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Ella Shopify Theme Review: A Feature-rich theme? The Pros & Cons?

this or like this which is simple folder,like this,and so on that's a lot of features right,but how come this price lower than the,shopify premium themes on the shopify,theme store,let the customers say first,hi welcome back to the shopify theme,review series by pagefly team,i'm joon and in today's video we are,going to bring a fresh win,with our review of a theme that is,outside of the shopify theme store,which is the ella shopify theme ella,theme is,designed by the health themes team who,is the power elite author,in the envato marketplace the theme is,one of the top three,best sellers in the theme forest,marketplace it's probably not as high as,the premium themes on the shopify theme,store,which often cost you 140 to 180 dollars,it's just 79 for regular horizons so,it's quite an affordable price and good,news for you,is after today's video we are gonna have,the ella theme giveaway,soon so if you want to be the lucky,winner to get the theme for free,make sure to subscribe to our pitchfor,youtube channel to get the latest update,about the giveaway event,now let's look at the theme here,with the price of 79 dollars what can,ella offer you,the loading speed is 3.3 seconds for,full load,time they offer you 17 plus,stunning home page layouts and skins,more than seven layouts option for,category page,more than nice layouts option for,product page,seven collection page layouts six block,page layouts,multiple headers and footer sticky art,card ajax card pop-up ajax cyborg card,and etc,that's a lot of features right but how,come is price lower than the shopify,premium themes on the shopify theme,store,well you can find out the answers in our,detailed review article of the ayla,theme below,i'll put the link in the description box,so you can check out there,okay so now without further ado let's,get started,before we start with the general,features if you're watching this video,and haven't created a shopify store yet,you can check out the 14 day free trial,link in the description box below,to build a demo store now get back here,ella does give you multiple options to,set up your store,it gives you more than 15 child themes,to choose,and they are in the editing package when,you buy it they're like the theme,styles that fit specific industries,when you install one of them because you,have the features of ella theme and you,can freely customize it,and down here are the layouts for the,home page,product page collection page etc,let me open the demo,the first features i want to mention is,the header and footer,i said it before right ella gives you a,plenty of layout options,with the header you can select overlay,header,solid and complete header or header with,horizontal menu bar under,etc and for the footer you can have,footer with quick links set up and,columns like this,or like this which is simple folder like,this,and so on so how to set up header and,footer in the back end settings with the,l theme,let's see here we are this is the,shopify editor board,after

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