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1. How to install, activate, and import demo theme settings @ Shella Shopify theme

In this video, we will show you how to install and activate the new Shella 4,theme and also how to disable a gear wheel pop-up. Let's start with the,installation first. Go to your ThemeForest account and click on the "Downloads",link. Download "All files and documentation" and "License certificate,and purchase code (text)". Unzip the theme files from the downloaded package. Here,is the theme documentation, here are the theme pages, blogs, and layout settings,,and this is the Shella 4 theme archive which needs to be uploaded to,your Shopify admin. Now go to the online store in your Shopify admin. Click on,"Themes" and upload the theme package. Once it is uploaded you can publish it.,Now let's install apps for the theme. Go to the theme documentation.,It contains links to install apps. In our example we have installed those that are,needed for the work. In the same way you can install all other apps. Now we will,upload pages, blogs, and settings of some of the layouts. Go to the ExIm app,and import pages and blogs. In the "Pages" click on "Add file" in the Import section.,Choose the pages archive and import pages. In the same way, you can import the,blogs. In the "Blogs" click on "Add file" in the Import section. Choose the blogs,archive and import blogs.,Now let's see what we've got. These are all imported blogs, which can be customized,,and these are all imported pages, which can be customized as well. Now let's,import the layouts for our theme. Go to the ExIm app -> Theme settings. In the Import,section select the destination theme Shella 4 theme.,Then click on "Add file" and choose the archive for the layout #3 and click on,"Import Theme Settings". This is how the layout #3 looks like. You can see the,header, sliders on the home page, various promo boxes, information line, and the,footer. Now let's see how the layout #17 looks like. Go to the ExIm app -> Theme,settings. In the Import section select the destination theme Shella 4 theme. Then,click on ""Add file" and choose the archive for the layout #17 and click on,"Import theme settings".,This is how the layout #17 looks like. Here you can see a vertical menu,,additionally to the main horizontal menu.,The dynamic body of the home page may have various sliders, product carousels, promo,boxes, collections, brand carousels, and blogs. Now let's activate our theme. In,your Shopify admin click on "Customize". Then go to the Theme settings -> License.,Here you can enter your purchase code. You can find it in the "License,certificate and purchase code (text)" file, which you have already downloaded. Copy,and paste it in the field "Purchase code" and save changes. At the same time you,can remove a gear wheel pop-up simply by disabling the option "Enable presentation,mode". That's it! Your Shella 4 theme is activated and can,be customized.

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