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How to Edit and Install Canva Templates to your Shopify Theme

hey everyone so today we're going to,look at how you can open edit and upload,the free canva templates that came with,your theme please note that I will be,using this video for all of my templates,so the installation guide and the canva,templates in the video may not be the,same one that came with your purchase,however the instructions are going to be,exactly the same,so the first thing you're going to do is,download the PDF file that came with,your purchase on Etsy you can find this,if you go to your purchases under your,Etsy account and click download now it's,a little black button should be right,next to it if you have any problems,finding it just let me know or contact,etsy's customer service,um once it's downloaded open it up and,scroll down until you see the canva,Links Page which I think is Page four,right,um and you know you can basically click,all of these and they'll add to your,account,um but just for this video I'm going to,click on the first one,it's going to open up and,you're going to want to do use template,so here's the first template you can,pretty much change anything you'd like,whether that's the colors the fonts the,text the images even the shapes that the,images are in and I'm going to show you,how that's done uh let's do the text,first so and so the full collection,maybe we do something like I don't know,uh the Earth collection and you can make,this a little bigger,and then another thing you can do is you,can kind of highlight all of these click,position and then hit Center and it's,going to Center everything together if,they're not perfectly centered it does,have,um,kind of Auto Alignment tools that you,can use,now let's do the colors the background,I'm going to use a different themes,background for,this Let's do let's do this one and that,doesn't look so great so we're going to,change everything else with it,do that that,maybe we do like the dark green for this,yeah oh no I kind of like white better,through dark green and dark green and,I've pretty much made,it so that you can change the colors of,everything on all the templates if you,have any issues again reach out to me,but everything should be good to go,all right so next we're gonna do the,picture,um you can either upload your own,picture by going to uploads and,literally uploading anything uh which if,you have your own photos I highly,suggest you do that because you know,having your own photos versus,um stock photos is always going to feel,more personal uh to your customers,now let's go to elements,and you can scroll down they have the,photo section I'm just going to use a,default photo just for the example,so pretty much you're going to click on,the photo and drag it over and it goes,right in the box right in the frame I,should say if you do want to look for,other frames like this you can go the,elements and search frame sometimes it,has it there and here's frames you click,see all and these are all anything you,see with like the cloud and the hilly,backg

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Community Fundraising with Spirit Sale | Making It Together

Community Fundraising with Spirit Sale | Making It Together

good morning everybody this is josh,ellsworth with stahls and we're excited,to have you on another edition of our,making it together live video education,coming out of my spare bedroom here in,Uniontown Pennsylvania coming to you,every Tuesday and Thursday so we're,broadcasting live to our stalls Facebook,pages are transfer Express Facebook page,and also our stalls TV YouTube channel,if we want to welcome everybody back and,we have about 45 minutes to an hour of,fun planting together today we'll be,talking about transfers will be heat,pressing some projects we'll be talking,about online stores a little bit today,and I'll be showing off a new t-shirt,that I literally just got into the mail,about 5 minutes before go lifetime so I,did a quick change because it fits our,theme today which is all about online,stores and screen printed transfers so,Craig good to see you this morning,thanks to our moderators for joining in,our various Facebook groups and YouTube,pages to be able to share and help,everybody and answer questions if you're,joining in be sure to shout out exactly,where it is you're watching for them I'd,love them to know that and so as I,mentioned today's topic is all about,online stores so I created a guide a,little bit ago and I'm gonna pull it up,here for you real quick and it was,called the ten ideas for successful,online store order fulfillment with heat,transfer so we online stores are a big,part of doing business in today's day,and age certainly before we had Kovan 19,online stores were critical for selling,to schools and teams and even businesses,they helped with being able to,you take orders from individual families,or consumers and not have the school,office or the coach or the HR manager,whoever maybe have to handle all of the,money for all of the people that want to,buy a shirt and support the cause so it,simplifies a big problem for for the the,customer that you're dealing with is,that they don't have to handle payment,and paperwork you take that burden off,of them so alleviating that is one of,the top benefits of online stores and so,when we start to think of online stores,I've seen a lot of online stores done,poorly and I've seen a lot of online,stores done in a great way where you,were able to successfully execute and,make a lot of money and so what I did,about three or four months ago is put,together this guide which was 10 tips,for successful online store fulfillment,and so before I go into this I just want,to clarify when I say online stores I'm,talking about clients specific web,stores and so what I mean is setting up,an environment a website specific to,your client so if you're selling to a,local business and they want to run a,fundraiser T being able to set up a,website that says local business dot,spirit sale or whatever it might be and,and launch only their items within that,store again if you're selling to a team,let's say it's the st. Louis Broncos,being able to set up a store,specifically for the st. Louis Broncos,

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#19 eBay Dropshipping Q&A - Mar 2020

#19 eBay Dropshipping Q&A - Mar 2020

the afternoon good morning to everyone,around the world it's Nahar here from,zika analytics with another Q&A session,like every Thursday 7 o clock Central,Europe time usually I start the Q&A,sessions talking about any BAE update,and then we go through your questions,and also I do another thing which is,called stole review you give me you a,store name and then I share my screen I,go through your story give you some,feedback but today it's an important day,I want to focus on the Khurana viewers I,see in the live chat of Zig people,asking a lot of questions about it in,the groups people ask me a lot of,question about it there is a lot of,misleading information and the way,people take it the way people react,about it,and I want to talk about it because to,be honest with you as a ebay,dropshippers I just released a post,about it by the way we need to be very,thankful we need to be very happy about,where we are because we compare other,businesses around the world compared,tourism industry compare flights,companies chemical companies retail,companies and that actually get effect,immediately when when a country take,actions and say people need to stay home,and stuff like this we is the eBay drop,shippers can keep and run our business,with anyway working from home our,customers sitting home and order,products so even if a government take an,example I'm in Cyprus right now the,government say and no schools and no,gathering of more than 75 people in,public places together for example or,even if they will say you have to stay,home we can still run our business so,guys you have to be very thankful and to,appreciate it we are experiencing right,now the biggest crisis the world,experienced since 2008 in 2008 it was,economic crisis it start with made of,and his big scam and all all the loans,to the real estate in the US which,affected the world and the in the,economy crushed now is the corner views,10 years later,is the coronavirus that heating heating,in China first then moving to Europe,u.s. and the rest of the world and there,is different ways its effect I'm gonna,speak with you about it today I'm going,to answer your questions related to the,corner views today but I want you to,relax the panic and be very happy on,what you're doing because if you're an,email option if you have a business and,you have a started running you probably,see you're still generating sales and,you're able to do it from your home and,nothing basically stopping you from,continuing your business even not the,quraan of yours or any other any other,action any government take so I see,people are here from different places,it's growing please write in the comment,section and where you come from I want,to see you country just tell me you hear,me well you similar and comment you,country and we're gonna move on with,more questions I see first questions,here from Azul nice to meet you as ooh,easy analytics for dropshipping or can I,use it for it for for handmade items,definitely you can use for

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