A so get,your questions ready I'm gonna answer,all the questions that were already,previously sent in I want to honor those,people first we're gonna answer any,questions that weren't answered on the,last Facebook live and then I'll get to,any new questions that we have if time,permits so don't forget to give me your,hearts give me your thumbs up I need it,it's like oxygen to me guys I love it I,love hearing from you let me know how,everything is going hi Daniela how are,you okay so today we are gonna talk,about things like ways to make,customization easier when to start an,Instagram account two reasons on demand,manufacturing is very difficult the best,fabrics to use for sublimation printing,and so much more hi 19:38 Design LLC,thanks for joining hi Shawna so let's,get right to it,okay so juliana loop neck i hope i'm,pronouncing your name correctly asked,last time what does a designer do in a,situation where they design something,that can be customized to the customer,for example I make jackets with the,customers own initials on the back how,do I go about manufacturing something,that is specific to that customer okay,so Juliana I hope you're watching or if,you're watching the replay hopefully you,can chime in here so this is actually,why I exactly do not recommend doing,customization it is super super,complicated it can be a nightmare,okay customers eyes customized products,cannot be easily mass-produced you have,to keep in mind you're going to make the,most profit you're going to make the,most money when you can start really,bulk mask,using things okay Walmart makes a ton of,money because they're producing things,at like 50,000 units okay if you're only,producing 50 units it's a lot harder for,you to make that much money right,Walmart only needs to make a dollar on,meat one or two dollars off each one for,them to make $100,000 right if you're,only selling 50 how much of a profit do,you have to make in order to make,$100,000 right so you get the idea so,customization is difficult because,everything is customized but there are,ways around it and of course you want to,figure out how you can possibly do it in,a way that will still work for you so my,question to you Julianna is how are you,doing these initials are they,embroidered on the jackets are their,heat transfer are they patches right and,if so let's say they're patches and,broidered patches right that are sewn on,top can you purchase all these patches,ahead of time so that y

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HUGE Barbie Etsy Shop Haul/Review! Super REALISTIC OOAK 1/6 Doll Clothes with MIND GAMES Cast!

HUGE Barbie Etsy Shop Haul/Review! Super REALISTIC OOAK 1/6 Doll Clothes with MIND GAMES Cast!

hey dolls in today's video i will be,unboxing these three packages they're,all from various sellers on,etsy all of these are barbie clothes i'm,really really excited to open these but,first i want to explain why i bought,these there are supposed to be four,packages but one is still on the way and,i need a video out this week so i'm just,gonna film with what i have and that's,okay i bought all of these outfits with,one thing in mind and that is my barbie,series called mind games i have three,episodes out right now so you can click,the card or the link in the description,to go watch it the main character in my,series goes to beauty school most beauty,schools like in real life have a dress,code of all black i'm filming my fourth,episode right now and i'm very quickly,realizing i don't have a lot of black,clothing i figured why not get some in,this video i will be using some of my,characters as models for these outfits,let's get right into it i will start,with this purple one i don't remember,which ones are which,oh,so i got mostly all black things but i,did stray a little bit oh these are so,pretty okay so these are three ken,sweaters they're all the same style just,different colors everything i bought was,extremely affordably priced is that a,word affordably i should know i have an,english degree it's fine let me get,these on some of my models here we have,lance hilda's partner parker the,stranger that hilda met and hans who is,one of hilda's classmates at the beauty,school yeah i really like these sweaters,they're very cozy very soft they do not,velcro in the back you just slide it on,but it was pretty easy to do that you'll,definitely see all these especially this,one since it's all black not only does,it fit ken but it would also make a cute,oversized sweater for barbie yay i,really like these sweet moving on here's,the next one it blends into the,background,oh this one's so cute i don't remember,because i got this order a long time ago,but it came with this cute little,handbag that's really nice i only got a,couple things from this shop there are,these shorts they're a velvety material,this crop top this burgundy tank and,here is the next set of outfits here we,have hilda jackson our main character,and one of her friends from school this,is karin i really like these i love this,color of top so these came in two,outfits this and this came together and,then this and that came together but i,liked it better this way as you can see,most of it's all black i love this dark,red burgundy color especially on hilda,because the main color scheme for hilda,is dark red black and purple so this,works perfectly as like a casual piece,when she's not in school i love the fit,and even the black seams it's perfect,for hilda the shorts i mostly like the,only thing is that this side is a little,bit longer and looser than that side but,i mean on camera you can't exactly tell,and here's the second outfit i like this,crop top it's a little short especially,for beauty

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Digital Marketing Course in 7 Hours | Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka

Digital Marketing Course in 7 Hours | Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka

With the ongoing pandemic.,All the businesses have shifted the working culture,to Virtual environments.,This has definitely made digital marketing,and important part,of the organizations to leverage their businesses,and reach out to their potential customers now globally.,Speaking, the digital,marketing industry is worth a hundred ninety billion dollars.,This proves that if you are,someone looking forward to building your career,in this domain,,then it is definitely the golden time for you.,All I welcome you to this full course session by Edureka.,And today, we are going to talk about one,of the most in-demand skills,,digital marketing and what follows is hopefully,,everything you need to know to get started,with digital marketing.,But before we begin,,let's look at our agenda for today.,First of all, we're going to start out,by introducing you to digital marketing here.,We will discuss about.,Why do you require digital marketing?,The emergence of Trends in digital marketing.,The various channels,of digital marketing pocketing so on and so forth.,Next we will move on to search engine optimization,where we shall discuss about what is SEO,and why do we require it?,How does it work on page and off page SEO,and the difference between them followed by this,,we will talk about paid marketing with Google ads.,And here we shall talk about how to execute an end-to-end,,paid ad campaign,,and the metrics to be considered in Google ads.,Next up,,who we will learn about Mentals of social media marketing,,where you will learn about tips and tools,,used to master social media,,marketing in the fifth module,,we shall talk about affiliate marketing.,And in this section, we shall discuss.,How does affiliate marketing work and how to set up,,affiliate marketing as a merchant and as,an affiliate moving on,,we are going to talk,about digital marketing strategy and planning,where we shall learn about how to make,an effective marketing plan going Further in this session,,we will learn about how to create,an integrated digital marketing campaign and finally,,we will end our session with the available career opportunities,and future scope in digital marketing.,We shall cover the roadmap to become a digital marketer.,And the most asked interview questions,in additional marketing interview with this,,I come to the end of my agenda, kinda,,take up this time to go ahead and subscribe to us.,And don't forget to hit,that Bell icon to never miss an update,from the Eddie Rekha, you too.,Channel.,Also, to learn more about digital marketing.,Do not forget to check out our certification training,,the link to,,which is given in the description box below.,So without Much Ado,,let's get started over 117 million people,across the globe,,use the internet and more than half a million people,prefer using digital marketing for promotions, advertisements,,and finally sales.,So hi guys,,this is vaishnava from Ada Rekha and we bring this to you,,this amazing crash course on digital marketing.

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AMA with Mediavine's CEO | Mediavine Teal Talk with Jenny Guy

AMA with Mediavine's CEO | Mediavine Teal Talk with Jenny Guy

hello everybody welcome it is Thursday,September 13th I am Jenny guy and,welcome to the inaugural teal talk this,is our new series we're gonna be doing,it twice monthly we're gonna be doing,and bringing the best people in the,industry from all different sides of it,from monetization to working with brands,to affiliate marketing to the tech side,we're gonna provide the education that,you need so in addition to asking the,questions I know you're gonna ask today,in the live please feel free if you ever,have any suggestions for topics that,you're interested in or speakers that we,need to have on we are always open to,all of that everyone saying hi hello,everybody and let me without further ado,welcome the only person that I could,have for the inaugural episode of teal,talk it is the man himself the architect,of our ad tech it is the prof Eric,Hochberg,hello Eric I'm the prof now okay hey,Jenny how you doing I'm doing great how,are you doing awesome sorry for some,guilt dog yeah let's do it let's teal,talk so we've got a ton of stuff for,Eric please feel free to ask in the,comments as well but I'm gonna go ahead,and start with some questions that we,had before when we told everyone that we,were gonna have this guest on so kit,Graham wants to know she said I would,love to hear Eric's thoughts on making,the most out of q4 any tips and tricks,to optimize our earning potential so,let's start there with q4 right around,the corner yeah well I'm gonna tell you,to go for teal which is basically our,way of saying you got to optimize your,site I've actually been writing a,improve your rpm series recently on our,blog those have been coming out pretty,much every Monday there was two great,ones that we recently did which is font,size and line height which I would,recommend everyone does when Kourtney,and Amy were on the summer of live they,mentioned how this was one of their,tricks increasing font size and a lot of,people have done this since you know as,much as a 10% increase in our VM that's,a great one and we have a whole bunch of,other of these optimization guides,coming out and it's nothing we haven't,been tell,you guys are ready and these are already,available on our help guys we're putting,him into more digestible like single,post tidbits so little things like,hitting Enter more often writing longer,content how many photos should you,insert into post all that kind of stuff,is already on there and we'll be,releasing a bunch more if you're not,already doing it make sure you have,video and your opt-in it into both the,sticky and the video adhesion they're,all great rpm tricks so we're super,excited because yeah Eric's go for teal,if you don't like reading the blog eric,is now speaking the blog to you is go,for teal video series so you can now you,don't even have to read that's what,we're doing for you the art media line,and then in addition to that we have,another exciting thing coming up on the,blog we're calling it our q4 challenge,we've got publisher suppor

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